One Piece: 10 stories that went nowhere

Any series as long as One Piece is going to have several story lines hanging. What makes One Piece is unique is that you can never tell if a storyline is unfinished, or just unfinished for now. Eiichiro Oda, the unfathomable and great creator of One Piece , He is a master of simmering storytelling and loves to solve story lines years after they are introduced.

Still, there are some plot points that – though it’s impossible to say definitively – are probably never going to end. Be it intriguing characters who mysteriously disappeared for two decades or inexplicable powers, various fans of One Piece they want some answers.

10 Kano emerged as a land of mighty warriors for nothing

Oda spent years building the mythical land of Wano, the equivalent of Japan in One Piece. However, Wano has a companion island that Oda dropped clues on in the arc after establishing Wano’s prominence in the new world. In Dressrosa, fans meet numerous warriors from Kano, which is essentially China, during the gladiator tournament. One of the warriors even joins Luffy’s great fleet. Even so, it seems that the Straw Hats have no intention of visiting Kano. Oda might surprise fans, but it seems unlikely.

9 How Kizaru’s Supernova Got Away1637401534 118 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

In the last chapters of Sabaody, Kizaru landed on the archipelago and decimated the most attractive rookies in the pirate world. Since they are the protagonists of the series, Oda devoted a lot of time to Kizaru’s battle against the Straw Hats.

Before tangling with them, Kizaru hit the rest of the supernovae with ease. Presumably, capturing the pirates would be easy for the marines. Once supernovae were back in history, Oda did not explain how they escaped the clutches of the World Government.

8 What was the relevance of Captain Juan’s treasure?1637401535 938 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

In addition to the protagonist of One Piece, another treasure has captivated the pirate world of the battle manga. Throughout the series, the master of plans known as Buggy the Clown has been searching for the late Captain John’s legendary treasure. Normally that wouldn’t be enough to merit Oda figuring out the plot pacing, but fans have met Captain John, albeit his zombie, in Thriller Bark. Also, with the introduction of the Rocks pirates, Captain John’s treasure no longer seems as irrelevant as it once did.

7 What happened to Tequila Wolf?1637401535 712 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

When the Straw Hats part ways after the Sabaody Archipelago incident, Nico Robin, the perpetual Charlie of the group’s bad luck, lands on an immense bridge that stretches for thousands of kilometers and is still unfinished.

The enslaved citizens living and currently building the bridge, known as Tequila Wolf, claim to be the distant descendants of the original slaves tasked with starting the project. Before fans could sink their teeth into the mystery, Oda led Nico Robin along with the Revolutionary Army, leaving the mystery unsolved.

6 Where is Captain Kuro after the timeskip?1637401535 212 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

One of Oda’s best traits as a storyteller is his ability to humanize all the characters he creates, even the villains. After they have been defeated by Luffy, Oda often dedicates covers that detail the adventures of the most despised villains in the series. One villain who does not appear on the covers is Captain Kuro. Introduced alongside Usopp in Syrup Village, Kuro was, up to that point, the most brutal villain Luffy ever faced. Ironically, Django, Kuro’s subordinate, appears frequently in the background of the manga.

5 Why was Whitebeard’s disease never explained?1637401535 855 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

It doesn’t seem like a coincidence that two of the strongest pirates to have appeared in One Piece -Roger and Whitebeard- contracted a disease that influenced their deaths. Knowing Oda, such a casual detail has to have some meaning. In addition, fans never knew what disease it was or how serious it was. Now that Marco, the doctor to the former Whitebeard Pirates, is fighting alongside the Straw Hats – in an arc that has detailed the stories of Roger and Whitebeard – perhaps fans can get answers.

4 How strong are the Foxy Pirates now?1637401535 78 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

Most fans may not want to see Foxy again, as his debut arc is considered one of the worst of all. One Piece. However, he still has one pending plot point that deserves to be resolved: his Devil Fruit. Ever since he arrived in the New World, Blackbeard has been chasing characters with powerful Devil Fruits, and it would seem peculiar to avoid Fox’s one.

With the power to slow down time around an opponent, Foxy’s Devil Fruit should be considered elite level in One Piece, so it would make sense for Blackbeard to go after her.

3 Viola and Sanji’s mutual attraction never widened1637401536 456 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

Sanji’s infatuated nature has inspired debates throughout the history of One Piece. Rarely does a character’s blackout equate to a romantic entanglement. Viola is one of the few exceptions. During their brief time together, Sanji’s chivalrous demeanor is the trait that draws Viola away from her ties to the Doflamingo family. The two express a mutual attraction before Sanji walks away from Dressrosa towards Zoa. Although it was brief, it would be interesting to see a small resolution of Sanji’s first “romance” on screen.

2 how did Jinbei escape from Big Mom at the end of Whole Cake Island?1637401536 19 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

At the climax of Whole Cake Island, hordes of Fishman pirates loyal to Jinbe faced off against a runaway Big Mom. In order to provide cover for Luffy, the arc ends with a cliffhanger in which fans wonder if Jinbe has survived. When the personable whale shark returned, questions about Jinbe’s status made their way in Wano and were answered almost immediately afterward. The central question is how? Was Jinbe the only surviving fishman? Did the Great Mother kill her daughter Fishman who opposed her in battle?

1 How did Ms. Goldenweek get her powers?1637401536 963 One Piece 10 stories that went nowhere.webp

In the Little Garden arc, Oda introduces fans to the enigmatic Mrs. Goldenweek. Unlike other characters in the series, Ms. Goldenweek’s abilities do not come from haki or devil fruits. Using her stage painting game, Ms. Goldenweek controls Luffy’s body and emotions by applying different colors to her paintbrush. On One Piece, powers that do not come from a devil fruit are exceptionally rare. When they appear, they receive some explanation. Miss Goldenweek is the exception who will probably never see a resolution.