One Piece 1065, 1066, 1067 (manga): we finally know who Dr. Vegapunk is

With its more than 1,000 chapters, the manga of one piece continues to give a lot to talk about with highlights such as Joy Boy and Nika (#1043)the call Gear 5 (#1044)the announcement of the new ‘yonko’ (#1053) Y Big Mom’s Fate (#1064). The rate of revelations has not dropped, because in the most recent chapters of the manga of one piece It has been revealed who Vegapunk is, so in this note we will clarify some doubts such as his identity, his relationship with Ohara, his devil fruit and if he is a woman or not.

For years, Vegapunk has been a complete mystery to those who follow the ‘manganime’. We know that he is a scientist who has worked for the world government and has had quite controversial experiments such as the Pacifists (humans turned into machines to fight for the status-quo). We know that he worked with Caesar Clown, ran a lab at Punk Hazard, and we’ve seen his silhouette several times. However, we had seen it complete until now.

From this moment we will talk with ‘spoilers’ that occur during the Egghead arc in chapters 1065, 1066 and 1067 of the manga. one piece.

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One Piece: Dr. Vegapunk is a woman?

After leaving Wano, the Straw Hats are led by Log Pose to Egghead, the island that Vegapunk controls. Just as they are arriving, they are intercepted by a female figure who tells them “you can call me Dr. Vegapunk”.

This moment was very surprising for the community, because when the manga chapter was published there was a great overflight and many questions. Many thought it strange that Vegapunk was a woman because they remembered that he was an elderly man.

However, more characters billing themselves as “Dr. Vegapunk”, so this hypothesis ceased to make sense. Those who saw the Straw Hats went to Lilith, one of the so-called “Satellites” of the scientist.

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Vegapunk’s current appearance, heavily influenced by his Devil Fruit.

While one half was watching Lilith, the other group (consisting of Luffy, Jimbei, Chopper, and Bonney) was on the other side of the island while watching a robot. There they found a man stuck, so they decided to help him. It was Dr. Vegapunk, a small, elderly man with a long tongue and a skull apparently severed and replaced by “half an apple.”

In short, the flesh and blood Vegapunk is not a woman, but some of his alternate personalities do have female figures.

A genius divided into several machines

It may be that the fact that various beings call themselves “Dr. Vegapunk” is confusing. Basically, Vegapunk created six robots that took knowledge from him and represent parts of his personality. He called these “The Satellites”, so they all identify with the scientist, even though they have their own names.

One Piece Vegapunk

The Satellites are the following:

  • Punk-01 (Shaka): The Good One.
  • Punk-02 (Lilith): The Bad One.
  • Punk-03 (Edison): The Thinker.
  • Punk-04 (Puthagoras): The Sage.
  • Punk-05 (Atlas): The Violent.
  • Punk-06 (York): The Greedy.

All of these robots coexist with the original Dr. Vegapunk, only that they help him operate all of his facilities and carry out his experiments.

The Devil Fruit of Dr. Vegapunk

Dr. Vegapunk devil fruit
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Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit is Nomi-Nomi no Mi (ノミノミの実). It is a Paramecia that allows the user to store all the knowledge he receives, in exchange for growing his brain indefinitely. Basically, the user becomes a “Brain Man”.

Vegapunk’s Devil Fruit allows him to be the smartest man around one piece. He has knowledge in physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, robotics, history, archeology, among others. He also knows about medicine, as he clarified to Chopper.

When the scientist explains this, Luffy has a big doubt, which was why his head had such a strange shape. At this, Vegapunk explains that when he was young he already had a huge skull and that eventually it became too difficult to carry his head. Thus, he confessed that he cut off all the protruding part of his brain.

Once again, Luffy asks him if removing much of his brain now “is dumb”. Vegapunk points out that all he did was move all of his knowledge to “a bigger library.” Said library is Punk Records, a gigantic dome that occupies much of Egghead Island. Namely, Punk Records is the brainchild of Vegapunk, which has grown to be the size of an island..

Why is Punk Records important?

The “apple” on the man’s head is actually an antenna that allows him to stay connected to Punk Records at all times., so you can access your when you need it. The Satellites also sync once a day to share their discoveries, sensations, learnings, experience and more. Therefore, they don’t miss out on anything that the others do and can be considered as part of Vegapunk.

Vegapunk confesses that it is not his intention to keep the information just for himself. The scientist proposes a scenario in which all the people of the world “could constantly update Punk Records to create a great ocean of knowledge.” His idea is to have a collective library, access to information for everyone, a “humanity sharing a brain.”

Clearly, this idea is like the conception we have of the internet today. However, in one piece said plan is very problematic. As we will see later, Vegapunk has top-secret information from the Void Century, something that doomed the island of Ohara to destruction by the World Government. If this man decided to share everything he knows with the entire world, they would probably seek to eliminate him.

Vegapunk and Ohara

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As Dr. Vegapunk recounts how his brain works, Shaka explains to the others what he knows about the destruction of Ohara and the Void Century. It must be remembered that although Vegapunk is an eminence for the world government in one piece, he himself admits that the search for information about the Void Century implies the destruction of anyone who tries it, even being him. Therefore, everything he knows is hidden.

That’s when he tells Robin that he knew Dr. Clover, the manager of the Ohara Bookstore.. Therefore, she decided to go visit what was left of the island to pay condolences to him and pay respects to his memory. There Vegapunk saw something surprising: giants from Elbaf were looting the books that the people of Ohara had saved by throwing them into the lake in the center. Being their life’s work, they decided to sacrifice themselves while protecting their knowledge of the Void Century.

While seeing what was happening, he met Dragon, Luffy’s father. He tells her that he also knew Clover, and that he promises to make the greatest army in the world. Dragon calls him out for not joining the Revolutionary Army, to which Vegapunk explains that “his intellect and expertise would have been lost in a makeshift army.” Even so, he admitted that the government “acted with extreme violence.”

Shortly after his encounter with Dragon, Vegapunk traveled to Elbaf (the land of the giants in One Piece) and secretly read all the books they rescued.

This is what has been revealed so far. One Piece Chapter #1067 shows a Cipher-Pol arriving in Egghead and it is known that they are looking for Bonney. It is unknown if they will find sensitive information about Vegapunk, his time in Ohara, his readings at Elbaf or his dream of sharing Punk Records with the world.