One Piece #1069: the new chapter reveals this huge advantage of the Four Emperors

the chapter 1069 of One Piece is rich in revelations and focuses in particular on the case of Four Emperorsamong which are now Luffy. And it would seem that an open war with the Marine threatens.

/! This article contains spoilers for Chapter 1069 of One Piece. If you want to keep the surprise, do not continue reading. /!

Luffy, one of the four world emperors of one-piece

After more than two decades, One Piece continues its “little” merry way through the anime adaptation, but also the original shonen. Eiichiro Oda’s work is already in its 1069 chapter, who allowed us Learn more about Devil Fruits thanks to the deductive genius of Vegapunk. But this chapter is also an opportunity for Eiichiro Oda to remind us how powerful the Four Emperors are.

Alongside the Navy and the Seven Grand Corsairs, this entity is one of the Three Great Powers of the world. But this one is mainly composed of famous pirates, namely Shanks, Marshall D. Teach, Buggy and Luffy. The latter two were recognized as Pirate Emperors after Big Mom and Kaidou were defeated. And Luffy now takes advantage by proving that the Four Emperors have a huge advantage against their opponents: none of them can be attacked without starting a war!

One Piece 1069 the new chapter reveals this huge advantage

A war that threatens to be declared at any moment

In Chapter 1069 of One Piece, Rob Lucci, famous antagonist of Luffy, accompanied by other members of CP-0, arrives on Egghead. His goal is obviously to go after the Straw Hat crew and Luffy in particular, but that is impossible for him because, as he is reminded, the Four Emperors are extremely powerful and have with them resources and “considerable support”so that “even a small quarrel can escalate into an all-out war”.

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1670643469 48 One Piece 1069 the new chapter reveals this huge advantage

This is why the CP-0, or Cipher Pol Aigis Zero, must absolutelyDon’t wait for orders from Akainu, the Admiral Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. This one, moreover, could not be clearer: “He must not face Straw Hat under any circumstances”, for this would no doubt degenerate into an open war between the Four Emperors and the Navy. And with Vegapunk’s support for Luffy and his crew, the latter would find herself in deep trouble. But, we’ll let you find out for yourself, you’ll quickly notice that Rob Lucci doesn’t seem determined to let his chance of defeating Luffy slip by…