One Piece: 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he was still alive

One of the Yonko del Mar in One PieceEdward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard, was one of the most powerful pirates out there. In his day, he was a rival of the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, and the only man who managed to draw a fight with him.

Whitebeard ruled the seas for a long time, and his time came to an end during the Marineford arc, where he finally met his end. Whitebeard’s death caused a power shift in the world of One PieceBut if he had been alive, things would certainly be very different now.

10 Whitebeard would still be relatively short

For the past few years, Whitebeard was known to have gone unnoticed. In fact, before the Paramount War, people wondered if he would show up at all since he hadn’t been around for a while. This was probably due to his declining health, but it also had to do with the fact that Whitebeard never looked for trouble on his own. Wise as he was, Whitebeard would undoubtedly know what would keep his family the safest.

9 would have made Ace the next pirate king1637056454 582 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

When Whitebeard took Ace in, he got ahead of the Navy, who planned to prevent him from becoming the next leader of the world’s pirates. Whitebeard eventually started raising him to become the next Pirate King. This was probably because Roger told him all about the history of the Old Kingdom and the man he was waiting for. Possibly, according to Whitebeard, the man would have been Ace. If Whitebeard had been alive, he would undoubtedly have raised Ace to fulfill the goal that fate placed on his shoulders.

8 he would have spent his time training Ace1637056454 315 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Whitebeard loved all of his children equally, and Ace was no exception. Wanting to get stronger, Ace surely would have asked Whitebeard to train with him or even train him. Whitebeard was not a man to deny his children something, and he certainly would have agreed. Under his training, Ace would have become much stronger than he was when he died. It’s entirely possible that Ace had become just as strong, if not stronger, than Marco.

7 He would have participated in the war of the country of Wano1637056454 80 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Two years after the Paramount War, the world of One Piece saw another war break out, this time in the Land of Wano, in the New World. To take down Kaido, Luffy created the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai alliance and invaded Onigashima.

Marco, the former Commander of the First Division of the Whitebeard Pirates, also participated in this war due to his connection to Oden. If Whitebeard were alive, he too would have wanted to avenge Oden and possibly have joined the war.

6 Whitebeard would continue to send money to Sphinx Island1637056455 872 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Whitebeard came from a very poor New World town called Sphinx Island. Not having the protection of the World Government, Whitebeard had to protect this island by sending all his wealth to it. His crew often described him as a stingy man due to sending everything he possessed to this island in secret and not leaving much for the crew. If he were alive, he surely would have continued to do so.

5 Whitebeard would continue to save other countries1637056455 55 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Being a Yonko, Whitebeard had enormous power and authority at his disposal, and he used it to the best of his ability. To prevent countries from falling into chaos and to protect them from as many pirates as possible, Whitebeard often took multiple countries under his wing and would continue to do so if he were alive. The famous Fishman Island is an excellent example of this behavior of his. After he saved Fishman Island, no traffickers dared to approach this place in the following years.

4 Whitebeard would fight the pirates that come to his head1637056455 176 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Whitebeard had an incredible bounty of 5,046,000,000 berries on his head, which made him one of the most dangerous people in the world of One Piece. For bounty hunters and other pirates, taking down Whitebeard became an attractive option, as it would bring infamy to those in need and money to others.

If Whitebeard hadn’t died, people would have kept coming for his head, and he would have destroyed all his enemies regardless of their number.

3 Whitebeard would have met the worst members of the generation1637056455 573 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Two years after the events of the Paramount War, all the members of the Worst Generation had made their August in the New World and had made a good name for themselves. While some of them decided to bow to the power of the Yonko, others decided to openly oppose them and form great alliances to end them. Whitebeard, being the strongest of them all, would have certainly been the target of some, and would certainly have encountered some of them if he were alive.

2 Whitebeard would have taken care of Bakkin and Weevil1637056456 966 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Sometime after the Paramount War, Miss Bakkin and Edward Weevil became known as Whitebeard’s lover and son respectively. Together, the two took out various allies of the Whitebeard Pirates. Although Weevil’s intentions don’t seem so bad, the truth is that Bakkin has his eyes set on the treasure associated with Whitebeard. If Whitebeard were alive, he would have preferred to face Bakkin and Weevil on his own.

1 Whitebeard would have eventually fought Blackbeard1637056456 357 One Piece 10 things Whitebeard would be doing if he.webp

Blackbeard is one of the main antagonists of One Piece, and has deep ties to Blackbeard. Blackbeard lived under Blackbeard’s protection for a long time and eventually stabbed the crew in the back killing Thatch and stealing the Yami Yami no Mi. He then handed Ace over to the Navy and finally attacked Whitebeard at Marineford. Blackbeard always planned to take Blackbeard’s place and power, and even if Blackbeard were alive, the two would have inevitably clashed at some point.