One Piece 1046: first spoilers, answers and conclusions

DSince this very morning they have begun to filter the first spoilers from One Piece and episode 1046. However, the chapter has not yet been published on Manga Plus, Sheshia’s official website in Spain that allows us to enjoy the manga, week after week, legally.

Even with these, I did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you about some of the most important elements of the series in relation to the latest events. So, if you’re not up to date with the manga, be warned: you can meet some spoilers quite relevant if you keep reading.

Luffy is still the same as always: “I will become the King of the Pirates”

One of the most prominent is, without a doubt, the conversation between Kaid and Luffy. In this, the Ynko asks the mugiwara who he really is. The captain, neither short nor lazy, repeats -with some variations- one of his most famous phrases: “I am Monkey D. Luffy, the man who will surpass you to become the King of the Pirates“, he exclaims.

Source: Manga Plus

In this way, one of Joy Boy’s greatest unknowns has been resolved: Luffy is still himself. His new powers, those granted by the Hito Hito no Mi, have not altered his personality. Quite the contrary: it is more Luffy than ever. His personality has always been cheerful and friendly. His new form, Gear 5, has allowed him to develop that facet to an extreme level even under the stress of combat.

Meanwhile, I keep wondering why the World Government hasn’t acted sooner. Let me explain: in theory, the Gomu Gomu no Mi has been recognized as the fruit that could potentially contain the Hito Hito no Mi. We saw this in episode 1044.

Taking this into account, it seems a little weird that they waited until his awakening to request Luffy’s assassination. It is very possible that we are forgetting something and/or that Oda has a surprise for us.but it is an important detail. Be that as it may, the One Piece manga remains one of the most talked about topics every week.

The implications of this new evolution of Luffy, to name it in some way, are titanic. for weeks, hundreds of users have begun to theorize about the future of the seriesthe potential of her new form, the Looney Toon character of her new attacks, and/or any past references to the Hito Hito no Mi that might have appeared in hint form.

That said, what do you think of One Piece? There are a lot of very impatient people who are looking forward to reading episode 1046, although we still have to wait a couple of days. We remind you, therefore, that the official and legal website that launches all the episodes, week after week, does so on Sundays.