One Piece: 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The Manga

When talking about anime, some series immediately come to mind. one piece, one of the longest running and most popular anime of all time, often shows up in those conversations. Despite its length, the series shows no signs of slowing down and, for many fans, it’s even better now than it was ten years ago.

the creator ofone piece , Eiichiro Oda, masterfully maintains this story that spans hundreds of chapters. However, there are some things that even he can’t do and that’s where the anime comes in. Although the anime is an adaptation of the manga, it does not always follow the story exactly. While the manga can do some things better, there are other aspects that the anime excels at.

10 Animation makes viewing easier

The manga is incredibly well drawn and does an excellent job of capturing the moments. However, the manga is not perfect, as there are some occasions where the audience has a hard time understanding what the manga is trying to portray. Anime doesn’t have to deal with that problem thanks to animation. Everything from the characters to the environment is rendered in a simple way, making it much easier for the audience to follow.

9 The voice actors set the tone1644838568 941 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

Anyone who reads manga has to rely on their imagination to know how a character speaks. It can be hard to connect with a character’s emotions when their dialogue is just words on a page. Luckily, the anime has voice actors who express what the characters feel at each moment. Hearing a character scream in pain or hearing their voice break when crying is far more emotional than anything manga can do.

8 High Intensity Fights1644838569 989 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

Like shonen manga and anime,One Piece is full of incredible combat. one piece is particularly good at introducing different abilities and allowing characters to use them in unique ways. Although the manga does an excellent job of drawing the action, there is something special about seeing the fights fully animated.

Static images become fluid and full of color. A character’s speed, the force of their blows, and the damage they deal are ten times more impressive when fully animated. When Luffy lands a devastating blow, fans watching the anime can almost feel it, making for a much more enjoyable experience.

7 The music connects the fans with the characters1644838569 706 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

Unless fans put on their own music while sitting down to read a manga, they are not having the same experience as anime viewers. Although music is often used to manipulate the emotions of the audience, it can also connect with the feelings of the characters. Not to mention that it’s much more absorbing when the audience can feel happy and sad together with their favorite characters.

6 The anime creates an atmosphere1644838569 261 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

one piece it is incredibly diverse. Each island the Straw Hats visit has its own culture and people with unique ways of life. The anime takes everything the manga did with the world and brings it to life, creating an immersive experience for fans. It’s one thing to see a black and white drawing of an island, but anime uses color, music, and sound design to make each place special. The setting of an island is as important to the story as anything else, and the anime excels at creating the atmosphere.

5 No need to read1644838569 593 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

Reading the manga isn’t exactly the same as reading a book, but for some fans it’s still too much reading for their taste. Whether someone doesn’t have the attention span to sit down to read or really doesn’t want to, anime is a perfect substitute for reading manga.

Also, for kids who grew up in the early 2000s watching one piece, anime was much easier to get than manga. Back then, watching anime was still a niche hobby, and a local bookstore was unlikely to carry manga. Anime fans may not be as hooked on the story as manga fans, but for those who don’t want to read, it’s a sacrifice they’re willing to make.

4 leaves fans on the edge of their seats1644838570 39 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

All the conflicts the Straw Hats get into create a lot of tension. Fans are constantly wondering what will happen and if their favorite characters will die. Anime is especially good at building this tension by using voice acting and music to emphasize certain moments. Fans may complain about the pacing, but it helps keep fans on the edge of their seats with each dangerous encounter. It can be annoying when “To be continued” appears at the end of an episode, but it certainly makes fans want to see the next one.

3 colors create a more vibrant world1644838570 737 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

While manga often have beautiful covers, the real story is in black and white. This makes a lot of sense considering how expensive and time-consuming it would be to color the individual pages. However, many character details can be lost for this reason. Hair color, eye color, and clothing are all unique aspects of a character. The ability to see the characters fully animated and in color allows the audience to really get to know them. Colors add to the world and make it more vibrant and believable.

2 Anime is accessible to everyone1644838570 265 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

For many fans of one piece, watching anime is a necessity and not a preference. Things like dyslexia are extremely common and can affect a person’s ability to read. Also, not all languages ​​are translated, so someone may not have access to the manga in their native language. Having an anime makes the series very affordable for fans who want to watch it. Without the ease of access, one piece might not be as popular as it is today.

1 The anime gave relevance to One Piece1644838570 479 One Piece 10 Things The Anime Does Better Than The.webp

maybe onepiece may be the most popular manga in the world, but not everyone likes to read manga, and even fewer people will pick up a manga by accident. However, someone who is not familiar with anime is likely to find an episode of One piece while channel surfing on your television, especially in the early 2000s when anime was broadcast everywhere. The anime is much better at helping the series gain popularity and is probably why the series was so successful outside of Japan.