One Piece #1043 (manga): Joy Boy, Nika and Luffy’s new transformation

4 months ago we met the release date of the movie one piecethe ‘manga’ by Eiichiro Oda, which will be released in 2022. Now, chapter 1043 of the ‘manga’ of one piece has left a section of fans of Oda’s work with some questions. Who is JoyBoy? Who is Nika? How this connects with Luffy and a possible new transformation or Gear 5 will be revealed from the beginning. chapter 1044 of the ‘manga’ one piece, which will be released on Friday March 27. But in the meantime, we will try to collect all the information there is to find out who is Joy Boy and Nika.

From this moment we will talk with ‘spoilers’ of the third act of the Wano country arc.

Knowing who Joy Boy and Nika are is essential to theorize —at least until the next chapter of the ‘manga’ is released— how these characters are related to Luffy’s new transformation, which we do not know if it will be called Gear 5 or fifth gear .

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Who is JoyBoy?

Joy Boy (ジョイボーイ) is a character from one piece, which lived in the empty century 800 years ago. Joy Boy, was mentioned for the first time in the history of one piece during a conversation between Robin and King Neptune during the Fish-Man Island arc.

Joy Boy has a direct connection to Fish-Man Island and its inhabitants, since 900 years ago he gave them the Noah ship along with two Poneglyphs. One of the poneglyphs that Joy Boy left on Fish-Man Island and the same one that Robin was able to read during the Straw Hats’ visit to Jinbē’s home, unlike the others, does not tell relevant information about the empty century or the location of the OnePiece. The Fish-Man Island Poneglyph’s message was written by Joy Boy and its content is an apology from Joy Boy to the Fish-Man Island inhabitants for not being able to fulfill his promise. Since then, the Gyojins take care of the Noah ship waiting for that promised day.

Joy Boy was the first person to reach Laugh Tale, the last island of the Grand Line. In this place Joy Boy left the treasure known to all as the One Piece.

That day we learned everything. We learned about what happened in the Void Century, the meaning of the D., the ancient weapons, and, for my part, why Wano Country was isolated from the rest of the world. But do you want to know what the King of the Pirates did when he had the treasure he sought so long right in front of his eyes? He laughed.

Kozuki Oden.

Before continuing, let’s pause to learn why they are so important. Poneglyphs in OnePiece.

What are Poneglyphs?

The Poneglyphs, or story texts, are indestructible stone blocks made by members of the Kozuki clan. Poneglyphs are scattered along the Grand Line. At the moment, Nico Robin is the only person alive who can read the poneglyphs. However, descendants of the Kozuki clan (Momonosuke and Hiyori) or Puddin—of the three-eyed tribe—might have the ability to read the texts of the story.

How many types of poneglyphs are there in One Piece?

One piece transformation gear 5 luffy joy boy nika void century
Fish-Man Island’s second Poneglyph was seen in Oden’s past.

Throughout Luffy and his crew’s adventure they have encountered several Poneglyphs, but According to Tamago there are 30 Poneglyphs in the Grand Line.. With this amount of poneglyphs it is normal that they have different purposes. The answer to the question how many types of poneglyphs exist in one piece is simple, since throughout the 1043 chapters of Oda’s ‘manga’ we have known that there are only three types of poneglyphs in one piece.

  • Historical Poneglyphs: Reveal details of the empty century or stories of people who lived in that time.
  • Instructor Poneglyphs: These indicate the location of other poneglyphs or that of ancient weapons.
  • Road Poneglyphs: this type of pponeglyphs it is distinguished from the others by being red. There are only four of these texts of history and when the locations of each of them are joined, the location of the last island of the Grand Line called Laugh Tale where the One Piece is located can be known.
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Who is Nika?

1647063145 35 One Piece 1043 manga Joy Boy Nika and Luffys new
Who’s-Who, in chapter 1018 of the ‘manga’ one piece talked about Nika.

Nika is an ancient warrior, also known as the “Sun God”, who is the hope of the slaves who one day hope that he will free them with his smile from all suffering. This is information, which Who’s-Who heard in his time in prison, is the only one we have about Nika, the “Sun God”.

What connections are there between Joy Boy and Nika with Luffy’s new transformation or Gear 5?

1647063145 709 One Piece 1043 manga Joy Boy Nika and Luffys new
Final image of chapter 1043 of the ‘manga’ OnePiece.

At first glance the descriptions of Joy Boy and Nilka are similar. However, thanks to chapter 1043 of the ‘manga’ of one piece The possibility that Nika and Joy Boy are the same person has begun to be raised. But what does Luffy have to do with all this? The answer, while chapter 1044 of the ‘manga’ of one piece, possibly this in several events of the Wano arc.

On several occasions Hyogoro has expressed the similarity that Luffy’s Gear 4 has with the appearance of the “God of Fire”. Additionally, Kaido has directly told Luffy that he will not be Joy Boy. Now at the end of chapter 1043 of one piece We see how Oda uses the onomatopoeia for “smile” (ニカ) pointing at Luffy. Additionally, Zunesha has said that Joy Boy has returned after 800 years.

1647063145 569 One Piece 1043 manga Joy Boy Nika and Luffys new
Before Kaido won the fight, the ‘gorosei’ elders ordered Luffy to be killed.

The facts of the last chapters of the ‘manga’ of one piece indicate that both Joy Boy and Nika are important in introducing Luffy’s new transformation or Gear 5. However, we do not know if this new transformation will be through the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit. It only remains to wait for chapter 1044 of the ‘manga’ to come out one piecenext March 27.

What do you think the return of Joy Boy means? Will it be Luffy? Leave your answers in the comments.

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