One Piece: 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains

During Luffy’s adventures throughout one piece, he used one of his most powerful abilities: his stretching power that he had obtained from the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit. The power of this fruit helped him defeat multiple pirates and enemies that had similar powers.

Many of these villains one piece they had opposite desires to Luffy’s, they were after him for revenge or for the reward of a bounty. Although these villains tried to assassinate the wild young leader of the Straw Hats, they helped Luffy become a stronger and wiser captain.

10 Pirates Were Not All Good

When Luffy began creating the Straw Hats, he revealed that his goal was inspired by some pirates he admired. These pirates were kind to him and decently respectful of his people. Therefore, Luffy believed in honorable and decent pirates like the man who had given him his hat. However, Luffy soon met other pirates who contradicted his idol’s lifestyle. Luffy was forced to fight against a pirate crew and their captain who were betraying each other and harming innocent and weak people.

9 He Learned To Use New Moves1646304485 681 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

As Luffy battled multiple captains and crews, he was forced to come up with new moves that would give his ability stronger attacks to defeat his enemies. Luffy used to reveal new moves while he was fighting stronger enemies, like a sea monster.

Luffy’s fighting technique grew as he fought against captains, sea monsters, or other enemies he encountered during one piece. These battles between Luffy and his enemies made him a stronger captain, getting closer to obtaining the title of King of the Pirates.

8 Sometimes you don’t die when you expect1646304485 484 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

During the Straw Hat’s stop on the island related to the Pirate King, Luffy was chased by Captain Buggy. Buggy and his allies were after Luffy’s life. They captured Luffy and were going to kill him in front of some of the Straw Hats. At that moment, Luffy gave up and said his last words to his crew. Then, Luffy was rescued by a lightning bolt that hit him and the captain. Due to this shock, Luffy realized that he was not going to die that day.

7 He Learned He Should Have Thought Out His Moves1646304485 110 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

Although Luffy was a dangerous fighter, there were times when he should have reconsidered his moves. For example, when Luffy fought a sea monster, he revealed a pinwheel-based move that he had recently imagined. With this move, Luffy grabbed the monster’s tail and spun around it, causing the sea monster to charge at his enemies. Unfortunately, this tactic put Luffy at a disadvantage as he nearly drowned.

6 Pirates can be cruel to children like Nami1646304486 195 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

Although Luffy had a good experience with the pirates on his island, many pirates were not kind to little children. In fact, while Luffy was hanging out with Shank, Nami was also spending time with a pirate captain who was using her as a navigator.

After Luffy met Nami, he soon found out that her captain had been abusing her for years. This revelation inspired Luffy to beat up that captain and destroy Nami’s old home.

5 Pirates can betray their crew1646304486 714 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

When Luffy started growing his crew with Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp, he acted on the idea that the crew should be a group of friends. However, Luffy learned that other captains don’t connect with his crew; some captains have even damaged their crew on purpose or while attacking Luffy. These captains would never go straight up a mountain with two crewmates in a blizzard, but Luffy would protect the crew from him with his life.

4 Sometimes Kindness Is False1646304486 846 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

Luffy really liked caring about others, especially his crew. However, he met and fought against many pirates and enemies who contradicted him. After Luffy fights a whale to befriend it, he and the Straw Hats meet some villagers who show an endearing friendship. These villagers were liars: they were actually a group of bounty hunters trying to catch Luffy and several of his crewmates. While Zoro and Nami suspected the betrayal, Luffy fully believed that the villagers were kind people.

3 I Should Have Trusted Zoro More Than A Kind Stranger1646304486 563 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

Although Luffy cared for his crew, there were times when he didn’t trust them enough. When Luffy woke up sleepily in a supposedly friendly village, he was unaware that Zoro had been fighting the villagers who were bounty hunters. Luffy believed the words of one of the villagers about Zoro having fought them. Instead of trusting the crewman’s judgment on him, Luffy immediately tried to hurt Zoro.

2 pirates could have hidden in plain sight1646304486 270 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

When the Straw Hats ventured into the Grand Line, they encountered several captains. Most of these captains were dangerous and ruthless pirates whose presence was obvious upon entering. However, Luffy met another pirate who had no flag and no crew right away.

This pirate was hiding on an island as a simple butler with a good heart who protected a weakened girl. As Luffy stayed longer on the island, he and his crew realized that the butler was trying to kill the girl for her possessions.

1 The villain could be a supposed protector1646304487 625 One Piece 10 Things Luffy Learned From Villains.webp

On one piece, Luffy encountered marines and pirates. The Marines were to prevent pirates from looting and murdering the people in their area. However, Luffy was confronted by several Marines who were not as obedient as they should have been. Marines who were near Nami’s home island made money by looting Nami and his islandmates.