One Piece: 10 Ways Robin Is Luffy’s Best Partner

Nico Robin is without a doubt the most level-headed and calm Straw Hat Pirate. It is warm, friendly and welcoming. Robin provides her crew with a gentle maternal presence that affects each of them differently. The same day he revealed himself after stowing away on the Going Merry, he understood everyone’s personality and provided what they needed to feel comfortable around him.

Formally Mrs. All Sunday, Robin was not at all who he appeared to be. Robin has survived many hardships. Despite her tumultuous past, she still maintains a loving heart. Robin’s intelligence, strength and grace add a unique element to the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.

10 Robin’s personality has many faces

Robin is not as talkative as the rest of her peers, but this does not mean that she does not enjoy their company. It is typical to see Robin smiling as he watches his captain and his fellow crew members. Robin spent most of her life on the run, at the mercy of strangers who did not hesitate to hand her over. For this reason, Robin sometimes makes humorous and sinister statements.

However, he fully appreciates the moments of joy he experiences with his crew. He loves the nonsense he witnesses and sometimes indulges Luffy, Chopper, and Ussop in his boyish humor. Robin is a strong and mature character. It’s nice for fans to see such a respected character show their admiration for Luffy’s boyish characteristics.

9 accept Luffy for what he is without criticizing him1639910558 319 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

The Straw Hat Pirates are quite critical of Luffy’s impulsiveness. Although they always respect their captain’s wishes, Luffy’s wild demeanor discourages his crew at times. Before they follow him off a cliff or join his last minute change of plans, everyone lets Luffy know how inconvenient it is. Robin always has a different reaction: he smiles. He never has a negative reaction to Luffy’s spontaneous behavior.

There are many instances where Robin gleefully expresses his appreciation for Luffy’s passionate nature. When he declared war on Big Mom, she responded with her trademark smile. When Luffy asked her crew if they had any objections to Brook joining their crew, she smiled again and stated that she would continue to recruit Brook even if they did. Robin not only understands Luffy, but truly enjoys his strengths and weaknesses.

8 Aside from strength, Robin’s devil fruit has many convenient uses1639910558 25 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

The power of Robin’s Devil Fruit Flower is tenacious. However, his ability to sprout multiple arms and legs is equivalent to having the unlimited help of multiple partners. The power to replicate parts of your body can be used for more than just strength. While in Dressrosa, Robin needed to run to the top of a mountain in a hurry. He used his power to produce various legs of the mountain creating a ladder that he could run down. He was also able to save Trafalgar D. Law from a fatal fall by creating a safe spider web for him to land on. Additionally, Robin’s power has allowed him to create wings, giving him the ability to fly.

7 Robin joined the Straw Hats on his own1639910558 548 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

Robin was not recruited when she joined the Straw Hat Pirates. He simply stowed away on his ship. After the events of Alabasta, Robin no longer had a permanent place to call home. She was never really involved in the Baroque Works. It was easy for her to stand up to Crocodile and support Luffy because she believed he was doing the right thing.

After defeating Crocodile, Robin boarded the Going Merry. She claimed that it was Luffy’s fault that she no longer had a home and that he had to let her stay. Luffy immediately accepted. Robin joined the Straw Hats uninvited for the sake of his survival, as he always has. She didn’t expect to find people she could really trust and really love.

6 Robin has saved his crew from disaster and certain death multiple times1639910558 482 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

Robin’s strength and quick thinking have saved his crew on several occasions. Life at sea is extremely dangerous. Anyone who sets out to enjoy life on the Grand Line knows that death lurks around every corner. From rival pirates, Navy soldiers, and dangerous creatures, multiple things that can harm anyone who decides to become a pirate. For this reason, the Straw Hats are lucky to have Robin with them. Robin stops Kuma from firing a laser, drives his ship Sunny away from a seamount, and stops Zoro from cutting a Kraken because it would have killed him are just a few examples of him being an invaluable member of the Straw Hats.

5 Luffy helped her value her own life1639910559 138 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

When viewers first met Robin, they soon discovered that he had little regard for his own life. She smiled at the danger and affirmed that she was prepared to die while sitting in a ruined mausoleum. It wasn’t until she was manipulated by CP9 and captured by the navy that the Straw Hats realized Robin was in pain.

He didn’t think he could fully trust anyone. When the Straw Hats finally caught up with Robin in Enies’s hall, Luffy forced Robin to say that he wanted to live. He wanted to hear her value her own life. Luffy ordered Sogeking to shoot at the World Government flag, labeling himself a permanent enemy of the World Government. When Robin witnessed this, he realized that he had found a permanent home and family with the Straw Hats.

4 She was willing to give up her freedom to save her crew1639910559 489 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

When Robin left with CP9, he tried to push his teammates away. They did not understand why he wanted to leave them. He claimed that his wishes could not come true if he was with them. She was cold and distant and acted as if she hadn’t established a bond with her peers. The truth is that the World Government threatened to unleash an Emergency Call. Robin saw firsthand the destruction and devastation this so-called causes. She made a deal with CP9 that said that if she voluntarily surrendered, the Straw Hats would be safe from capture. Robin endured Spadman’s constant insults and beatings, believing that this would save his friends.

3 Robin’s ability with Devil Fruit has proven to be extremely powerful1639910559 95 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

Robin has consumed the Flower Fruit. This devilish fruit allows you to duplicate parts of your body. You can create these duplicates anywhere. Robin appears replicating his arms, legs and even the upper half of his body. This ability makes her incredibly difficult to defeat.

Having access to unlimited members gives you the strength of hundreds or even thousands of men. Robin has taken down multiple men at once using his ability. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have always been the main muscle of the Straw Hat Pirates, but Robin can not only endure, but also increase the strength of his crew.

2 saved Luffy’s life twice1639910559 410 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

Before Robin joined Luffy’s crew, he fought them as a member of the Baroque Works. This made it especially curious that he took an interest in Luffy. Later, fans understood that his behavior was not strange at all, as working with Crocodile did not show his true intentions. His interactions with Luffy showed signs of his caring nature.

Luffy was able to continue his fight against Crocodile and finally defeat him because Robin saved him from suffocating in the quicksand. After Crocodile’s defeat, Luffy was able to return safely with his crew because Robin brought an antidote that cured Luffy from the wound he received from Crocodile’s poison hook.

1 As a native of Ohara, Robin is the only one who can read the glyphs1639910559 262 One Piece 10 Ways Robin Is Luffys Best Partner.webp

Robin has an incredibly valuable and unique gift. As the sole survivor of Ohara, he is currently the only known person with the ability to read the Poneglyphs. Poneglyphs are large steel cubes that contain information written in an ancient language. The ancient text is engraved on the cubes. Poneglyphs are historical, instructive, or roadside.

The insights written on these cubes detail history, reveal messages, leave instructions, and reveal miraculous places. Luffy’s only goal is to become the Pirate King. The fact that the only person in the world with the ability to read the glyphs is part of his crew allows Luffy access to valuable information that gives him a significant advantage.