One Piece 1050, the moment of the Pirate Alliance that we had been waiting for 10 years

(Warning: this article contains manga spoilers. If you are not up to date, you only follow the anime or you don’t want spoilers, don’t continue reading).

Exterior. Day. On top of a mountain in Punk Hazard. In the middle of a snow storm. “There are only two ways to survive in the New World. You can join one of the Four Emperors… or you can try to become one. And you don’t seem like one of those who follow orders to me.” Those words of Trafalgar Law were the beginning of everything. pronounced a May 21, 2012by then we were in chapter 667 of the One Piece manga.

“Of course not!” Luffy replied. “I like being a captain!” he would say. At that moment and as if he had foreseen the answer, Law smiled and began the longest plot arc in the entire work. “Then let’s form an alliance. Together we may have a chance. I have a plan to defeat one of the Four Emperors”.

A week after that dialogue, on May 28, 2012, Eiichiro Oda published One Piece chapter 668 in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. It was titled “Pirate Alliance” and in it Luffy promised to help Law to kill Kaido, King of Beasts, the strongest pirate in the New World. Today marks the 10th anniversary of that moment and, coincidence or not, today was the day chosen by Oda to make the Pirate Alliance succeed. Today, Exactly a decade later, Luffy has been proclaimed the winner of his battle with Kaido..

A decade later, the Pirate Alliance has done it

There will be those who consider it a coincidence, but… in chapter 1050? Just in such a round figure? On the exact day? Coming last week from a voluntary break by the author? We know it’s hard to believe that Oda plans so far in advance and takes care of such insignificant details, but…

One Piece Luffy Defeats Kaido

Ultimately, this is One Piece. A series with which no matter how many photos and thumbtacks you put in the cork in your roomthe one in which you keep joining things with colored cords to draw connections and conspiracies each more ridiculous. It doesn’t matter how many times you review the work and how many theories you read. There will always be a person who has thought about it more than you. A person who is several steps ahead, who surprises you when you thought it impossible and that on top of that makes everything seem planned. His actor.

It is very difficult not to lose the desire or enthusiasm for a project when you have been working on it for so long. You end up giving up, putting an end to it hastily or, worse still, you burn out and start working mechanically, like an automaton. The magic of One Piece lies in the fact that it has never happened to its author. go on so in love with straw hats like the first day and continues to take care of even the smallest of details. the meme of Goda (God + Oda) is not a meme, it is a reality.

One Piece Goda

Luffy defeats the strongest enemy in One Piece

“He defied the Navy and the Four Emperors single-handedly. He was caught 18 times and sentenced to death 40 times. When they hanged him, the rope broke. When he was sent to the guillotine, the blade shattered. When he was sentenced to death by impalement, the spear broke under his weight. He sank nine giant prison ships. no one can kill him. Not even himself.” This is how One Piece presented on his day to Kaido, King of the Beasts, the strongest pirate in the new world.

Kaido has always been a fearsome rival for Luffy. A character who seemed capable of the impossible. We are talking about a pirate who tried to commit suicide by jumping from Skypiea, the island in the sky, but barely got a couple of scratches on the fall. a pirate who never lost a one on one fight. Highest bounty after Gol D. Roger and Whitebeard. Kozuki Oden’s killer. A monster capable of transforming into a dragon and that fights drunkenly against his enemies to see if the balance is evened out a bit. a guy who He knocked down Luffy four times. before this one, now yes, has warmed his snout.

One Piece Luffy vs Kaido

Kaido’s death (do we believe it?)

after receiving luffy’s last attackthe Gun of the Monkey God, that kind of giant punch resulting from gear 5, Kaido has been knocked out and has sunk into the depths of the sea. This, which would already be quite lethal for any user of a devil fruit (remember that they cannot swim), comes with an extra danger. In Wano is Mount Fuji, that is, a volcano, and therefore in the depths of its waters there are an underground magma chamber. That is exactly where Kaido and Big Mom have ended up. Both have been burned and have died in an underwater volcanic eruption. Or so it seems at first glance. With Oda you never know.

One Piece Kaido and Big Mom death

Ten years that have given a lot

Since the beginning of the Pirate Alliance, much more than ten years have passed. 382 manga chapters, for instance. The arcs of Dressrosa, Zou, Whole Cake Island and the Levely. Jimbei has joined the crew and Yamato and Carrot aim to do so shortly. We had the best battles of the series (Doflamingo and Katakuri) and Luffy has gone from using gear 3 to becoming the strongest character in One Piece thanks to gear 5.

We have been told the past of Sanji and Trafalgar. The flash back by Gold D. Roger. The one with Ace and Yamato. With them we have cried so much as with the deaths of Oden, Donquixote Rocinante, Pedro and, more recently, Shimotsuki Yasuie, another of the protagonists of chapter 1050. To the straw hats and pirates heart The Kozuki clan and members of Zou have joined, but also Kid pirates, old enemies like Caribou, and allies of Whitebeard like Marco. Zoro has changed swords, Nami has tamed Zeus and Sanji is now a Power Ranger. The truth has been discovered joy boythe secret of Luffy’s fruit and even revealed what they will have to do to reach the long-awaited Laugh Tale, the final island.

Wano's End One Piece

To put things in context, in this time our rubber man has raised his reward from 500 million berries to 1,500 million and has forged his own pirate fleet, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, with seven more bands and nearly 6,000 members. For its part, the alliance has gone from adding 2,500 million as a whole to around 6,500 million, becoming the most dangerous group in the Grand Line after Big Mom’s family.

The most staunch will remember that at the beginning of the series there was a pirate named rock star asking Shanks to join his crew. We say “remember” because Rockstar had 94 million reward and, although he was declared the man with the lowest price for his head of the entire redheaded gang, that number sounded very high at the time, unattainable for a Luffy with just 30 million despite all the adventures he had already done in the East Blue . Look at us now. Who has seen us and who sees us.

One Piece Gear 5

It never rains to everyone’s liking

Incredible as it may seem, there are fans who believe it was a hasty victory. After 10 years of waiting, 4 years in Wano and 70 chapters with the Onigashima War, they think that Kaido should have endured even more. It has not been enough for them to see him confront the Nine Akazaya, the Worst Generation, his daughter Yamato and Luffy, the latter up to three times. No. Nor do they find the romance of him dying just like Oden did.

If at this point they still do not understand how it was possible for Luffy to defeat him, it is that they have not paid much attention to the trip, well there has been no more gradual evolution in a shonen. And when someone tells you again that the arcs of One Piece are eternal, or that 1000 chapters make them too lazy, think of all those who complain about them for falling short. There is always an excuse to complain.

One Piece Pirate Alliance