One Piece: 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido

When Oda revealed that Kaido had a son, many fans began to speculate on the resemblance of both characters. Now that the fans of One Piece have gotten to know Yamato, he far defies all previous expectations of the fandom.

Although many traits overlap between the two, she is a totally different character from her father. At this point in the Onigashima raid, fans of One Piece they are still waiting for a backstory of both characters. However, based on the information available, many fans have been able to put together an origin. With this information, fans are beginning to see similarities between the two.

10 Yamato and Kaido are users of the mythical devil fruit Zoan

During Marineford, fans officially got to know the concept of the mythical Zoan Devil Fruits. Although X Drake was the first character to use power on Sabaody, Oda did not give any context or information about his ability.

When the story of the mythical zoan at Marineford was handed out, Oda highlighted their rarity as a critical trait. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Kaido and Yamato possess mythical Zoan Fruits. Kaido’s constant search for mythical zoan fruits increases the chances, but it remains a rare occurrence.

9 Luffy has earned the respect of Kaido and Yamato1639734299 905 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Kaido is the purest definition of a warrior in the world of One Pieceapart from Luffy. In the pirate epic of Oda, the quality of a warrior has little to do with his objective strength. Warriors are measured by their ability to continue fighting despite injuries.

In this regard, Luffy has earned Kaido’s respect. Conversely, Luffy was able to earn Yamato’s respect for his compassion and honesty. Although the reasons for his admiration differ, Straw Hat was able to earn his respect as well.

8 Yamato and Kaido only have contempt for Orochi1639734299 7 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Orochi may be the most hated character of all One Piece. With a host of atrocities under his belt, it’s easy to understand why Orochi is despised by fans and characters. Still, knowing that Kaido hates the former shogun was a huge shock.

After beheading Orochi, Kaido revealed his true feelings for Wano’s tiny figurehead. Given his obsession with Oden, Yamato certainly feels the same way about Orochi. One thing is clear: everyone in One Piece and in the real world they hate Orochi.

7 Kaido and Yamato are members of the mysterious Oni race1639734300 76 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

One Piece It is full of fictional races. Oda creates as many imaginary races as Tolkien. It’s hard to imagine that, after 1000 epic epics, fans will continue to meet the various occupants of the world of One Piece.

Kaido was accidentally revealed to be an oni during the assault on Onigashima. Fans have seen various horned creatures throughout the series, and Kaido’s confession has elucidated the nature of this hitherto unknown species. Like his daughter, Yamato can be classified as oni.

6 Conqueror’s Haki is an ability shared by Kaido and Yamato1639734300 938 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

By using each other’s powerful Thunder Bagua attack, Yamato and Kaido demonstrate their ability to shake the earth in combat. In addition to the force of the blow, both Kaido and Yamato infuse the attack with another element to increase its effectiveness.

In chapter 1010, Oda reveals that another use of conqueror haki is to coat an attack with energy. Without this advanced form of the conquerors, it is practically impossible to harm Kaido in the slightest. Yamato, who has dealt blows to his father, obviously possesses the ability.

5 Yamato and Kaido were personally affected by Oden’s death1639734300 379 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Kozuki Oden’s death was a turning point for all of Wano. The public execution of the rightful shogun caused a great commotion throughout the isolated nation. Even his enemies – Kaido and Orochi – are still haunted by the persistent appearance of Wano’s favorite son. One of the most unforeseen consequences of the execution was that Yamato witnessed the entire event.

Rather than agree with his father, Yamato pledged his allegiance to the fallen warrior king. Both Yamato’s rebellion and Kaido’s fight to conserve Wano are the product of Oden’s death.

4 The true history of the One Piece world is not a mystery to Yamato and Kaido1639734300 277 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Outside of One Piece itself, the Empty Century is the series’ greatest mystery. Throughout One Piece, fans have met numerous knowledgeable characters about the curious 100-year void. Strangely, Kaido is aware of the history of the world.

Oda has not shown fans how the ruler of Wano came to possess such information. However, there is no doubt that he knows her. On the other hand, fans are aware that Yamato learned the true history of the world of One Piece via Oden’s logbook.

3 Kaido and Yamato imagine a new version of Wano1639734301 576 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Among their contrasting features, both Kaido and Yamato see a new future for Wano. However, the nature of that future differs between them. Kaido, wishing to resume his full-time hacking, plans to anoint his daughter as the shogun of Wano. Instead, Yamato wishes to return the Kozukis to their legitimate status as rulers of the country.

Leadership aside, they both have drastically different ideas about the usefulness of the island. Kaido wishes to turn Wano into a weapons factory for the underworld.

2 Both characters have inordinate natural strength1639734301 565 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Fans may attribute it to their oni racial heritage, but both Kaido and Yamato are monstrously strong on a base level. The Humans of One’s World Piece They are very tough compared to their real world counterparts. Even so, they are not up to par with almost all the other races of One Piece.

The biggest disparity fans have seen could be the gulf in power that exists between humans and oni. Even without their mythical zoan devil fruits and advanced conqueror haki, Yamato and Kaido are untamed beasts.

1 Yamato and Kaido know about Joy Boy1639734301 670 One Piece 10 Ways Yamato Is Like Kaido.webp

Joy Boy is a figure that fans are getting to know little by little. Introduced in the Fishman Island arc, the enigmatic figure is linked to the equally mysterious Century of the Void. All fans know about Joy Boy is that he is responsible for abandoning One Piece and his promise to Posideon.

Kaido and Yamato seem to know quite a bit more. It is unclear how Kaido knows about the mysterious figure. Even so, the ruler of Wano seems to be waiting for a reincarnated Joy Boy to kill him.