One Piece 1057: The Wa Land Arc Ends

One Piece 1057 finally sees the Wano arc come to an end.

One Piece’s Wano Country arc came to a conclusion in this week’s chapter as the manga returned from a magazine break earlier today. With the war in Wa Land finally over and the Straw Hat Pirates, along with their pirate allies, having fully recovered, it was time for the crew to leave the island and embark on a new adventure.

Wano was One Piece’s longest arc to date and its conclusion certainly lived up to expectations, for the most part. One Piece 1057 has dropped the curtain on this wondrous three-act arc and done it in an ever so beautiful way by telling the touching story of the Samurai’s struggle against two monstrous pirates, while giving hope to a country born again.

One Piece

One Piece 1056 ended on quite an interesting note with the crew ready to depart from Wano. As the alliance bickered over the port of Tokage, it was revealed that everyone except Momonosuke and Kin’emon had already said goodbye to them. At the same time, Yamato decided whether or not to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Ever since his very first introduction, fans have been wondering if he will end up joining the team or not.

In fact, Yamato even said he was going to sail with them after the war was over. However, in the days that have passed, it seems his mind has changed somewhat. Befitting his journey to become Oden, Yamato decided to travel through the Land of Wa before finally setting sail. From the looks of it, Yamato will act as Wano’s protector for the time being and will set sail at a later date. This decision had already been conveyed to Luffy and his crew and made known to the fans in the chapter. While understandable, the vast majority of fans expected him to leave Wano with the Straw Hat Pirates. Nevertheless, the doors allowing Yamato to join have not yet been closed for good.

The history of Wa country

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With the end of the arc, Oda made sure to review the current living conditions in Wano. After the fall of Orochi and Kaido, Wano seems to be a prosperous place where the story is now told of Oden and the brave samurai who took over the country after 20 years of misery. The chapter focused heavily on children being educated about the Onigashima Raid. This was done to draw a parallel to the beginning of the arc, where misinformation flooded the Flower Capital, and children were brainwashed by Orochi and his followers.

Finally, his era is over and Wano seems to be thriving more than ever. At the same time, fans also got to see a little flashback of Kozuki Hiyori where, after cutting off Orochi’s head, the former Shogun was seen cursing the people of Wano. According to him, those of the Kurozumi would always curse the land of Wano until it rots, however, Hiyori responded with a clever remark stating that he was born to burn in anything with his hatred.

Luffy’s New Territory

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Probably the most important part of the chapter was Momonosuke’s encounter with Luffy. After Yamato’s announcement that he won’t be joining the crew, Momo confronted Luffy for not saying goodbye to him. While on the outside he appears to be a capable leader, on the inside he is still an 8 year old. As such, he broke down in tears and made fans even more connected to him. Luffy, realizing this, called him his little brother and offered him his flag. Now Wano is Luffy’s personal territory and anyone who dares to mess with Wano will face the wrath of the Straw Hat Pirates, who are one of Yonko’s crew. This also means that Luffy’s influence over the seas of the One Piece world is now increasing. He has already taken Fishman Island under his wing and has now added the Wano country to the list. As the crew moves towards One Piece, Luffy will definitely claim a few more countries as part of his territory.

Following this, Momonosuke vows to become a samurai strong enough to one day surpass Kozuki Oden. Yamato will soon begin his journey to travel all over the land of Wano and, at the same time, protect Momonosuke and the country’s citizen. Eventually, he’ll head out to sea and possibly join the Straw Hat Pirates. At the same time, Luffy and his friends depart from Wano and aim to travel southeast to a location closer to the Calm Belt. It’s unclear where they are headed right now, however, next week’s chapter is more than likely to give fans an idea of ​​what awaits Luffy and his team on the path to finding One Piece.

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