One Piece 1063, an epic confrontation between Law and Blackbeard?

Law and Blackbeard could make the next chapter of One Piece explosive. We tell you everything about what the next pages of Eiichirō Oda’s manga have in store for us.

Vegapunk at the center of the plot

One Piece Chapter 1062 more than lived up to the expectations of the manga fans. We learned more about Dr. Vegapunk, who actually has six different bodies. An ability that inevitably recalls that of Pain in Naruto.

Vegapunk is therefore not really (not only, in any case) the young girl we saw in One Piece Chapter 1061. After these few crisp revelations, fans are impatiently awaiting the next chapter of the manga.Eiichiro Oda. We tell you right away: it promises to be explosive.

Law and Blackbeard, the epic clash in chapter 1063?

Warning, the next lines spoil One Piece Chapter 1063. If you don’t want to spoil the pleasure of discovering them for yourself, we advise you not to read what follows.

One Piece Chapter 1063 is not expected to bring down the manga fan hype. The account ” One Piece Spoilers reveals the content of it. Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney will be attacked by Kuma, a uniformed police robot. Luffy wants to respond with force, but Bonney stops him, as Kuma is his real father. On his side, Black beard ambushes Law.

The pirate is accompanied by Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q and Stronger, all of whom possess Devil Fruit power! Law manages to protect himself from the attacks of these 4 enemies, then Blackbeard appears in front of him. Both are ready to fight. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the next chapter to see their confrontation and find out who will win the Road Poneglyphs.

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