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(Warning: this article contains manga spoilers. If you are not up to date, you only follow the anime or you don’t want spoilers, don’t continue reading).

ten members, the Straw Hat gang will be made up of ten members. It was one of the first things Luffy made clear to us 25 years ago. In Romance Dawn: The Dawn of Adventure, the first, very first chapter of the manga, the future Pirate King commented that he needed ten people. Not one more, not one less. Just the same ones that make up Blackbeard’s crew, to whose final showdown we are slowly but inexorably heading. And what would be more epic than a 1 vs 1 between their respective members?

It is true that Oda has had two and a half decades to change his mind, but the only thing the author has said about it in recent years is that Luffy did not include himself among those ten people. That is to say, not only I still had the same idea, but clarified that there would be ten plus their captain. Said backwards, Luffy plus Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jinbe and… and who else? A that question is the one that One Piece chapter 1051 seems to have answered.

Until now the doubt was between Carrot and Yamatowith some putting Momonosuke in the shortlist and a few faithful to Vivi waiting for her to return to the series to join the mugiwara Definitively. You know what they say Hope is the last thing you lose. The truth is that the balance began to tip after chapter 983, in which Yamato broke into the scene and saved Luffy from the clutches of Ulti. Since then, the girl with the horns has been a gale that has turned the One Piece fandom upside down.

Before Onigashima, what of Carrot nakama seemed done. She had the role of her aboard the Sunny (look-out), his personal tragedy (Pedro), had received a spectacular power up (its sulong form) and even appeared in family photos as the welcome to Jinbe. It is true that his dream was somewhat ambiguous (“living an adventure”) and that until now she had not been formally invited to join the team, but we assumed that it was a matter of time. The war for the country of Wano was to serve as a consecration and his long-awaited battle with Perospero It seemed like one of the great moments of the arc. Then Oda did the magic on her.

One Piece 1051

Suddenly the author took out of the manga(ka) a character that asked Luffy to join his crew within ten minutes of meeting him. You can imagine the reaction of many. But who has believed this!? After a hundred and something chapters with Carrot (804) and after more than three hundred since the appearance of Momonosuke (684), really thinks she’s going to show up at the Wano homestretch and steal the show for herself? It’s not that she meant it, it’s that she did.

Yamato’s character has stepped on all the puddles there have been and for having and on top of that he has done it without rain boots (that is, splashing water in the eyes of his haters) has been uncovered as son of Kaido, great friend of Ace and trans icon. A character with female features, but who identifies himself as Kozuki Oden and is referred to by others with male pronouns. Yamao has shared confidences with Luffy, fought Kaido with its hybrid form and protected Momonosuke as he toured every corner of Onigashima. Not to mention that he has become the protagonist of the anime’s 1000th episode, one of the most beautiful to date, if not the most.

One Piece 1051

His detractors have displayed unprecedented ingenuity to revile his possible joining the team. His role on the ship as in charge of the blog It didn’t suit them, even if they accepted the “Robin, archaeologist” card as if such a position were necessary in a gang of pirates. Others thought it was ridiculous his dream to see the world and become Kozuki Odenpartly because they didn’t understand that when she says that, she means sharing his values ​​and being to Luffy what Oden was to Roger. What is more shonen than the inherited will of the new generations?

There were also those who tried to enlighten us by pointing out that, in more than seventy chapters, Yamato had not earned the respect of the mugiwara because he will not have crossed with any, only with Luffy. Or those who pointed out that he could stay in Wano to open the doors of the country, being Momonosuke’s mentor and make of shogun until his coming of age from him, thus redeeming the sins of his father. Theories and justifications that chapter 1051 has thrown jump overboard.

One Piece 1051

Because the new regent of Wano already has a name and surname, yes, but they are not those of Yamato. Chapter 1051 is titled “The Shogun of Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke” and makes it clear that Momon’s “accelerated growth” was not only to create the clouds that prevented the fall of Onigashima, but to lead the country. And in case you need advice he will always have Kin’emon by his side, as it happens in this same episode. Goodbye with a stroke of the pen to two of Yamato’s possible destinations. “A majestic figure has appeared,” says the narrator. “This is the birth of Kozuki Momonosuke, the man who will mark the future and he will be known throughout the world as the great shogun of Wano Country.”

One Piece 1051

Yamato, the tenth mugiwara

Not happy with it, the new One Piece diva has shattered the rest of repairs. She has introduced herself to the rest of you moo and he has made his intentions clear to them: “From now on I will sail together with you on your ship!” And despite Nami, Usopp, and Franky’s initial qualms, which we’re used to by now, Yamato he has won over Sanji and Brook for his breasts and to Robin for something even better, his personality. Yamato is the tenth member of the Straw Hats.

One Piece 1051

Oda is always given to surprising us and that is why we do not want to speculate too much about what will happen from now on. Perhaps Wano is not made up of three acts, but five. Maybe Carrot will also join the crew and that “I need ten people” becomes a “I need at least ten people”. Maybe the navy lands in Wano or maybe we finally have a break and start what we all like so much: the time of celebrations and recounts, of farewells and the new bounty postersthe moment to find out what our next destination will be and what has been happening in the world in the meantime (?what happened at the levelymaybe?)

But One Piece chapter 1051 will always be remembered, in addition to the beautiful panels of Momo and Tama, for the moment when Yamato joined the crew. We don’t know if the same thing will happen to you, but it’s thinking about Yamato visiting Ace’s grave with Luffyor writing his own diary and discovering the part he never got to read in Oden’s, or carrying his transformation to the limit in future fights, or winking at the mere fact of sailing and being free more than twenty years later… and to us we draw a smile on our face.

One Piece 1051