One Piece 1068: Vegapunk, the next Mugiwara? Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 05 Dec 2022 at 11:04

Luffy could get some pretty amazing help if this One Piece Chapter 1068 is to be believed. Vegapunk could well join the Mugiwara!

The Mugiwara crew showed with the Wano Kuni arc that they now have the level of a Yonkou’s without problems – Luffy’s victories of course, but also Zoro’s against King and Sanji against Queen serving as proof. . We can thus think that the Straw Hats are now on an equal footing with the tribes of Blackbeard, Red Shanks and Buggy. But if after leaving the island of the Samurai, we could still wonder which of the four crew was the strongest, this uncertainty could very quickly be extinguished with the news that has just been given to us in the last chapter of the saga. . Vegapunk, who had asked to join Luffy, has just had his request accepted!

The most dangerous man in the world, from father to son

A crazy announcement, when you know what incredibly powerful creations a Vegapunk can bring out of his huge brain. Above all, we learn during this same chapter that the most intelligent man in the world is looking for an energy, which would date from the time of the mysterious kingdom, whose characteristic would be to be infinite. He could thus bring this energy to the entire Straw Hat Grand Fleet, which would give him a comparative advantage over other pirates.

The only question posed by this rallying is its technical possibility. Indeed, Vegapunk is connected on Egg Head to its 6 avatars, but also to the whole island, thanks to a special electromagnetic system. The latter allowed him to get rid of his monstrous brain and have almost a normal human figure. Can he get away from the island without losing that connection?

Vegapunk, the essential for Laugh Tale?

In any case, the scientist is perhaps an indispensable part of the Mugiwara epic. Indeed, if Robin is able to read the Poneglyphs, and therefore to understand all the secrets written on the island of Laugh Tale, she does not have the technical knowledge to exploit any technical discoveries to be made on this island.

Will this be the role of Vegapunk?