One Piece: 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy

Sanji is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates and joined Luffy on his journey to become the King of the Pirates during the Baratie arc of One Piece. Being an Easy Blue recruit, Sanji is one of the most important characters in history and his dream is to find the legendary ocean, the All Blue.

Aside from his importance to the crew as a cook, Sanji is also extremely powerful, and together with Zoro and Luffy, he forms the infamous Trio of Monsters. Without a doubt, Sanji is one of the characters most loved by fans in history, however, like the rest of the characters, he has a couple of defects that affect his sympathy.

10 Sanji is known to be a jealous person

It’s no secret that Sanji calls himself the cook of love and he has certainly lived up to that reputation over the years. Although most of his actions don’t annoy fans too much, he sometimes shows too much jealousy.

This was evident when Jinbe joined the team and Nami hugged him. Sanji, despite spending much longer with Nami and having a deeper relationship with her, could not bear to see Jinbe treated with Nami’s caring side.

9 Sanji was rude to the people of Momoiro island1633426931 528 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

During the two-year timeskip, Sanji trained on Momoiro Island, which turned out to be an experience he doesn’t want to remember. Sanji encountered many of the Newkamas who tried to get him into a dress.

However, the people on the island had no ill intentions towards Sanji. However, he was rude to them, at least at first. Even when Sanji returned to the Sabaody Archipelago, the only person he showed attention to was Ivankov.

8 Sanji almost died of blood loss on Fishman Island1633426932 176 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Having been away from women for two years, Sanji’s weakness for women increased more than ever and he began to lose blood just looking at them. This, while funny at first, turned into a dire situation when Sanji came to the brink of death from losing too much blood on Fishman Island.

Having started the journey to the New World, it was not impressive that he almost died so early and easily in history.

7 Sanji was very rude to Jinbe after telling his story1633426932 541 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

On Fishman Island, Jinbe explained how he was responsible for Arlong getting loose in the East Blue and was thus indirectly involved in causing Nami a lot of pain.

Although Jinbe certainly had his reasons, he considered himself deserving of punishment, and Sanji, getting carried away by the moment, wanted him to pay with his life. However, keep in mind that Sanji was not serious, but was exalted by what happened. Fortunately, he was stopped by Nami, and Jinbe was immediately forgiven.

6 Sanji was a pervert in Nami’s body1633426932 677 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

In the Punk Hazard arc of One Piece, Trafalgar Law changed the Straw Hat Pirates’ personalities with his Ope Ope no Mi powers and Sanji ended up in Nami’s body. Unsurprisingly, Sanji tried to make the most of this opportunity by being a pervert.

Once again, this whole scene was meant to be a joke and not to be taken seriously, but it certainly affects Sanji’s sympathy by a fairly large margin among fans.

5 Sanji attacked the Kyoshiro family in Wano country1633426932 47 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Sanji was asked to sell Soba and spread the information about the assault on Onigashima on the night of the Fire Festival in the second act of the Wano Country arc. The whole raid depended on the plan working perfectly; However, Sanji and Franky caused a huge scene in the Flower Capital by fighting the Kyoshiro Familia and beating them up.

This alerted Denjiro and the Queen, who sent Tobiroppo after Sanji shortly after.

4 Sanji didn’t finish page one when the two got into a fight1633426932 763 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Sanji was the first member of the Straw Hat Pirates to face a member of Tobiroppo in the Wano Country arc. Using the power of the Assault Suit, he was able to take on Page One without any problem and defeated him without too much effort.

Surprisingly, Sanji did not inflict any serious injuries on him, which means that he participated in the war against Onigashima without any problem.

3 Sanji snuck into the Wano country bathhouse1633426932 919 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Sanji’s Assault Suit granted him the incredible ability to turn invisible and, as he himself mentioned in the Thriller Bark arc, he had always dreamed of having this power. When he finally had it in his hands, he immediately decided to use it and sneak into a mixed bath attended by Nami and Robin.

Interestingly, the fact that Sanji was there favored them, as Basil Hawkins and X Drake attacked the place and he was able to bring them to safety using his powers of flight.

2 Sanji falls into stupid traps very easily1633426933 475 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Time and time again, Sanji has been shown to be quite easy to fool with simple tricks when it comes to women. This happened again in the Wano Country arc, when he thought he heard a woman cry for help, and it turned out to be a trap set for him by Black Maria.

Sanji ended up taking a severe beating as a result and had it not been for Robin and Brook, he would not have been able to escape their clutches and could have died there.

1 His gags are written to be annoying at times1633426933 540 One Piece 10 Ways Sanji Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Like most of the characters in One Piece, Sanji has his own set of gags and while they are fun, Oda sometimes goes overboard on them. Sanji’s love for women causes him to often ignore everything important. It goes without saying that Sanji always gets the job done in the end and that he is truly dedicated to turning Luffy into the Pirate King and even dying for him if need be, however on occasion his gag often paints him as little. I laughed.

Regardless, Sanji’s gags are a very small part of his wonderful character and he remains one of Oda’s best creations to date.