One Piece 1058: What can we expect from the next chapter?

With the Straw Hat Pirates out of the Land of Wa, One Piece 1058 could provide some important insights.

One Piece finally concluded its Wano Country arc with chapter 1057 as the curtains finally fell on the third act. With the Straw Hat Pirates now finally out of the country, it’s time for a whole new adventure in a few years. With the fall of two of the Yonko elders, the balance of power in the world of One Piece has changed dramatically, and at the same time, Luffy and his allies have risen.

While the last chapters of Wano gave fans a glimpse of the events surrounding the world, the majority of them still remain unknown. As such, now that the crew is out of the country, it’s time for all the information to start coming in and One Piece 1058 could therefore be the key.

One Piece 1058: The Next Island

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Probably the most important thing One Piece 1058 will tackle is where the Straw Hat Pirates are heading next. Interestingly, the crew hasn’t followed the New World Log Pose at all so far. After being given to Nami during the Fishman Island arc, the crew answered a distress call from Punk Hazard and ended up making their way there. Following this, they ended up in Dressrosa, courtesy of Law, and followed a Vivre Card to Zou, and eventually Wano. As such, this will be the first time the Straw Hat Pirates have used the Log Pose in the New World.

Their destination is to the southeast of Wa Country, closer to the Calm Belt. Although it’s unclear where the crew will be heading at this time, Elbaf seems to be quite a popular destination as it has already been announced several times. One Piece 1058 could potentially name Elbaf as the next crew location or an entirely new location. It is also possible that a mini-arc takes place on a small island and therefore a place like Sphinx Island could also be visited next.

One Piece 1058: Crew Bounties

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For Oda, drawing new bounty posters for the Straw Hat Pirates after every major arc is probably one of the funnest bits and fans are enjoying it as well. Since Wano is a closed country, very little information could be extracted there and therefore the majority of information about those who fought the war remains unknown. At the same time, much of the chaos in the world has yet to be revealed to fans.

One Piece 1058 could finally see a major information dump as the Straw Hat Pirates can finally gain access to what’s going on in the world. While Luffy’s bounty has already been revealed to be 3 billion berries, the numbers placed on the rest of the crew are yet to be known. It is highly likely that fans will see the updated bounties for the Straw Hat Pirates in the upcoming chapter. The characters of Zoro and Sanji will certainly be interesting. More importantly, Nico Robin could also receive a sizable bounty due to her considerable importance to the crew and the threat she carries.

The Fate of Boa Hancock

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One Piece 1058 might also give fans a glimpse into Boa Hancock’s fate. In Chapter 956, the aftermath of the Shichibukai System disbanding was described by Oda, however, very little is known about them at this time. Previously, fans discovered that Buggy, one of the former Warlords, had become a Yonko. At the same time, Mihawk was revealed to have become his subordinate. However, the fate of Edward Weevil and Boa Hancock remains unknown. While Edward Weevil’s case could go either way, Boa Hancock could be in trouble.

Oda has already said that she is in danger, and as seen in Chapter 956, her island was surrounded by the Navy. Whether Hancock made it through this ordeal or get captured remains to be seen and One Piece 1058 could very well give fans his answer. Luffy, being Hancock’s close friend, would surely detour to help him if he realizes the Kuja are in danger. Without a doubt, One Piece Chapter 1058 would set up some very intriguing plot points that could be explored further as the crew heads towards the new island.

When will One Piece 1058 be released?

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While Oda usually takes a break every three chapters, the series will not be on break next week, which means One Piece 1058 is scheduled to release on August 28, 2022. Fans can read the upcoming chapter on the Manga for free Plus and the Shonen Jump app.

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