One Piece: 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat crew

The Straw Hat Pirates are currently one of the most powerful and important pirate crews known to fans of One. PieceBut it’s not just their strength that makes them so interesting. The crew’s various motivations, their extensive travels, and their surprising positivity are what attract many One fans. Piece to follow his seafaring adventures.

As awesome as it would be to eat a dinner prepared by Sanji while Brook plays a sea song, being a Straw Hat Pirate isn’t always that much fun. To be sure, there are some harsh realities that any crew member would face aboard the Thousand Sunny.

10 love will have to wait

Romance has never been a big part of One Piece, but it still has its place in history. Boa Hancock has expressed her desire to marry Luffy on many occasions. Sanji’s arranged marriage, albeit a sham, resulted in genuine feelings between him and Charlotte Pudding.

Even the romance between Usopp and the long-sidelined Kaya has remained an occasional topic of conversation among fans. The truth of all these romantic relationships is that, if any of them occur, it will not be until each character reaches their dreams. As Eichiiro Oda has stated in his SBS chapter 317 segment, each character is too in love with adventure to focus on romance.

9 Constant military pursuit1632912863 701 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

As the Straw Hat Crew nears the end of the Grand Line, and their rewards continue to increase, they have become priority targets for the World Government of One Piece and the Marines.

Being a pirate of any reputation turns someone into a wanted criminal. The Straw Hats have gone further and become personal enemies of high-ranking soldiers like Smoker, Sentomaru, the three admirals, and even the fleet admiral Sakazuki himself. Becoming a criminal is one thing, but having the Marine Leader as your personal adversary might be reason enough to avoid becoming a Straw Hat Pirate.

8 Terrible weather and unpredictable lands1632912863 244 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

When traveling to new islands, a boater can be expected to encounter inclement weather at some point. The Grand Line takes that expectation to the limit. The first remarkable and strange natural event that Luffy encountered was the reverse waterfall of Reverse Mountain. Later, he came across Knock Up Creek, which sent the crew about 10 kilometers up to the island of Skypiea, where the clouds inhabit.

Shortly after exiting Thriller Bark, the Straw Hat Pirates encountered a shower made of hard candy, followed by circular rainbows in the air. These were harmless enough, but the Straw Hats later encountered boiling seas on their way to the Island of Whole Cake and even an entire nation on the back of an elephant. The Straw Hats seem to constantly encounter strange climates and lands that no pirate would expect to see.

7 Being attacked by enemy pirate crews1632912863 616 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

Not only is the World Government going after Luffy’s allies, but most of the criminal world wants the Straw Hat Pirates out of the picture as well. Being Luffy’s crewmate immediately puts pirates at risk of being attacked, killed, betrayed, or eliminated from history by rival pirates and bounty hunters.

Luckily, as seen with Robin and Sanji, if a Straw Hat Pirate is kidnapped, Luffy will stop at nothing to get it back. A shipmate might have to accept his new life as a goal, but at least he wouldn’t be locked up for long.

6 Be tied to the trunk pose1632912864 318 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

Some might see the Trunk Pose in One Piece as a simple useful tool to get from one island to the next on the Grand Line, but for a pirate it is a bit more complicated. When pursued by rival pirate crews or the Marines, it is not always convenient for the Straw Hat Pirates to wait while Nami’s Trunk Pose is restored.

Many of the island visits in One Piece They have concluded with Luffy and his friends subtly securing supplies for the next trip as they await the restart of the Log Pose and then flee under the pursuit of the Marines.

5 Money and the lack of it1632912864 616 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

This hasn’t been a big deal for the Straw Hats in recent years due to more pressing survival issues, but fans of One Piece They shouldn’t forget how much money played into the opening story and how little the crewmates had. Nami’s initial motivation and reason for ending up betraying Luffy was her immense monetary debt to Captain Arlong. Fortunately, Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji realized the situation he was in and collectively defeated Arlong to pay off Nami’s debt.

The Straw Hats also had monetary problems when it came to obtaining and maintaining the ships. Before Kaya gifted them the Going Merry in Syrup Village, they had only two small boats that would never have survived the Grand Line. When the Going Merry suffered irreparable damage, it became clear that virtually all of the Straw Hat’s crew’s treasure would be needed to procure a new ship.

4 Nami wants your money1632912864 997 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

If a fan of One Piece If you took a ride in the Thousand Sunny, you would end up running into one of Nami’s scam attempts. Nami is the thief of the crew, but she probably wouldn’t steal from a friend. That doesn’t mean you didn’t try to get that friend’s money in other ways.

Once upon a time, he loaned Zoro 100,000 berries in Roguetown and expected him to pay him 200,000 berries in interest, even though Zoro paid him back just hours later. There was also another occasion where he performed his “Bliss of Happiness” attack on his male viewers at the royal bathhouse in Alabasta and later claimed that they each owed him another 100,000 berries for it.

3 Your goals are secondary to Luffy’s1632912864 726 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

Since Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, the crew’s personal dreams will have to wait until they are relevant to Luffy’s own goal of finding the One Piece. It seems that each crew member’s goals will emerge naturally throughout the story, but they don’t necessarily have to. Usopp’s dream of reaching the island of the giants, Elbaf, is completely at the mercy of Nami’s Trunk Pose leading them there on the way to Raftel.

As far as fans know, everyone’s goals could be achieved simultaneously on Raftel, but any crewmate’s dream could be put off until Luffy becomes King of the Pirates.

2 Sanji’s bias towards women1632912865 420 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

Sanji does everything he can to make any woman’s stay on the Thousand Sunny a pleasure cruise. Usually Sanji has only used his preference for women to serve exclusive food and drinks to Nami and Robin, but on the downside, Sanji has been known to be uncomfortably attentive to the point of being annoying.

Sanji’s preference for women is not limited to treating them better, but extends to actively treating men worse. Sanji has even said that he served expired food to Zoro, Luffy, and Usopp. However, Luffy said that the food tasted really good.

1 Understanding that you are a temporary companion1632912865 623 One Piece 10 harsh realities of joining the Straw Hat.webp

During practically all arcs of One Piece, There has been a character that fans have latched onto and claimed that he could become the next member of the Straw Hat Pirates. It happened to the carpenter Paulie, it happened to the mink rabbit Carrot and it will surely happen again when another cool character travels with Luffy for an extended stay.

Kin’emon and Momo recently traveled with Luffy for over 200 chapters, and Vivi and Karoo were temporary Straw Hat Pirates for about 100 chapters. Despite their long adventures, the two samurai, the princess and the duck did not enter the exclusive list of the Straw Hat Pirates. Even if a fan of One Piece joined Luffy’s crew, the stark reality would be that his stay with the Straw Hats could be brief.