One Piece 1040 spoilers, release date and where to read the manga online

According to One Piece 1040 spoilers, Big Mom survives Kid’s cannon, but tries to end the lives of the people around her. Misery tries to save her, but Law and Kid interfere. Big Mom tries to create new Homies to keep her from falling, but Law stops her.

As he falls through Onigashima, Roger comes to mind. She wonders why she didn’t say what One Piece was and where it is located. As she falls to the ground on top of Wano, she tells Kid and Law that she won’t die from this. There is a massive explosion, either due to her falling or because she hit one of the bombs that Yamato froze. Law and Kid finally win the battle.

Momonosuke talks to Yamato and tells him that Zunesha is nearby. Yamato asks if this is the elephant from Oden’s diary, and Momonosuke says yes. He also says that Zunesha is a friend of Joy Boy who “committed a crime 800 years ago”. On the other hand, we previously reported that the One Piece manga hiatus is causing complaints from fans in Japan.

When does One Piece 1040 come out?

One Piece chapter 1040 will be out on Sunday February 13, 2022. you can read the series One Piece 1040 in Manga Plus. Elsewhere, that will be on Sunday, February 13, at these times:

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM (Pacific Time)
  • Central time: 10 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 11AM ET
  • British time: 3 PM GMT

Summary of One Piece 1039

One Piece 1039 Big Mum

Photo: Shueisha (One Piece)

Momonosuke is using all of his power to push Onigashima back further away from the Flower Capital. As he does this, he hears someone call his name. Big Mom receives the attacks of Law and Kid.

The two of them argue a bit about their attack strategies, Big Mom gets up and heals her broken bones with her Devil Fruit powers. Law tells Kid that his strength is running out and that the next attack will be his last.

Big Mom says that she has taken down tons of pirates and that they are unstoppable since they have been ruling for decades. When Kid launches an attack, Big Mom blocks it using a part of the tower.

Big Mom gets fed up and frees a Homie named Misery. Law smashes a large piece of debris onto her, then stabs her and begins to extend her sword to the ground.

One Piece 1040 spoilers

Photo: One Piece (Toei Animation)

His attack hits her internally again and forms a huge crater in the ground. Kid launches an electromagnetic cannon and Big Mom still says that they can’t bring her down. The cannon fires it and Law says that the era of the emperors is coming to an end.

The Truth News reminds you that you can catch up with the One Piece anime on Crunchyroll. Netflix also has some episodes of the anime available. What do you think of One Piece 1040 spoilers?

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