One Piece: 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D. Garp

The protagonistde One Pi ece, Monkey D. Luffy, is a young pirate who went to sea at age 17 to find Gol D. Roger’s treasure, the One Piece. Much of Luffy’s childhood was spent with his two brothers, Ace and Sabo. He had no interaction with his parents.

Luffy has spent a lot of time with his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp. Although Luffy does not look especially like his father, Monkey D. Dragon, he shares many things with his grandfather.

10 Luffy and Garp fall asleep instantly

Although Luffy is a tremendous captain, he is carefree. He often falls asleep in random places without warning. During the Syrup Village arc, he had to fight the Black Cat Pirates. Instead, he fell asleep and had to be rescued later. This is very similar to how Garp fell asleep when he was supposed to escort Ax-hand Morgan to the Navy. Later, both Garp and Luffy fell asleep when they faced off after the Water Seven arc.

9 Luffy and Garp care a lot for their loved ones1641579769 404 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Garp raised Luffy, so it’s only natural for Luffy to take inspiration from him. Luffy cares a lot for his crewmates and his family. Similarly, Garp also cares a lot about his family. As Luffy’s grandfather, Garp wanted to make sure Luffy didn’t get into trouble. He hoped Luffy would follow in his footsteps and join the marines. When Ace was captured, Garp felt torn, he couldn’t help but shed tears for the grandson he had raised.

8 both Garp and Luffy possess monstrous strength1641579769 392 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Garp was a monstrous fighter in his youth. According to him, he cut down 8 mountains to heat up to bring down Chinjao. Luffy, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful pirates in the world right now, known to be strong enough to take on Kaido. When Luffy and Kaido clashed, their Conqueror Haki split the sky.

7 Luffy and Garp possess tremendous Haki1641579769 175 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Silvers Rayleigh, the former right-hand man of the Pirate King, taught Luffy how to use Haki. Although Luffy was slow to learn to master Haki, he currently uses all three advanced forms.

Meanwhile, Garp’s Haki was strong enough to collide with Gol D. Roger. The Pirate King recognized him as a worthy adversary.

6 Luffy and Garp made their mark on history1641579769 302 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Garp is one of the most legendary characters in One Piece. He played a major role in the Valley of God Incident 38 years ago. Following Rocks’ defeat, Garp earned the title “Hero of the Marines.” The Pirate King recognized his strength. Luffy is making his own mark on history by attempting to become the King of the Pirates. It’s safe to assume that Luffy is already seen as a historical figure in the New World.

5 Luffy and Garp grew up in the wild1641579770 994 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Luffy is an extremely tough pirate, Garp’s unconventional training is responsible for his stamina. Garp used to throw Luffy into the jungle. It was a dangerous method that helped Luffy harden. Garp also grew up in a similar environment. In one of the corners of the SBS, Oda drew Garp as a child hunting for treasure on the back of a tiger he had tamed. He was carrying a pipe, just like the young ASL.

4 Neither Luffy nor Garp are afraid to face others in battle1641579770 682 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

One of the qualities that most define Luffy is his fearlessness. Luffy can face danger and fully trust his abilities. As Big Mom’s Devil Fruit powers are partly based on a person’s fear, this wouldn’t work on Luffy.

Luffy inherited his fearlessness from his grandfather. When he faced the strongest pirate in the world during the Valley of the Gods Incident, Garp’s determination led him to victory.

3 Monkey D. Luffy and Garp prefer to be blunt1641579770 517 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Luffy doesn’t think before he speaks, nor does he sugarcoat his opinions. He says what he thinks. This is demonstrated by his absence of thought bubbles in the manga. Luffy is extremely direct. When Shirahoshi bothered him, he told her that he didn’t like him without hesitation. Garp is also forceful. He does not hide his hatred towards the Heavenly Dragons. When he faced the King of the Kingdom of Goa, Sterry, he openly called him trash.

2 Luffy and Garp despise the celestial dragons1641579770 601 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

The Celestial Dragons are the main antagonists of One Piece. Their relationship with the founders of the World Government makes them believe they are superior to any race. They show little regard for human life. Luffy and Garp despise his malicious nature. Garp expresses this by stating that he is not obligated to protect them. He also turned down a promotion to avoid being under the direct command of the Celestial Drangons. Luffy’s expression was less diplomatic. He slammed into a Heavenly Dragon in the Sabaody Archipelago.

1 Garp and Luffy are men who value freedom1641579770 66 One Piece 10 Ways Luffy Looks Like Monkey D Garp.webp

Luffy’s character embodies freedom. His definition of Pirate King is simply being the freest pirate in the world. His father, Dragon, also represents this notion. As the leader of the Revolutionary Army, he fights for the freedom of the people. Garp, like his son and grandson, values ​​his freedom despite being a man in the Navy.