One Piece: 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy

Roronoa Zoro is the first person Luffy recruited for the Straw Hat Pirates and his goal is to become the strongest swordsman in the entire world by defeating Dracule Mihawk. Zorohe is easily one of the best characters written by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece and it is undoubtedly one of the most loved by fans.

His incredible determination to surpass Mihawk and his loyalty to Luffy make him an incredible character. However, like any other character, Zoro has flaws and sometimes does things that affect his sympathy quite negatively.

10 He was willing to leave Nami behind in Arlong Park

In the Arlong Park arc from One Piece, Nami returned to Arlong with the intention of freeing her people by collecting 100 million berries and delivering them to Arlong. When Luffy chased Nami to Cocoyashi’s village, Zoro had already spoken to Nami and decided to give her up.

In reality, Nami was protecting her people and the Arlong Straw Hat Pirates and trying to carry the entire load on her own. If it had been left to Zoro, Nami would not have been a member of the crew at this time.

9 Disrespect Enemies1633360537 269 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Zoro is an incredibly powerful fighter who loves to cross blows with those who are strong; However, when it comes to women, Zoro refuses to fight them in the best way possible. This likely has to do with the fact that Kuina’s death made him look fragile. In his fight against Tashigi, Zoro refused to take her seriously and, after disarming her, refused to finish her off.

Against the assassins of Baroque Works, Zoro used the edge of the sword and against Miss Monday, he chose to show his strength without even using his sword and following the path of Bushido, which Zoro himself considers unforgivable.

8 Zoro wanted Enel to forgive Robin because she was a woman1633360537 853 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

All members of the Straw Hat Pirates fight with the same determination and, whether or not they measure up, they refuse to be taken lightly by any enemy.

When Nico Robin was attacked by Enel during the Skypiea arc, Zoro was visibly furious that Enel chose to attack a woman, to which Enel replied that he did not see the difference between men and women. Zoro, for his part, wanted him not to take out Robin just because she was a woman.

7 Zoro didn’t trust Robin during the Water Seven saga1633360537 131 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

As with Nami, Zoro didn’t trust Robin until the last moments of the Enies Lobby arc. At first, Zoro was very skeptical of her and this continued even when the crew arrived at Water Seven.

When Robin disappeared, Zoro didn’t care whether he was leaving the crew or not until Robin finally told the crew the truth. Meanwhile, people like Luffy wanted to confront her and still believed her, while Sanji didn’t even need to hear it from Iceberg to know that she was lying.

6 Zoro refused to cut Monet during the Punk Hazard arc1633360537 122 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Once again, Zoro faced a woman during the Punk Hazard arc and unsurprisingly chose not to seriously fight her. Monet suspected that Zoro would not harm a fighter, which Zoro tried to dispel by showing her that he was willing to go in for the kill.

However, Zoro’s only goal was to intimidate Monet and not really hurt her. In fact, Zoro barely brushed against her and for his final blow, he didn’t even use Haki. He just created a hole for Tashigi and let her kill Monet.

5 Zoro tries to hide his true feelings too often1633360537 988 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

When it comes to expressing his emotions, Zoro tries to keep things to himself for the most part. He is often seen saying things that he does not really mean. For example, when Sanji left for Cake Island, Zoro told Luffy to let him go and that he expected a thanks from Sanji, as the crew took great care of him.

However, Luffy immediately realized that Zoro was actually very worried about him. This is supported by Rayleigh’s appreciation that Luffy is capable of sensing people’s true emotions with his Observation Haki.

4 Zoro failed to rally the samurai from the country of Wano1633360537 620 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

At Zou, the crew split into two groups. Luffy, Nami, Brook, and Chopper went to Complete Cake Island to rescue Sanji and return to him, while Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky went to Wano Country with Kin’emon.

Zoro promised to gather all the strong samurai to help the Kozuki cause; however, he did no such thing in the bow. Zoro’s aid to the alliance was very scant and ended up causing more problems than it solved.

3 Zoro was framed as a murderer in Wano1633360538 807 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Once Zoro’s group arrived in Wano, they were asked to keep a low profile and not raise any suspicions. Unsurprisingly, Zoro didn’t follow through on the plan and immediately got in trouble when he was charged with being a slasher and killing people.

Instead of fleeing and protecting the plan, Zoro killed the magistrate, took the Shusui, and killed the other samurai around him as well, adding to the alliance’s troubles.

2 He almost messed up Kin’emon’s 20-year plan by attacking Orochi1633360538 406 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

At Kuri, Kin’emon devised the perfect plan to attack Kaido and Orochi on the night of the Fire Festival and gather allies in the meantime. Kanjuro ended up giving this information to Orochi; However, Yasuie covered it up with her death and gave them another chance at the cost of her life.

Zoro, blinded by rage, decided to attack Orochi right there and risked ruining not only Yasuie’s sacrifice, but also the entire plan to finish off Kaido.

1 Zoro has a terrible sense of direction for a pirate of his caliber1633360538 709 One Piece 10 Ways Zoro Ruined His Sympathy.webp

Like most Straw Hats, Zoro has his own joke and ends up losing his way with extreme ease. Zoro has been known to get lost on a straight path, which, while funny, is annoying when abused.

For a pirate of his stature, Zoro should have a better sense of direction by now, and if not, the gag certainly needs to be toned down a bit as it ends up happening too often.