One Piece: 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo

The Tobiroppo are six of the strongest members of the Beast Pirates, after Governor General Kaido himself and the Stars, his three right hands. These six members stand out among all the Chiefs as ferocious pirates displaying their great combat capabilities throughout the arc of Wano Country from One Piece, especialmente en Onigashima.

These six pirates are respected and trusted by Yonko Kaido himself, proving that they are extremely important to his crew. Thanks to the Onigashima war, fans have learned a lot about this group.

10 The Tobiroppo were first mentioned by Kyoshiro in the second act of the country of Wano

In the second act of Wano Country, Sanji, disguised as Sangoro, the soba vendor, beats up members of the Kyoshiro family. As Kyoshiro himself was busy with the preparations for the Shogun’s banquet, he asked the Queen to send the Tobiroppo to take care of Sanji. This was the first time they were mentioned in history and from then on, the importance of the group was highlighted throughout the Wano Country arc.

9 X Drake and Page One were the first two Tobiroppo members featured in history1628521703 589 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

By order of the Queen, X Drake and Tobiroppo’s Page One were sent to the Flower Capital to confront Sanji, the Soba Vendor, in the second act of the Wano Country arc. Page One directly faced Sanji and the two engaged in a brief duel that ended with the defeat of the Tobiroppo member. X Drake also met Sanji shortly after at the Bathhouse, where he saved his companions and escaped thanks to the power of the Assault Suit he received from his brothers.

8 The Tobiroppo are also among the headliners among the pirate beasts1628521703 583 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

Although the Tobiroppo are special, they are still part of the Headliners among the Beasts Pirates. In fact, “Headliners” is a broad classification that includes weak members like Holdem and even the Worst Generation, like Basil Hawkins. The Tobiroppo also belong to this group, although their strength and the powers of the Devil Fruit set them apart from the other members of the Headliners under Kaido’s command.

7 The whole group debuted in chapter 9781628521703 592 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

Apart from X Drake and Page One, no other members of the Tobiroppo were introduced to the story until the third act of Wano Country began.

Following Oden’s flashback, in chapter 978 the Tobiroppo was reunited for the first time and fans were able to see all the other members of the group for the first time, including Ulti, Black Maria, Sasaki, and Who’s-Who. The group was summoned by King using the name Kaido and asked to deal with the “family problem” of the Yonko.

6 the Tobiroppo aspire to a position among Kaido’s strongest stars1628521704 428 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

The Kaido Beast Pirates respect strength above all else, which means that the crew relies on a strength-based meritocracy and the most powerful members of the crew are rewarded with better positions. In essence, King is Kaido’s strongest subordinate, followed by Queen, and then Jack, who is followed by the six members of the Tobiroppo.

Strong as they are, these pirates openly challenge those stronger than themselves for higher rank. The objective of Who’s-Who was to take the head of Queen, one of the All-Stars, while the latter wanted to get rid of X Drake and create a position for another to enter.

5 The Tobiroppo do not listen to anyone but the Yonko who leads them1628521704 460 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

The Tobiroppo are incredibly strong and have a reputation among the Beast Pirates for being obnoxious. In fact, some members of the group seem not to care about anyone of higher rank than themselves except Kaido himself.

For this reason, when King wanted to help Kaido with the problem of locating Yamato, he decided to use Kaido’s name for the group to meet, knowing that they would not do so if he had used his own name, despite being the right hand man. Kaido’s strongest.

4 Some members of the Tobiroppo are former pirate captains1628521704 892 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

The Tobiroppo are some of Kaido’s best subordinates, but this was not always the case. The group is made up of members who joined Kaido little by little over the years. In fact, some members of the group, if not all, were once captains.

According to King, Sasaki and Who’s-Who once led their own crews, and so does X Drake. It is very likely that Page One, Ulti, and Black Maria were also high-ranking members of their own crews, if not the captains.

3 All members of the Tobiroppo possess the powers of the ancient devil fruit Zoan1628521704 394 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

The Tobiroppo are incredibly powerful fighters and much of it is due to their possessing the powers of the Ancient Devil Fruit Zoan. Four of the six members – Sasaki, X Drake, Page One, and Ulti- possess tremendous power from the Ryu Ryu no Mi model: Triceratops, Allosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Pachycephalosaurus respectively.

The other two members, Black Maria and Who’s-Who, possess different but equally immense powers. While Black Maria has the power of the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, Who’s-Who has the power of the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger.

2 Most Tobiroppo members possess a weapon that they prefer in battle1628521704 677 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

Being very skilled pirates, it is not surprising that the Tobiroppo are proficient in the use of various weapons. AX Drake, who is also a member of the Worst Generation, is seen using an ax and rapier in battle, while Sasaki uses a sword with a trick mechanism called a screw sword.

At the same time, Who’s-Who uses a dagger disguising a sword, Ulti uses a morning star, and Black Maria uses a Wanyudo-headed polearm. The only member of the group who does not use a weapon is Page One.

1 Following Drake’s betrayal, the Tobiroppo currently have only five members1628521705 13 One Piece 10 things every fan should know about Tobiroppo.webp

X Drake, one of the members of the Worst Generation, was discovered as a spy for the Marines on Onigashima. He quickly switched sides and joined Luffy’s attempt to take down the Beast Pirates.

Following their betrayal, the group has only five members left, although the next strongest member of the crew, probably Apoo or Basil Hawkins, is likely to receive his post, as long as the pirate crew is still standing when the Fire Festival ends. . Nonetheless, the Tobiroppo’s deployment throughout the arc has been nothing short of stellar, and that is why they are so popular.