One Piece 1069: Lucci, the Awakened Zoan! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 12 Dec 2022 at 13:19

Rob Lucci is the star of this One Piece Chapter 1069 where he is seen showing the awakening of his zoan-like demon flee. And the result is stunning!

Will the zoan devil fruits be the star of the end of the One Piece saga? We can start asking the question. After obviously the completely crazy awakening of the Hito Hito no Mi, model Nika, it is a new extremely interesting situation that is dropped directly in our face with this time the awakening of the Neko Neko no Mi, Leopard model, by Rob Lucci. A form of combat that seems to give the leader of the CP-0 unit particular confidence since he does not hesitate to rush directly towards Luffy to confront him, even though he is the new Yonkou, Kaido’s killer! And that confidence might not be so exaggerated when you see how a Marine as tough as Sentomaru gets one-shot skewered by Lucci in full power mode.

A strong opponent for Luffy

Oda who had planned for us give the answers to all the mysteries accumulated over the years, however, seems to want to continue to overwhelm us by creating new questions. It’s rare to see awakened zoans appear in the series, and aside from the guardians of Impel Down, who had no consciousness of their own – a feature of awakening this type of fruit according to Vegapunk – this isn’t is hardly the second time that we can observe one, the first being that of Luffy!

We can see that Lucci’s Leopard form has black flames around his shoulders and arms, just like the white flames do around Luffy. Is this the signature of the zoans pushed to the maximum?

What is the real level of Rob Lucci and his zoan?

The total confidence in him expressed by Lucci also pushes us to question ourselves. What is his true level in this form? Normally a CP-0 agent is no match for a Yonkou, as we saw when one of them was suddenly knocked out by Kaido. But not only is Lucci not afraid, but contrary to what we expected, he managed to stand up to Luffy in Gear 5. How high can he climb?