One Piece 1060 reveals that Luffy’s true dream is not to be King of the Pirates

Oda was not bluffing when he announced that One Piece was entering its final stretch. The mangaka has stepped on the accelerator in recent episodes and we are witnessing a parade of secrets and events that advance the plots at cruising speed. To show what happened in chapter 1060, in which Luffy has left us with our mouths open (to us and to all the members of his crew). Because the rubber man has confessed more than 25 years after starting his adventure that in reality his dream is not to be King of the Pirates. That is just one more step to achieve your true goal.

In a panel for history, one that will be remembered again and again in future flashbacks, Luffy confesses his feelings to the rest of his comrades and realizes that he had never opened up to them to date. She reveals to them the secret of his soul, which had only shared with Shanks, Ace and Sabo until that moment. “Everyone laughed and Shanks even had tears in his eyes!” the pirate recalls with a laugh. However, what is that secret?

Master in the art of keeping us on our toes, Oda does not let go and gives free rein to debate, ponder and theorize on the subject in the coming months (or years). But yes, the mangaka leaves us a beautiful track: The mugis’ reaction to their captain’s words. The face of each and every one of them upon receiving the news. From the astonishment of Jinbe, Usopp and Zoro, aware that he is saying something very, but Very important and hard to get; to the laughter of Brook, Franky or Sanji, eternally surprised by the courage and madness of their friend; going by admiration in the eyes of Nami, Robin and Chopper. An even greater mystery than One Piece.

One Piece 1060

What is Luffy’s true dream?

Oda will say and dispose, but seeing the reaction of the gang, Luffy’s goal should not be exactly easy. doeradicate slavery of the world so that her friends like Camie (the mermaid from Fish-Man Island) will not be subject to the Celestial Dragons again? doEnd hunger in the world so that characters like Tama (in Wano) don’t suffer from food anymore? Maybe adopt all the lonely and lost children (like Ace, Sabo and him in his day, or like those of Punk Hazard) so that they have a family? Or is it about break the chains of the world, wave freedom and make everyone do what they want? He has always been a champion of free will, so much so as to refuse to have his own fleet. Why not?

It may be something simpler and more feasible, or it may be something even more complicated. we only know that being the King of the Pirates is the first step to achieve it. In a chapter that will be remembered for the rest of the series, One Piece has once again shown why he is on everyone’s lips week after week and why he continues to captivate us and keep us glued to his pages. These panels will mark a before and after and there are those who already assure that they will also come to confirm that no one else will join the band. That only those present at this moment in which Luffy has opened his heart (sorry, Yamato) will be worthy of being called Straw Hats. With Oda you never know. Let the adventure continue!

One Piece 1060