One Piece 1069 shows crucial information about the Akuma no Mi

The Akuma no Mi are one of the biggest One Piece mysteries, but since the manga is coming to an end, it is a matter of time before we find out everything about them.

It’s amazing what you’ve been doing Eiichiro Oda with One pieces From the beginning. the adventures of Straw hat have been published for more than 25 years and we still know very little about the mysteries of one of the most popular manga in the world. We don’t know what the treasure is one piece; we don’t know what it means “D.” of the surnames of some characters, which is related to an ancient civilization that we do not know anything about, due to world government he erased a century of history so that it would not be investigated, but we do not know the reason. We don’t even know who it is Imthe assumption King of the world. We know almost nothing at all.

We could go on with a whole huge list of what we don’t know about the manga. And it is that every time a small clue is given about one of the mysteries, the fans go crazy. And it is possible that now we can find out more about one of the biggest mysteries in the manga, the Akuma no Mi. Some time ago we discovered the secrets of the awakening of the devil fruitsnow it seems that we will find out something more.

House Of El Spoilers
Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1069 are shown below.

The leaks of One Piece 1069 from the web pirate kingshow the Dr Vegapunk talking about the akuma no mi. vegapunk affirms that everything that exists in the Land has been born from the desires of the people and that in the case of akuma no mi ocurrs the same. It seems that these fruits were born from someone’s wish for humanity to evolve, indicating that each ability was the wish of what someone wanted to become.

The scientist of the Marinewho asked luffy to get him out of there indicating that he is not entirely loyal to the world governmentgoes on to explain that the wishes of the Akuma no Mi they were unnatural, so they were rejected by what he calls “Mother Nature”, the sea, so anyone who consumes them will lose the ability to swim.

Origin of the Akuma no Mi

These statements of vegapunk would indicate that the akuma no mi They do not have a natural origin, but are creations of humans. This is something quite relevant, since these “fruits

» They come out from the first episode and we don’t know much of their history. We now know the reason why fruit users cannot swim, a skill that would be considered essential for any pirate to survive on the high seas, as it is not uncommon for them to fall from their boats. But because the devil fruits They grant amazing powers, many consider not being able to swim worth it.

One Piece Akuma no Mi

It is not explained what Vegapunk means by the fact that the fruits were born from someone’s desire, but revealing their unnatural origin, which is why many people consider what they bestow a curse. That these rare manga items originate from human creation could be related to the Void Century and the Great Kingdom. That kingdom was a very advanced ancient civilization, which disappeared 900 years ago because of the world government. In previous issues it is said that the island where the Straw hat, Egg headis a site reminiscent of a very technologically advanced kingdom.

Considering that the island is futuristic compared to the universe of one piece, means that the technology of that ancient kingdom was light years ahead of that of the rest of the world. This would make it not unreasonable to think that they somehow had the technology to develop the Akuma no Mi.

As usual, Ode it gives us information that revolutionizes everything, but at the same time it gives us the minimum so that we don’t discover anything. We will have to wait for the next issues of the manga to find out more about the Devil fruits.

Luffy vs Lucci II, the revenge

Undoubtedly, another of the great surprises of this chapter is the encounter between two old rivals, the captain of the Straw Hat and current Yonkou, Monkey D. Luffy, and the member of PC0, Rob Lucci. According to the leaks, these two are fighting once again.

Many will remember the incredible combat between luffy Y lucci in the Enies Lobby Arc. In that combat, the victory of the protagonist was due to his willpower, since, in all other aspects, the government agent surpasses him. Rob Lucci It is one of the few rivals that the protagonist has faced, which almost leaves him on the verge of death only with brute force, since despite having a Devil Fruit (Neko Neko no Mi: leopard pattern), all of his techniques were physical blows. Definitely luffy He will not forget that fight, because he gave everything he had and almost did not count it, because although he was victorious, he ended up very badly wounded.

Luffy vs Lucci

In chapter 1069 we can see again how these two characters meet and get involved again, but this time it seems that things are different. Although it is seen that the two have become stronger, since the two have awakened their akuma no mi, it seems that this time luffy has the advantage, as it easily dodges all the blows of lucci and when he hits him, you can see that he does a lot of damage. It is also significant that the protagonist has transformed at will into his Gear 5thso it seems that the captain of the Straw Hats has already mastered his latest transformation.