One Piece 1069 could lead Eiichiro Oda’s manga to the biggest war of all

Thanks to what has been seen in the pages of One Piece 1069, we can already get an idea of ​​what will come next in Eiichiro Oda’s manga.

Everything that begins has to end, though some stories take much longer to finish than others. This is something that must be understood from when we are little, but even so, it is very difficult for us to say goodbye to products that have generated so much enjoyment and we would love them to last forever. Despite this, imagination has its limits and very few are capable of holding enormously over time. without getting resentful.

For the day of Today we are going to make a series of conjectures with one of the best sleeves of recent times, since, as we have said on occasion, it is clearly the generational change of Dragon Ball and that is to be respected. From a time to this part we begin to know, by the author’s own words, that the manga was approaching its final arc, having surpassed 1000 chapters. Given this it seems that all that has to happen is big and the last chapter gives to theorize a lot.

In order to everyone is in the same circumstances, we are warning you that we are going to talk with spoilers in this entry. Basically we want to talk and describe everything that has happened in chapter 1069 of the series, which leads to dealing with One Piece spoilers quite important ones that have appeared here. Without further ado, let’s start with the possible future of One Piece.

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The biggest One Piece war in its history?

It is not the first time that we see in One Piece great repercussions for the actions of our characters favorites, but it seems that what has to do with this news has been, rather, caused by Rob Lucci. At the end of chapter 1068 it was seen that both Lucci and Luffy had seen their faces and the CP0 member had destroyed one of Vegapunk’s bodies. It would be a matter of time before Luffy turned on and wanted to blow his head off, something that happens in the last episode.

In this way, it is assumed that all the CP0 has come to the island to go against Vegapunk, the creator of the Pacifistas and many things for the Government. Despite all this, they see that their latest advances can get into territory that the Gorosei does not want to be known and the team sent by the government is there for that. However, a very important norm that the Government has is not to mess with any Yonko, since they have troops and powers in different countries, something that does not interest them. With everything and with that, Lucci he has faced Luffy breaking all that rule.

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If this were not enough, Uncle de la Paloma has decided, too, stop Sentomaru’s feet, Vegapunk’s right-hand man and a member of both the Government and the Navy. Right now the CP0 is in a rather tricky situation, since they are going to make enemies with Vegapunk and Sentomaruwho have control of several seraphim and have included the rule not to touch a Yonko.

When is One Piece 1070 coming out?

Although it may not seem like it, Luffy is a Yonko due to all the problems that its wide range of affectation has already caused regarding fleets of ships and support from some of the most important islands. In this way, to make enemies of the Government against such a force could be a shot in the leg and, if it is not controlled properly, we can be facing a huge war between all those who are in favor of Luffy against the Government, a great ending to this series.

As can be verified, These are all personal theories. that are released after having been able to see the last chapter, but it is that Oda will not release a new one until next week, that is, we are waiting for something more than normal. He is already an expert in wars within the One Piece universeSo if all of this is a preamble to some awesome final war, so be it. do you think are we exaggerating or do you think it could happen a war of all Luffy’s followers against the government?

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