One Piece: 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his life

Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and the protagonist of the series One Piece. Luffy put to sea at the age of 17 and has assembled an incredible crew, all of whom are dedicated to making him the King of the Pirates. As the leader of the crew, Luffy has a huge responsibility to take care of each of the crew members and make sure they fulfill their dreams as well.

Fortunately, given Luffy’s character, he has gone out of his way to ensure the safety of all his loved ones, even at the cost of his own life.

10 when Luffy decided to set sail and become a pirate

For Luffy, becoming the Pirate King is a great ambition that he is determined to fulfill. Upon meeting Koby, Luffy told him that he didn’t mind dying on his journey to become the Pirate King, because if he died, at least he had done his best.

In essence, Luffy already risked his life when he put to sea because he is not one to submit to others, and if that is the kind of determination it takes to become the Pirate King, he has always been prepared for it. .

9 when he fought Don Krieg at the Baratie Arch1638783610 584 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Luffy confronted Don Krieg, the man known to be the most powerful in East Blue, during the Baratie arc of the series. Although Krieg was loaded with the most powerful weapons at that time, Luffy managed to defeat him with sheer force of will, risking his life.

After defeating Krieg, Luffy sank into the ocean, and if Sanji hadn’t saved him, he would have died. However, he was not afraid to risk his life in the least.

8 when he saved Sanji and Nami on Drum Island1638783611 447 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

The Straw Hat Pirates came to Drum Island to get help for Nami, who was suffering from a deadly disease. Upon reaching the island, Luffy and Sanji decided to take Nami to Dr. Kureha, whose castle was on top of a giant mountain.

Along the way, Sanji was seriously injured while protecting Nami and Luffy had to climb to the top of the mountain carrying Nami and Sanji at the same time. By the time he reached the top, he was completely exhausted and could have been buried alive in the snow if he had fallen.

7 When Luffy Helped Carry Vivi’s Burden On Alabasta1638783611 665 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates decided to help deliver Vivi to the Kingdom of Alabasta and kill Crocodile in the process. The Shichibukai had pitted the rebel army against King Cobra and planned to take control of the entire country in an attempt to seize the Ancient Weapon Pluto.

Although Vivi barely knew the crew, Luffy decided to risk his life for her, even going so far as to say that he could trust the crew in times of need.

6 when Luffy fought Rob Lucci for Nico Robin1638783611 518 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Luffy chased Robin to Enies Lobby to rescue her from the clutches of the World Government. The biggest obstacle in his way was undoubtedly Rob Lucci, the strongest of the CP9.

To defeat Rob Lucci, Luffy had to use Gear Second several times and even harness the power of Gear Third. When using it for the last time, Luffy exclaimed that he did not care what happened to his body as long as he managed to rescue Nico Robin.

5 when Luffy fought Gecko Moria in Thriller Bark1638783612 737 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Luffy and Moria clashed after Oars fell on the giant ship known as Thriller Bark. Moria, having absorbed 1000 shadows, was too powerful for any of the Straw Hat Pirates to take her down, but Luffy, using both second and third gear, managed to defeat her and retrieve everyone’s shadow.

After Luffy passed out, the crew discussed how he had pushed himself beyond his limits and saved everyone at the cost of his life.

4 when he tried to rescue Ace from Impel Down1638783612 171 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Upon learning of Elder Nyon’s capture of Ace on Amazon Lily, Luffy sought Hancock’s help to sneak into Impel Down. There, he risked his life in an attempt to save Ace and fought against all odds.

Luffy even faced characters like Magellan and ended up almost dead, saved only by Bon Clay and Ivankov. Although Luffy failed to save Ace there, he was willing to risk his life if it meant Ace survived.

3 when he tried to save Ace in Marineford1638783612 681 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Marineford is one of the largest arches de One Piece , and as always, Luffy was the center of everything. Managing to escape Impel Down, Luffy went to the Navy headquarters to save Ace, risking his life once again in the process.

Even when he faced the powerful admirals and even his own grandfather, Luffy did not hesitate because Ace meant the world to him. Sadly, despite all his attempts, he was not able to save Ace, not even when he gave up 10 years of his life.

2 when he went to the whole cake island to rescue Sanji1638783612 915 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Luffy infiltrated the Island of Whole Cakes after Sanji was blackmailed, by his family and by Big Mom, into attending his wedding to Charlotte Pudding. To rescue him, Luffy was willing to sacrifice himself and even fought Charlotte Cracker, a commander of the Big Mom pirates.

Even when Sanji tried to expel him, Luffy was determined to bring him back and when the Enraged Army knocked him unconscious, he continued to have faith in Sanji and ultimately, it paid off.

1 When he fought Kaido for the people of Wano Country1638783612 911 One Piece 10 times Luffy was willing to sacrifice his.webp

Luffy intended to kill Kaido after joining the Trafalgar Law, but seeing the plight of the people of Wano, he wanted to fight not only for the alliance, but also for the people.

With a huge burden on his back, Luffy engages Kaido in an intense battle on the rooftop of Onigashima in a showdown of life and death. Since Kaido is a Yonko, Luffy is very willing to die trying to defeat him.