One Piece: 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without Haki

Haki is an incredible power that exists within everyone in the world of One PieceHowever, only a handful of people manage to take advantage of it. This power provides the user with an incredible variety of abilities, such as increased sensory perception using Observation Haki, and the ability to enhance both offensive and defensive powers using Armament Haki.

A rare third type of Haki that allows the user to overwhelm others with their willpower, known as Conqueror’s Haki, exists in one in a million people. Haki is a great skill to have up your sleeve, however if it didn’t exist the story would have been very different.

10 Devil Fruit Users Would Have Been Very Weak

Not everyone from One Piece eat a devil fruit. In fact, the fruits are very rare in the four blues and are even considered a myth. Those who do not possess Devil Fruit powers but fight at a high level, like those of Gol D. Roger, are based on Haki.

However, if Haki did not exist, they would find it difficult to keep up with those with Devil Fruit powers and thus would be at a great disadvantage.

9 Logia-type Devil Fruit Users Would Be Nearly Invincible1632652894 607 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

Logia-type Devil Fruits are extremely powerful, considered the strongest of the three main categories. These fruits allow the user to transform into an element or force of nature at will, making them incredibly powerful. Fortunately, the intangible bodies of Logia users can be damaged with Weapon Haki.

However, if Haki didn’t exist, the Lodge types would be nearly invincible in battle. Although they can be countered by other elements, some, like Akainu’s Magu Magu no Mi, are simply too powerful.

8 The Devil Fruit Powers Would Work Without Restrictions1632652895 850 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

The powers of the Devil Fruit are at times extremely powerful, and fortunately the Haki keeps its power fairly in check. Essentially, a strong Devil Fruit user can be countered by someone whose Haki is simply too powerful.

In a way, Haki keeps the abilities of overly powerful Devil Fruits at bay, such as Lodges or even Mythical Zoans. Without the Haki, the Devil Fruits would function without any restrictions, and characters like Trafalgar Law, who could then slice and trade anything, would be unstoppable.

7 The confrontations would be more interesting without the Haki1632652895 735 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

It’s fair to say that the matches before the time jump were slightly better than the ones after, simply because the concept of Haki wasn’t explored until the end.

Without the Haki, the Devil Fruit’s powers truly shone, and the characters were forced to come up with ingenious ways to counter them. An example of this was seen in Alabasta, where Luffy used water to combat Crocodile’s sand abilities and eventually turned to his blood as a substitute when he ran out of water.

6 Shanks would not be a Yonko without Haki1632652895 402 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

Shanks is one of the Yonko del Mar in the world of One Piece and is known to be extremely powerful. Although the true extent of his powers has yet to be seen, he was able to take on Whitebeard on an equal footing and, much later, stop Kaido in the New World as well.

Shanks doesn’t have a Devil Fruit ability, so he relies mostly on Haki in battles. His Conqueror Haki is known to be especially powerful, however without Haki, Shanks would be extremely weak compared to the rest of the Yonko, all of whom have tremendous Devil Fruit abilities.

5 Almost all straw hats would have a devil fruit power1632652895 190 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

The Straw Hat Pirates are at the center of the history of One Piece And since Luffy aspires to become the King of the Pirates, a certain level of strength is also required of each member of the crew.

While four members of the crew have the Devil Fruit ability, the others do not, and later on that would have become a huge problem. For this reason, it is very likely that more crew members have received a Devil Fruit, especially the ones who fight a lot, like Roronoa Zoro.

4 The Yonko would be easily defeated1632652896 57 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

The Yonko are some of the most powerful pirates in the world of One Piece And in all cases, much of it is due to his Haki. All of the Yonko seen in combat thus far possess high-level Haki that is extremely difficult to counter.

Kaido and Big Mom’s characters use Conqueror’s Haki cape as their primary weapon in combat. However, without Haki, they would be defeated very easily. Various Devil Fruit powers would counter his powers without too much trouble.

3 The Trafalgar Law would be very oversized1632652896 542 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

Trafalgar Law is one of the Worst Generation members and an incredibly powerful pirate. Over the years, he has accumulated a bounty of 500 million berries, which is extremely impressive. Law possesses the powers of the Ope Ope no Mi, which is also known as the ultimate devil fruit.

The powers of this fruit allow it to modify and operate on anything within the ROOMs it creates. Without Haki, this Devil Fruit would be impossible to face, and even the Yonko would find it impossible.

2 The fourth gear wouldn’t exist without Haki1632652896 426 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

Luffy developed the Fourth Gear during his two years of training in Ruskaina to combat the strongest enemies he would face in the New World. With the fourth team, Luffy uses the power of the Devil Fruit in conjunction with the maximum performance of his Haki to gain elasticity and increase tension with compression in his attacks, making him extremely powerful.

However, if Haki didn’t exist, using the Fourth Gear would be simply impossible for him.

1 The voice of all things would not exist without Haki1632652896 431 One Piece 10 Ways The Series Would Be Different Without.webp

The Voice of All Things is a skill possessed by very few people in the world of One Piece. It is known to be even rarer than Conqueror Haki and appears to be linked to Observation Haki. This ability allows people to hear the voices of everyone, including animals and even inanimate objects. All the users who possess the Voice of All Things are, curiously, users of the Observation Haki.

Although this may be a coincidence in most cases, the fact that Momonosuke possesses this power and is only able to use the Observation Haki implies that this power has some link to him. Without Haki, the Voice of All Things would not exist.