One Piece: 10 times the plot armor saved the day

One Pi ece is the story of a young pirate known by the name of Monkey D. Luffy who sets sail to get the greatest treasure there is, the One Piece. Luffy’s journey has been going on for decades, but the story is near its end, as he has already become a splendid pirate and is very close to achieving his dream.

However, without the story armor, Luffy’s journey would probably have ended very soon. Without a doubt, the plot armor is an element that exists in all stories simply because some characters need to stay alive, and One Piece is no different.

10 when Roronoa Zoro survived his fight against Dracule Mihawk

Zoro’s fight against Mihawk in Baratie was incredibly brutal. The Straw Hat swordsman foolishly assumed he was powerful enough to take on the strongest swordsman in history and was completely outmatched. Throughout the brief fight, Zoro received countless wounds, from a cut across his chest to a knife that nearly pierced his heart. If Zoro hadn’t been a main character, he would surely have died right there, but the story required that he stay alive.

9 When Usopp fought Mr. 4 in Alabasta1636713754 434 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Usopp is part of the weak trio of the Straw Hat Pirates and does not do too well in fights. In Alabasta, he teamed up with Chopper to fight Mr. 4 and Ms. Merry Christmas. Unsurprisingly, Usopp was outmatched by both of them and only won because the plot demanded it. They hit him with a four-ton bat, but he managed to survive. Usopp also survived being pierced by multiple walls, but in the end, his cunning was enough to bring out the best in both enemies.

8 Zoro’s fight against Mr. 1 made him survive lethal attacks1636713754 533 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Zoro’s fight against Mr. 1 was without a doubt one of the best the Alabasta arc has offered so far in history. Although the combat was a lot of fun, it goes without saying that Zoro had the plot on his side, which was to be expected. When Mr. 1 slashed everything in his way, Zoro’s Three Swords Style wasn’t strong enough to stop him.

Consequently, Zoro received countless wounds and even his insides were crushed by Mr. 1’s spinning blades. Zoro even survived a gash that sliced ​​through an entire building behind him, though he only received minor injuries from the attack. Without the plot armor, the story would have taken a dark turn here.

7 Luffy’s fight against Crocodile was characterized by full use of the plot armor1636713754 669 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Luffy vs. Crocodile is still one of the most incredible matches of One Piece, but once again, Luffy was saved thanks to the plot. The two fought three battles, two of which were won by Crocodile. After the first battle, Luffy was stranded in the quicksand, but was saved by Robin.

The huge hole that Crocodile left in his body was healed just by eating some meat. Their second fight was no different and saw Luffy being very lucky to be dehydrated.

6 Pell survived a nuclear bomb and saved the kingdom of Alabasta1636713755 730 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Pell’s role in the Alabasta arc was crucial to the kingdom’s survival. When Crocodile planned to blow up all of Alubarna, Pell took it upon himself to take the bomb away and fly so high that the blast would not reach the city. Somehow, Pell survived this explosion and remained Alabasta’s guardian, when in reality he should not have survived the encounter at all.

5 Luffy’s fight against Lucci made him rise from defeat1636713755 336 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Luffy vs. Lucci is still one of the best matches seen in One Piece till the date. Although exciting, the fight was quite difficult for Luffy, and if he had not been the protagonist, he probably would have lost. In the end, Luffy found himself outmaneuvered by Lucci, even as he pushed his body beyond its limits. When Lucci walked away, Luffy simply refused to fall and ended up defeating him in combat against all odds.

4 Zoro survived Kuma’s trial in the plot armor1636713755 768 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Roronoa Zoro fought Kuma during the Thriller Bark arc of One Piece, but he quickly realized that he was no match for the Shichibukai. Finally, Zoro offered to give his life for Luffy, and Kuma suggested that he take Luffy’s pain, which was strong enough to kill him.

Despite being guaranteed death by Kuma, Zoro somehow survived even after losing an incredible amount of blood and suffering injuries that no person should ever survive.

3 Akainu needed to stay alive to become the perfect villain1636713755 163 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Marine Admiral Akainu engaged Whitebeard during the Marineford arc of One Piece, and it was quite a battle. Although he was old, Whitebeard was much stronger than Akainu, and it goes without saying that Whitebeard should have killed him when the two finally clashed. Despite being hit with an incredibly powerful Haki-infused earthquake, Akainu not only survived, but was almost unharmed by the looks of it. The reason for his survival was simply that history needed him alive.

2 Trafalgar’s Law survived Dressrosa thanks to the armor of the plot1636713755 418 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Trafalgar Law’s role in the Dressrosa arc of One Piece it was crucial to the story. In the fight against the Donquixote Doflamingo, Law played a great role in weakening him to some extent, but he paid a pretty high price for it. Law was completely defeated by Doflamingo and even received countless shots from very close. Later, he even lost an arm in the fight, but somehow he survived it all. Without the plot armor, Trafalgar Law would have died there and the bow would have ended on a very dark note.

1 Zoro survived ocean sovereignty and received a magic drug in Wano1636713755 783 One Piece 10 times the plot armor saved the day.webp

Roronoa Zoro finally got a chance to prove what he was capable of when he confronted Big Mom and Kaido on the rooftop of Onigashima during the Wano Country Arc of One Piece. Although he was strong, Zoro was no match at all for the two and he ended up paying the price when they launched a combo attack on him.

Zoro somehow managed to block the attack, thanks to the plot on his side, and he continued to fight with broken bones. What’s more, to save him, Oda introduced a magical drug that restored all his strength to fight King when he should have been out of combat. Without his plot armor, the fate of the people of Wano would have been very bleak.