One Piece: 10 pirates who would make good marines | Pretty Reel

In One Piece Chapter 1063, released on October 17, the Straw Hat Pirates continue their adventure to Egghead Island where they finally meet Dr. Vegapunk (or, at least, versions of him). Also on their way to the island are CP0, World Government assassins tasked with killing Dr. Vegapunk.

The World Government has its fair share of employees, from assassins to brilliant scientists, but their most important force is the Marines. These valiant warriors of the sea enforce the laws of the world government. Since pirates are the greatest terror of the seas, it is often the Marines who oppose them the most.

Law already had the connections to become a Marine

Due to Law’s backstory and connection to Corazon, it wouldn’t have been entirely surprising if Law chose to become a Marine. This would have given him more tools and resources to take down Doflamingo and there is no doubt that Sengoku would have been more than willing to work alongside Law to help him.

The biggest issue is of course Doflamingo and the position he holds on World Government, but it’s likely that Doflamingo could have been overthrown much sooner if Law had joined the Marines rather than become a pirate.

Chopper’s skills as a doctor would be appreciated by anyone

Even among the Marines, doctors are needed. The World Government values ​​intelligence, and a character like Chopper would likely be welcome had he offered his services to join the Marines.

As such, he would be an invaluable member of any public servant he served as both a medic and a powerful fighter. Due to his strength, he could even rise through the ranks to occupy a relatively high position.

Nami’s navigation abilities are unique

Navigation is extremely important to Marines, even though they themselves are capable of dominating much of the ocean with ease.

Either way, Nami has an expert knack for noticing and reacting to constant weather changes and understanding the surrounding area. Navigation is far more important in the One Piece world than it is even in the real world and Nami’s expertise would be invaluable to Marines and could save many lives.

Katakuri has the right personality

Charlotte Katakuri, one of the strongest users of Paramecia Devil Fruit, simply has the perfect demeanor to be a Marine. He is cold, calculating, dangerous, loyal and even honorable. These are all essential traits to create the best Marines and even most current Marines do not possess them.

Men like Sakazuki lack honor, while men like Garp lack the coldness to do what is necessary. Katakuri has the combination of everything needed and would be one of the Marines’ most beloved commanders in no time.

Shanks takes care of the youngsters

While there’s still a bit of mystery surrounding Shanks, fans will know that he has a connection to the World Government, which is explained a little more in One Piece Film: Red. Beyond that, Shanks so far seems like a genuinely good man who consistently eschews war and bloodshed.

He was able to stop Kaido from attacking Whitebeard’s territories, and he was able to end the war in Marineford. Shanks has also done his best to preserve the younger generation, be it Pirates or Marines. With that attitude, he would be the perfect kind of man to be either an instructor. Although his incredible strength and being one of the strongest wielders of Conqueror’s Haki would also make him an easy candidate for an Admiral.

Luffy is unwittingly already heroic

Although it was completely unintentional, Luffy has done a better job of securing peace and freeing the oppressed far more than the Marines ever have. While his battles throughout the series have often torn apart the structure the World Government has deliberately maintained, Luffy often fights and uncovers villains that most Marines have been sickened to learn about.

There’s a reason most of the characters Luffy defeated ended up in Impel Down. If Luffy himself was a Marine, his actions would be considered more heroic, and he would likely be sent on missions where he uncovers trouble on islands conquered by pirates or suspected corrupt World Government officials. He would be one of the strongest members of the Marines and with the knowledge that the world government has of Devil Fruits, his probable Luffy would gain better control of his powers, which is one of the strongest Devil Fruits in One Piece .

Franky’s skills as an engineer and shipbuilder would make him invaluable

As fans currently see in the One Piece manga, Dr. Vegapunk is an asset to the World Government. It wouldn’t be unlike Franky who in many ways followed in Dr. Vegapunk’s footsteps becoming an esteemed engineer and shipbuilder.

Since many of his duties are an asset to the sea, Franky would work best as a member of the Marines. With the vast amount of knowledge he would have and the possibilities of working alongside Vegapunk himself, it’s possible that Franky could become even more powerful than he already is.

Whitebeard’s reputation alone scares away pirates

Much like Shanks, Whitebeard is an honorable and good man. He also has an intimidating and menacing presence which makes him very menacing. Whitebeard has already done a fantastic job of protecting dozens of people across the ocean by securing their islands as territories proving that he was one of the most powerful Emperors in One Piece for a reason.

If he were a Marine, his mere reputation would be enough to scare off pirates. He could also have secured Fishman Island and strengthened the island’s relationship with the World Government much earlier if he was a Marine, allowing them to avoid much of the disaster that occurs after Whitebeard’s death. .

Robin would use and be used to achieve each other’s goals

Due to the bad treatment Robin received in his life and the destruction of his home island by the Buster Call, Robin will of course never join the Marines. However, if they had changed tactics and not tried to kill and recruit her instead (and assuming she was willing to join), she would have been a perfect member.

Due to his talent for reading the Poneglyphs, the World Government could have focused on securing them and getting Robin to decipher them, especially the various weapons. This would have allowed Robin to achieve his own ambitions and the World Government to achieve its own goals as well as keep the artifacts out of the hands of pirates.

Zoro would be the pirate hunter again

Zoro is still known worldwide by his nickname “Pirate Hunter” Zoro, even though he hasn’t hunted pirates since meeting Luffy. Zoro’s reputation should have earned him the recruitment of the Marines seeing his talent for tracking down and bringing in pirates.

This would have made him an invaluable member of the Marines and under their control and employment. While Zoro would be the perfect man to hunt down pirates, he also has the perfect demeanor and personality to be a Marine. In fact, One Piece author Eiichiro Oda said in his SBS interviews that if Zoro came from the real world, his profession would be a police officer.