One Piece: 10 times Franky saved the day

Franky was the owner of the Straw Hat Pirates in the universe ofOne Piece. In addition to his duties to the Thousand Sunny, he was also one of the strongest members of their crew and aided them in numerous battles.

In fact, there have been many instances where Franky was solely responsible for saving the day by applying his versatile skill set to the full. By identifying his greatest actions, we can better appreciate Luffy’s decision to accept him as a crew member after the adventure in Enies Lobby and the conclusion of the Water Seven saga.

10 Franky defeated two CP9 agents in Enies’s lobby

Franky was one of the most helpful characters in the battle for Enies Lobby. It was the only Straw Hat, other than Luffy himself, who defeated two of Spandam’s most powerful agents.

His first victory was against Nero, where he used his waterproof metal body to resist the villain’s finger guns. The second win came against Fukurou, a reasonably powerful and burly man whose buoyant body allowed him the ability to fly when combined with the Moon Walk technique.

9 Franky destroyed the bridge in Thriller Bark to prevent Robin from being surrounded1628261880 852 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

Tararan was a spider monster from Thriller Bark and one of Gecko Moria’s best servants. When confronting Franky and Robin, he used his subordinates to surround them in an attempt to force a fight.

Creatively, Franky destroyed the bridge under their feet so that everyone plummeted into the depths. As Robin had the ability to fly for a short period of time, the Straw Hat duo were saved as the number of their opponents dwindled considerably. If it weren’t for their teamwork, the shadows of both pirates might have been stolen.

8 Franky created a smokescreen to help Luffy escape from Caesar in Punk Hazard1628261880 733 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

After the Straw Hats were defeated and captured by the Clown Caesar, they were hoisted out into a cell to serve as test subjects for the villain’s new creation. Since Franky had no devil fruit powers and had tremendous strength, he was able to fire an explosive round at a nearby ship.

In doing so, a thick smog was created that ruined the transponder snail’s line of sight of Caesar’s victims. Later, Luffy and his friends had time to escape.

7 Franky built the thousand suns overnight1628261880 56 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

After the escape from Enies Lobby, the Straw Hats found themselves in a difficult situation. The Going Merry was completely destroyed, and they had no other ship ready to sail the Grand Line. Worse still, the Marines were gathering their forces to stop them at Water Seven.

Immediately, Franky went to work. He used the two hundred million berries he stole from Luffy to build one of the best ships ever built with the help of Iceberg. In addition, he did it overnight, allowing the heroes to escape Garp’s forces in the next confrontation.

6 Franky distracted while Usopp and Robin sabotaged Dressrosa’s toy factory1628261881 892 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

To free Dressrosa’s enslaved toys, the Straw Hats needed a distraction. Since Franky was the most bombastic and enduring member of the crew, he was chosen to cause as much ruckus as possible while Usopp and Robin knocked Sugar unconscious.

The plan worked perfectly. Franky’s attack on the surface of the toy factory attracted the attention of three powerful executives of the Doflamingo family and diverted them from the real mission. Although her companions still had problems of their own to worry about, they would not have been able to free Dressrosa without the help of the cyborg.

5 Franky defeated the wild Ikaros a lot1628261881 523 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

The battle for Fishman Island was extremely dangerous, as Hody Jones’ forces numbered some 100,000 strong. Among his best lieutenants was Ikaros Much, a fish-man with the ability to deflect the blood of his enemies with the briefest exposure to his squid weapons.

The nature of his abilities provided Franky with the perfect opportunity to debut his new robotic creation. When immersed in the mechanical suit, he could hit Ikaros without worrying about retaliation.

4 Franky defended the thousand suns from Doflamingo’s henchmen1628261881 701 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

Buffalo and Baby Five were sent by Doflamingo to retrieve Cesar Clown and destroy the Thousand Suns. Since Franky hadn’t joined the attack on the SMILE factory, he was prepared to repel the villains just as they arrived.

Not only did he manage to defeat and capture them, but he also prevented the Straw Hats from losing Clown as a lever. Buffalo and Baby Five would eventually be returned to Doflamingo in pieces as a warning and invitation from the Trafalgar Law.

3 Franky broke down the heavy blast doors to help his friends escape the clown Caesar’s prison1628261881 699 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

After the Straw Hats were knocked unconscious by the Clown Caesar, they were kidnapped and taken to his facility. Since the scientist guessed that none of them could escape the heavy blast doors, he simply left them there unshackled and uncontrolled.

Although neither Sanji nor Chopper were able to get out of the cell, Franky had a hidden solution in his arsenal. He used a radical beam to blow up the gates and officially began the audacious escape of the Straw Hats.

2 Franky protected Robin from Spandam in Enies Lobby1628261881 716 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

As Luffy was still locked in a battle with Lucci near the climax of Enies Lobby, Franky stepped forward to prevent Spandam from leading Robin through the gates of justice. Although he managed to free her from the clutches of the villain, many Marines soon joined the fight.

Because Robin was still in the sea prism handcuffs, he was unable to contribute significantly to the conflict for most of its duration. Nonetheless, Franky used his body as a shield over and over again to ensure that his newfound comrade remained safe.

1 Franky defeated Mr. Pink in Dressrosa1628261881 834 One Piece 10 times Franky saved the day.webp

After the incident at the toy factory, Franky and Mr. Pink established a personal rivalry. When the cyborg arrived to save the Tontattans from danger, his criminal counterpart was not far behind.

What followed was a battle between devil fruit and technology that pushed both men to their limits. Both allies and enemies froze, admiring the ongoing battle between the tough warriors. In the end, Franky emerged victorious from the conflict, having scored his first victory against a true challenge since fighting alongside the Straw Hats in Enies Lobby.