One Piece 1058: Return of Crocodile and Mihawk

One Piece 1058 finally came out and, as expected, it was a pretty informative chapter. After each arc, Oda usually reviews ongoing events around the world. In Wano, no information from outside has flowed in. As such, now that the Straw Hat Pirates were out of the country, the story was expected to cover these events. This week’s chapter saw Oda spill a lot of information about the Crew Bounties.

Additionally, Oda delved even deeper into the organization known as the Cross Guild, which was recently introduced into the story. The very workings of the Cross Guild have been revealed to fans. Additionally, Mihawk, Crocodile, and Buggy left a strong impression in the chapter, and to top it off, One Piece touched on the topic of Flame Emperor Sabo near the end.

The new straw hat bounties

One Piece 1058

Fans are eagerly waiting the new bonuses Straw Hat Pirates since the end of the Wano War. Luffy, who was recently promoted to Yonko status, had his bounty revealed in a journal alongside Buggy’s. However, the rest of the crew didn’t have their bounties revealed until recently. With the Pirates now out of Wa Country, newspapers and bounty posters are readily available to them. One Piece 1058 saw a News Coo bring a newspaper and all the updated bounties from the now-Emperor crew to the Sunny.


There are definitely some interesting updates Oda has made to the numbers. For one thing, Chopper’s 1000 Berry bounty is still treated as a gag. Nami, the crew’s navigator, has a bounty of 366 million Berry. She is followed by “Dead Bones” Brook, who has a bounty of 383 million Berry. Franky has a bounty of 394 million Berry, however, the most interesting thing about his bounty is that he’s depicted as the Sunny instead. Knowing Oda, that could very well come into play later in the story. Usopp, meanwhile, had a bounty of 500 million from Berry.

As expected, Nico Robin has a very high bounty. She is the key to One Piece and as such deserves great recognition. For the likes of Dragon, she is the Light of Revolution. Whereas for the world government, she is probably the biggest threat. After deciphering three of the four roads poneglyphs and downing a Tobiroppo, Black Maria, Nico Robin was awarded a very high bounty of 930 million Berry. Meanwhile, the strongest fighters in the crew, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe also have high bounties. Currently, Zoro’s bounty is 1,111,000,000 Berry, while Jinbe follows him with 1,100 000,000 from Berry. Finally, Sanji has a bounty of 1,032,000,000 from Berry. While Sanji’s bounty is certainly lower than Jinbe’s, he is still Luffy’s second strongest commander, after Zoro. Jinbe’s status as one of the ancient warlords of the sea and the high respect he commands has resulted in his bounty being higher.

We know more about the Cross Guild

One Piece 1058

The majority of One Piece 1058 focused heavily on the Cross Guild. This organization was recently introduced to fans in the later chapters of Wano Country. Predictably, it was weird to see Buggy named as its leader with Crocodile and Mihawk under him. A 1058 coin showed the pirate clown in a sorry state. Taking on the position of leader of the group in the eyes of the world and then becoming one of the Emperors of the Sea certainly upset both Crocodile and Mihawk. Fans also got to see how this organization came together in the first place. After Buggy revoked Shichibukai status, Crocodile went to collect his debt and, being broke, Buggy offered himself and his group to his services. Crocodile then contacted Mihawk to create an organization to oppose the Navy.

Since Buggy’s men worked to promote the organization, he accidentally impersonated its leader in the eyes of the world. The chapter then revealed the generosities of these individuals to the world. The strongest swordsman in the world, Dracule Mihawk, is known to have a bounty of 3,590,000,000 from Berry, and he is followed by Buggy, who acquired a bounty of 3,189,000,000 from Berry. Finally, the former Sea Warlord, Sir Crocodile has a bounty of 1,965,000,000 from Berry. Obviously, the Cross Guild seems to be quite a dangerous organization with characters as powerful as its leader.

One Piece 1058 finally concluded with a glimpse of the kingdom of Kamabakka. While all of the Revolutionary Army Commanders seem to have returned safely from their declaration of war on the Celestial Dragons at Reverie, Sabo is not with them. However, at the end of the chapter, the Flame Emperor finally contacts Dragon. Fans will now be eager to hear the truth about the incident that happened in Mariejois.

Source – Translation: Gamerant

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