One Piece 1055 review: Shanks unleashes his power and makes the Navy tremble

(This article contains spoilers for the One Piece manga. If you don’t keep up, follow only the anime or don’t want spoilers, don’t keep reading).

One more week, it’s time to review the best moments of the new chapter of One Piece, this time number 1055, called New Era. Eiichiro Oda has given the order to deploy sails and put the manga at cruising speed. The advances follow one another and the great protagonist is once again Shanks, who flaunts his power, puts Ryokugyu in check and leave the best possible promotion for the new movie in the saga, One Piece RED. Even so, this chapter has much more to unravel, such as the closing of the Momonosuke arc, the future of Yamato and the appearance of the penultimate road poneglyph. Let’s see it all.

Shanks: my MVP, your MVP, everyone’s MVP

Without Kaido or Big Mom in between, Shanks had to step forward and demonstrate in the straight of the series why he has become the pirate with the highest bounty on his head from all of One Piece (in case you’re curious, here’s the full list of rewards, led by the redhead and his 4,048,900,000 berries). The fact is that Shanks has been up to the task and in two chapters we have already forgiven him for having been touching her navel for the previous 500. If in 1054 he starred in two flashbacks as emotional as they were revealing and announced that now he was the one who was going to claim the One Piece, in 1055 has put Ryokugyu to flight by paws…without even getting off your boat!

Shanks has remembered the Marineford War, or what is the same, the pirate whose mere presence intimidated Blackbeard and Akainu. To the pirate with whom Dracule Mihawk, the best swordsman in One Piecerefuses to fight, and whose band has a cutoff note to enter that is around 100 million reward (Rockstar’s 94, which many believe Shanks accepted because it is the secret son of Xebec). A legend who only surrounds himself with the best, like Benn Beckman, a right-hand man able to stop Admiral Kizaru himself in 3D2Y battle. Shanks is again a yonkou with all the letters that monopolizes a panel capable of making anyone rethink their sexuality.

Critical One Piece 1055

Shanks is not a Devil Fruit user and has only one arm, but he does have an ace up his sleeve: his haki. We are talking about most powerful haki since Gol D. Roger. When that mythical fish-man island scene took place in which Luffy felled 50,000 newts with his hakiOda hinted that Shanks could have taken them all down. In chapter 1054 it has become more than clear. From his ship, miles away from the island, Shanks is able to project your voice in Wano and stop Ryokugyu, inadvertently causing half of his crew to faint at such a will. A moment for history that claims the figure of the redhead as true heir and successor of the Pirate Kingbecause they did not only share a boat, but also have similar skills and the same passion and enthusiasm for the defense and arrival of the New Generation.

The reunion between Shanks and Luffy

His presence is so imposing that we could even count this One Piece chapter 1054 as the first meeting between Shanks and Luffy. A precious reunion inside Luffy’s head, who notices the presence of his friend’s haki and can’t help but smile on his face as he remembers his referent. We do not know if Shanks will finally be the villain of the manga as fan theories suggest, but we sincerely hope not. In addition to being a cliché, it would lack coherence with what has been narrated so far and, seriously, look at that little face.

Luffy Shanks One Piece 1055

Shanks’ daughter will be canon of One Piece

We end with Shanks saying that this chapter 1055 has also served to confirm Uta as part of the One Piece canon. The redhead’s daughter is the protagonist of One Piece RED, the new film in the series (for which we already have a trailer in Spanish and a premiere window in our country), and she thus becomes the first non-manga character to join canon. We had not had any mention of her until the tape, but in this chapter she appears obliquely in a vignette in which Shanks recalls the father-son relationships that have marked her life. Let us hope that this does not mean what they already tell us by earpiece, that everything that happened with Shanks has been to promote the movie and that now we will have a new pirate smoke bomb for hundreds and hundreds of chapters.

One Piece 1055 Uta

Uta’s cropped silhouette (far left) appears in this week’s episode.

No more classes with Robin, please.

The rest of the chapter revolves around the evolution of Momonosuke and the third road poneglyph of the mugiwaras. Starting with the latter, it’s gotten to a point where we honestly couldn’t care less about the advances in the Void Century storylines and ancient weapons. They are always so ambiguous, contradictory and they are so frayed in the time that we already left let Robin be the only one having fun and entertain with them. If the rest of the crew is in the lurch, why shouldn’t we adopt the same attitude?

Don’t misunderstand us. The scene has more than interesting information. Explains why Kaido settled in Wano; the reason why Zunesha dropped around the country during the Onigashima War (the strange elephant will be necessary for the opening of the country’s borders); and notes that Pluto is under the Subaquatic Wano and that Oden tried to get hold of her before he died. But once again, the information is useless. “I can’t show you the gun.” When they stop giving meanings of it and decide on one, let us know. The height of the situation is that the sequence is starring Kozuki Sukiyaki, Momon’s grandfather and wano’s most nondescript characterand Law, who is in need of a new role and role now that the Pirate Alliance is over.

critical one piece 1055 road poneglyph

The admirals and the Navy, humiliated again

The battle between Momonosuke and Ryokugyu also features light and shadow. On the one hand, it has become clear that the admiral had undertaken a suicide mission and the poor thing has had to abort and leave Wano humiliated. Shanks wasn’t the only one watching, but Momon was also being watched and protected from the shadows by Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe. If some did not defeat him, others would be. The power of the Navy is again in question and we will see how Oda manages to make them intimidate again and be a real threat during the war for the liberation of the world. Let’s remember that, even coming from the rooftop moment with Kaido and Big Mom, the mangaka has promised that the greatest battle in manga history is coming.

Ryokugyu One Piece 1055

But the shadow of doubt that hovers over the power of the admirals is laughable compared to the strength of all the goodness of this fast and symbolic battle. On the one hand, if someone thought that Yamato was going to stay to defend the country, act as Momon’s mentor and be one more Red Scabbard, he was wrong. Yamato will be the tenth nakama. The new shogun of Wano is in charge of making it clear with a speech signed by Ace or Luffy. “After all that time chained up in Onigashima… you finally have a chance to be free! Those of us here must show that we can repel any enemy on our own. Otherwise… how can we look any of you in the eye and tell you that Wano is safe with us?” Oden would be proud of his son.

One Piece 1055 review: Shanks unleashes his power and shakes the Navy

That speech materializes all the doubts that we readers harbored. our doubts about the future of Yamato, Wano and Momon himself. He materializes them and clears them with a stroke of the pen. Or a breath bolus, rather. Momonosuke closes his evolution with a lethal attack even for Ryokugyu himself. He still has a lot to master and improve, for example in terms of aim, but even more far is the Momon of Punk Hazard, crying and unable even to fly. He has been gradually mastering skills and starring in moments like Zou’s request for help, his rebellion with Kaido and Kin’emon, or the moment of the clouds with Onigashima at the limit. Growing stronger, training with Zoro in honor of his father and his sister, traveling back in time for the second time. This 1055 is the one from Momon’s consecration ten years later. He is the true legacy of the Pirate Alliance. And the shogun that Wano deserves and that will allow the mugis to leave.

Momonosuke One Piece 1055

And speaking of Mugis, the time has come to focus back on the Straw Hats. Very likely they will regain prominence in the One Piece chapter 1056 (of which we already know when it will be available to read for free and in Spanish). This week’s last panel has closed with the future Pirate King and his respective wings watching Momon’s battle from a distance, with the calm of those who no longer fear anything. Chapeau! (from paille).