One Piece 1055 Images Show The Most Powerful Haki User To Date

The following chapters of sleeve of one piece they promise to compensate for all the action that their fans had not seen in all the time they were absent, and proof of this is now found in the first images of chapter 1055 that are now circulating on networks and predict the appearance of the character with the most powerful Haki to date.

Although Haki is a mysterious force within the world of one piece, Haki is a force that only a handful of living beings know and are able to master. Now that the war in Wano has come to an end, another threat seemed to be on the way in the form of Admiral Ryokugyu (Green Bull).

However, this unfavorable situation changes thanks to the power of a certain person who is not even in the Land of Samurai. Just by using his Haki, one of the four emperors has forced the Admiral of the Navy to undertake the withdrawalspeaking of the great power possessed by this “mysterious character” who undoubtedly remains a great mystery within the lore of the series.

At the same time, other pirates who were in Wano Country are still resting from their last battle against the Beast Pirates, but they couldn’t help but wonder who owns that mysterious force that they could feel for a few moments,

What did you think of the first images of chapter 1055 of one piece? Remember that currently you can find it through several official platforms to read sleeve. According to Manga Plus, the chapter 1,054 will be officially published next July 1 at 10:00 a.m. in your app.


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