One Piece 1056 could announce Buggy’s new crew

With the novelty that the first leaks of the chapter One Piece 1056 They are already beginning to circulate among Internet users, and some of them could confirm that the crew of the “star clown” Buggy now has one of the most powerful crews in the series.

“Later you will find information on chapter 1056 of One Piece so proceed only if you’re ready to witness a spoiler as big as Luffy’s hunger

Many things have happened in the world of one piece while our protagonists were in the country of the samurai fighting against the Beast pirates, but among the ones that raise the most questions is the following: What “#$% did Buggy do to be considered one of the new emperors of the sea?

The answer to this question could now be given with the premiere of the chapter 1056 of one piece titled “Crusader Guild”, implying that the rise of Buggy GOD to yonko It was possible thanks to another event of enormous importance.

We know that beyond the country of the samurai, the world has changed too much since the last meeting of Kings known as Lev Ely (or review), and among its most important events was the abolition of the system of Shichibukai, that brought together seven of the most powerful pirates under the orders of the Navy.

For now that this organization has ceased to exist, both Mihawk and Crocodile, two of the recognized ex-pirates have now become members of Buggy’s crew, making the existence of the “Star Clown” increasingly fearsome and important.

What did you think of the first images of chapter 1056 of one piece? Remember that currently you can find it through several official platforms to read sleeve. According to Manga Plus, the chapter 1,056 will be officially published next 07 August at 10:00 a.m. in your app.


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