One Piece: 10 times Luffy was an idiot

The Straw Hat Pirates are a lovable bunch of misfits. Known to the public of One Piece As a group of ruthless pirates, the people whose lives they have touched often hold them in high regard. There were also many times when people did not feel very comfortable around the Straw Hats, especially their famed captain.

Luffy has a very daring demeanor. His attitude is what makes him such a charismatic and friendly person within One Piece , as well as a very nice character for the readers. But for some of the people he meets, he can come across as abrupt, rude, and even mean.

10 meeting Coby for the first time and laughing at him

Following their initial encounter in the first episode, Coby decided to confide in Luffy how he has been under the iron thumb of a ruthless pirate, struggling to survive for the past two years.

Then Coby tells him about his dream of becoming a marine, but that he is too afraid of those same pirates to pursue that dream. Instead of being nice and deciding to just pay attention to him, Luffy decides to laugh in his face and then calls Coby an idiot and a coward.

9 telling Kin’emon and Momo no when they ask for help1633508534 125 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

In episode 771, Kin’emon and Momo decide, after several trips with the Straw Hats, that they are people they can trust to help them with their current problems. They reveal to the Straw Hats the current state of their country; how Kaido arrived, he murdered Momo’s father and currently rules Wano with an iron fist.

Even after they were encouraged to ask, Luffy decided to deny their request and went on to call Momo a crybaby and deny him help unless Momo (currently an 8-year-old boy) “became a man” and stopped crying over the hostile take on. his native country.

8 Luffy’s first encounter with the mermaid princess left her crying1633508534 227 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

Towards the beginning of the Fishman Island arc, Shirahoshi decides to let Luffy eat her food after he saves her from an assassination attempt. As Luffy enjoys the food that the mermaid princess kindly offers him, she comments on how plump her cheeks look and Shirahoshi innocently pecks Luffy’s cheek, causing him to spit out his food.

Luffy then yells at her which makes her cry and then proceeds to laugh at her and say that he doesn’t like her because she is crying.

7 Luffy throws a punch after arguing with Vivi1633508535 725 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

When the Straw Hats were helping this particular princess with her country’s politics, she and Luffy get into a heated argument. In episode 104, Vivi slaps Luffy first, and Luffy fights back with a punch to the face.

At first, it seemed fair that if she attacked Luffy, he would defend himself, but you have to remember that, with his chewing gum powers, that slap most likely did not physically injure Luffy, but still gave him a blow. hard enough for her to slide a few feet into her face.

6 Tease Buggy’s Nose1633508535 570 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

Luffy has made many enemies in his travels as a pirate, some because of a difference of ideas, some because of competition, or some because he completely ruined the plans they carefully constructed over the years. But none was as easy as Buggy the clown in the middle of the Orange City arc.

Buggy has an insecurity, he is very protective of the size, shape and color of his nose. Luffy doesn’t care and doesn’t hesitate for a moment to point it out and tease him for it.

5 when he stole the devil fruit from Shanks1633508535 93 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

Even being young, Luffy managed to get into a lot of trouble, shown to viewers in the first few episodes of the series. When the red haired pirates decided to leave the gum fruit on the counter of a bar in Luffy’s hometown, (which could be considered a bad idea on their part) Luffy saw that it was his time to shine.

Even knowing that the chest belonged to a dangerous group of pirates, Luffy decided that he wanted to eat it and nothing was going to stop him. In the one moment when the group of pirates was not attentive, Luffy picked up and ate all the fruit.

4 convince Franky to join the crew1633508535 112 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

When Luffy decides that he wants someone to join his crew, that person usually doesn’t have much of a choice when push comes to shove, and this was especially true for Franky, the current owner of the Straw Hat. After everything said and done in the arches of Water Seven / Enies Lobby, Luffy ends up grabbing his underwear and tells Franky that he can’t get it back unless he joins the crew.

Meanwhile, Franky runs out of clothes in front of all the townspeople he’s grown up with. Luckily, Franky is not a person to be put down by something as trivial as that.

3 Luffy and Sanji intimidate Mohmoo1633508535 152 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

While traveling the seas of the world of One Piece Surely one comes across many strange and fascinating things, such as the fantastic sea monsters known as Kings of the Sea.

When Mohmoo (the sea cow owned by Hachi from the Arlong Pirates) stops next to the Straw Hats ship for the first time in Episode 31, Luffy decides to attack it without provocation. To add insult to injury, Sanji tricks the poor creature by offering him some food and then also attacks him when he gets close.

2 Robbery from the Shandians1633508535 593 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

The Straw Hats are not a group that does things for a price, they do what they do for their dreams, for the people they care about, and to get justice for the wrongdoings of others. But when it comes to Jaya, Luffy decided that he wanted what was owed to him.

He decides, at the end of the Sky Island arc, to steal the gold from the ancient Jaya civilization. From a place that the original people could not access for generations. Not only that, but this place was also the ancient ruins of a lost civilization.

1 Tease your fellow straw hats1633508536 637 One Piece 10 times Luffy was an idiot.webp

Straw Hats are such friends that they can joke around and have fun together. Although it’s usually all fun, Luffy takes this to another level. Usually impersonating some of the other Straw Hats and their personality traits. Sometimes even some of its flaws.

Although hilarious and frighteningly accurate, sometimes the Straw Hat captain doesn’t have the best timing. Namely, when they were scouting in the middle of the Sky Island arc, searching for their kidnapped companions. Luffy goes out of his way to make fun of Sanji, which he doesn’t quite appreciate, and hits him and Usopp for laughing.