One Piece: 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed Since Luffy First Set Out

The Straw Hat Pirates are the main axis of the series One Piece. Led by the future King of the Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, the crew is incredibly powerful and has risen to great notoriety in the New World.

Currently, the Straw Hat Pirates face Yonko Kaido in the Land of Wano and prove that they are the best crew of all time. However it was not always so. The Straw Hat Pirates have gradually changed over the years, with each member showing remarkable growth over time.

10 Monkey D. Luffy has matured well as a captain

Luffy is one of the most carefree people of the world ofOne Piece, and this quality of hers is very prominent even today. However, Luffy has grown enormously over the years and is now much more mature. Before the timeskip, Luffy’s decision making was certainly not the best, as seen when Vivi reminded him of how a captain should act on Drum Island. However, now, Luffy has matured into a respectable figure who perfectly understands all situations, as seen during the Onigashima Assault.

9 Roronoa Zoro has achieved a greater goal along the way1631237629 1 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Roronoa Zoro was featured in the arc of One Piece ‘s Shell’s Town, where he met Luffy for the first time. Zoro became the first person to join the crew, however, he only joined to further his own goal. At that moment, Zoro prioritized his goal of becoming the strongest swordsman in the world. However, over time, making Luffy the King of the Pirates became more important to him than his own goal. This was seen when Zoro was willing to give up his dream and life for the sake of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in Thriller Bark.

8 Nami now trusts pirates1631237629 726 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Nami met Luffy in Orange City, where the two worked together to stop Buggy the Clown, a pirate who had been on the Grand Line. Although Nami joined Luffy, she clearly stated that she hated pirates at the time. During the Arlong Park arc, fans were able to see the reason for their hatred when it was revealed that their entire village had been destroyed by pirates. After Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates saved her, Nami decided to become one of them and learned to trust them.

7 Usopp became a brave warrior of the sea on his journey1631237630 680 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Usopp was another member of the Straw Hat Pirates who joined the East Blue. In the Syrup Village, Usopp joined Luffy after the defeat of the Black Cat Pirates.

In time, Usopp decided that he wanted to become a brave warrior of the sea. However, she has already shown her bravery countless times in history, such as when she faced Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4 during the Alabasta arc.

6 Sanji learned to value himself and trust his friends1631237630 310 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Sanji is known to be one of the kindest people in One Piece. Raised by an abusive family, he was often willing to take risks for the sake of those who were kind to him. Throughout the Tart Island arc, Sanji learned how much Luffy valued him and what his presence brought to the crew. Instead of sacrificing himself, Sanji chose to lean on his friends, as seen when he faced Black Mary of the Beast Pirates.

5 Chopper decided to become a monster for Luffy’s sake1631237630 876 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Chopper was treated like a monster for most of his life for being a reindeer with the powers of a human. His unique appearance prevented him from interacting with humans or even considering himself worthy of being. Chopper was often labeled a monster, but he has grown quite a bit since then. Chopper has turned into a monster countless times for the sake of his friends. In fact, after the timeskip, Zoro mentioned that Chopper’s human form seemed more monstrous than ever, and Chopper responded by saying that he was willing to be for Luffy.

4 Robin learned to value his existence and found friends1631237630 673 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

The last known survivor of Ohara, Nico Robin, was persecuted by the Government since she was only 8 years old. As a child, Robin lost everyone who was close to her. Despite having found many people who welcomed her, none of them were trustworthy.

Finally, Robin encountered the Straw Hat Pirates. Although he did not rely on the crew until the events of the Enies Lobby arc, he immediately asked for help once he realized what it meant to them. In Zou, Robin once again reiterated the fact that he has his friends to trust.

3 Franky became a pirate after being abandoned by his parents1631237630 143 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Franky was introduced in the Water Seven arc de One Piecebut it wasn’t really from Water Seven. Franky came from the South Blue, and his parents were pirates. At a very young age, Franky was abandoned by them, and that is how he found Tom and Iceberg. When Franky met Oden, he claimed that he did not like pirates because they were the people who abandoned him. However, after seeing what kind of pirate Luffy was, Franky willingly joined the crew.

2 Brook has started a new adventure with a different crew1631237630 230 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Brook is the musician for the Straw Hat Pirates, but his career as a pirate dates back much earlier. Brook was also a member of the Rumbar Pirates, meeting Laboon for the first time during his journey with them. Although Brook promised to meet Laboon after sailing the Grand Line with the Rumbar Pirates, he did not. The crew died and Brook was turned into a skeleton who was eventually recruited by Luffy. Brook is now a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, which means that he will fulfill his journey as a changed man.

1 Jinbe found a reason her life was worth risking1631237631 786 One Piece 10 Ways The Straw Hat Pirates Have Changed.webp

Jinbe was once an ally of the Whitebeard Pirates, and had great respect for the Whitebeard Yonko. For Jinbe, his respect was something to be earned, and at first he was not convinced that Luffy deserved his services. However, during his round trip to Marineford, Jinbe gradually grew closer to Luffy and gained immense respect for him. Now, Jinbe is willing to die for Luffy if necessary, and is convinced that Luffy will surpass the Yonko and become the King of the Pirates.