One Piece 1062, the secret behind the Forgotten Century finally unveiled?

The next chapter of One Piece could lift the veil on a mystery that has intrigued fans for a long time: the Forgotten Century.

One Piece, still many gray areas in the manga

One Piece will slowly begin to reveal her best kept secrets. And we can say thatEiichirō Oda likes mysteries. To the point of driving fans of the work a little crazy. The next chapter of One Piece will not be released this weekend, but on October 9th.

What if chapter 1062 took the opportunity to tell us more about the Forgotten Century that has intrigued One Piece fans for several years? The first rumors make the community fantasize.

One Piece 1062, the veil lifted on the Forgotten Century?

Let’s start by explaining what the Forgotten Century is. In the world of One Piece, there remains no trace of this 100 year period (between the years 800 and 900), apart from inscriptions on the Poneglyphs. The Forgotten Century intrigues fans like the characters in the work. What if the next chapter lifts the veil on this mystery? The editor’s note for the next chapter of One Piece reads: “Luffy and his crew are shocked! At that time, the world was…!? “.

Is this period the period that corresponds to the Forgotten Century? From our point of view, there is no other reason why the Mugiwaras (who would have amazing nationalities in real life) might also be shocked. Obviously, Luffy’s crew will continue their journey to Egghead Island in Chapter 1062. The reveal of Dr. Vegapunk’s character is still fondly remembered by all One Piece fans.