One Piece: 10 times the enemy helped Luffy

Luffy is the protagonist of One Piece of Eiichiro Oda and, in a time of piracy, aspires to become the King of the Pirates. Over the years, Luffy has built up a very reliable crew and has become an infamous pirate, recognized as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. As the protagonist, Luffy is special in more ways than one.

Not only is he strong with his Devil Fruit powers and Haki. In fact, his greatest ability is how he makes both his friends and his enemies help him and bet on him. According to Dracule Mihawk, this is the greatest skill across the oceans, and fans have already seen it in play countless times in history.

10 Gin gave him his gas mask to save his life

Gin was a member of the Krieg Piratesand appeared as a secondary antagonist during the Baratie’s bowde One Piece. Tasked with directing the Krieg Pirates towards Baratie, Gin fought against Sanji and, under Don Krieg’s command, planned to take over the ship.

However, since Sanji saved his life, he rejected Krieg’s order. When Krieg fired the MH5, Gin gave his mask to Luffy and used the other to save Sanji’s life at the cost of his own.

9 Nico Robin saved his life in the Alabasta arc1632681734 252 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Nico Robin was a member of the Baroque Works upon being introduced and a companion to their leader, Sir Crocodile. Although she was an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates, she helped them on more than one occasion. Not only did he give Alabasta an Eternal Pose, but he also withheld information from Crocodile that could have killed all of the Straw Hats.

Most importantly, when Luffy sank into the quicksand after losing to Crocodile, Robin saved his life and made sure he fought Crocodile again.

8 Bon Clay saved Luffy and his crew from the Marines1632681734 104 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Like Nico Robin, Bon Clay was a member of the Baroque Work when he was introduced to fans and an enemy of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, after his fight with Sanji, he changed quite a bit.

When the bow ended, Bon Clay used the power of his Devil Fruit to save the Straw Hat Pirates from Hina and her fleet of marines. Instead of Luffy, Bon Clay went to Impel Down and had no regrets at all.

7 The Galley-La joined the Straw Hats on the way to Enies Lobby1632681735 387 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

The Galley-La were an incredible group of ship owners who fell out with the Straw Hat Pirates in the Water Seven arc. The group confronted Luffy and his crew when news of Iceberg’s assassination attempt broke.

When all the confusion was cleared up, the Galley-La later traveled with the crew to Enies Lobby to help them save Robin, even though he had shot Iceberg.

6 Franky and his family helped Luffy during Enies’s lobby arc1632681735 135 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

The Franky Family appeared as a secondary antagonist group during the Water Seven arc of One Piece. They were responsible for stealing 200 million berries from Usopp and even beating him up, ultimately leading to him leaving the crew.

Despite this, they joined Luffy on the way to Enies Lobby to save Franky. On Judicial Island, the group fought alongside the Straw Hat Pirates and even risked their lives for Franky and Robin to be rescued.

5 Bartholomew Kuma Saved the Straw Hat Pirates in the Sabaody Archipelago1632681735 894 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Kuma was a member of the Shichibukai who gave fans a fitting display of his skills during the Thriller Bark arc. After inflicting great pain on Zoro, Kuma spared the crew, but reappeared in the Sabaody Archipelago.

Although he divided the crew in an act that was initially perceived as antagonistic, it was later revealed that Kuma actually saved their lives by sending them off the island. What’s more, Kuma also sent the crew to places where he knew they would grow stronger.

4 Hachi aided the Straw Hat Pirates in the Sabaody Archipelago1632681735 888 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Hachi was a villain during the Arlong Park arc, where he worked under Arlong as one of his strongest officers. Later, he appeared in the arch of the Sabaody Archipelago, where he helped the crew find their way to the island and took them to Shakky’s bar to see Rayleigh.

Without Hachi, it is possible that Luffy would never have met Rayleigh and thus never would have gotten as strong as he did. On Fishman Island, Hachi reappeared, although his role was not that important.

3 Buggy helped Luffy out of Impel Down1632681735 332 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Buggy the Clown was once a member of the Roger Pirates. After the crew parted ways, Buggy went to East Blue and, years later, fought Luffy in Orange Town. Losing to him, Buggy vowed revenge on him, but found his way to Impel Down. When Luffy entered the prison, Buggy ended up helping him.

Even when Buggy tried to trick him, he unwittingly aided Luffy by freeing countless strong pirates and rallying them behind him. Without him, Luffy would have undoubtedly died at Impel Down.

2 The crocodile saved him during the Marineford war1632681736 582 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Crocodile was one of the greatest antagonists who got in Luffy’s way during the Alabasta arc and, following his defeat, he was captured by the Navy and imprisoned at Impel Down. When Luffy broke into the prison, he freed Crocodile and the two got out of the prison together. Not surprisingly, their alliance ended with the prison break, but surprisingly, Crocodile continued to help Luffy during the Marineford arc.

Not only did he save Ace from inevitable death once, but after Luffy’s fainting spell, Crocodile risked his life by stopping Akainu and saving both Luffy and Jinbe.

1 Katakuri “helped” Luffy get stronger and improve his Haki1632681736 314 One Piece 10 times the enemy helped Luffy.webp

Katakuri was a secondary antagonist during the Cake Island arc of One Piece and got in Luffy’s way when the two clashed within the Mirro World. Although Katakuri did not recognize Luffy at first, as the fight continued, he became very interested in him. Katakuri’s fight with Luffy became very personal and forced him to live up to his expectations, helping him grow stronger in the process.

Although Katakuri wanted him dead at first, his opinion changed as they both fought. At the end of the arc, he was glad that Luffy got out of his territory safely.