One Piece 1070: Seraph vs Luffy? – melty

By sydney

– Posted on 21 Dec 2022 at 09:00

Will the Seraph allow Lucci to stand up to Luffy in their big fight on Egg Head?

Rob Lucci surprised quite a few in the last chapter of one piece, where we saw him achieve the unthinkable, namely to match Luffy, going into Gear 5 mode. An exceptional demonstration of power due to the awakening (he too!) of Lucci’s zoan, the Neko Neko no Mid Leopard model. But if we had not seen coming the resistance of the head of CP-0 against the one who will be the new Nika, liberator of this world, the fact remains that it would be surprising to see him continue to stand up if the Straw Hat cranked the top gear. So for the fight to last a little longer, it seems that Eiichiro Oda wants to use other actors present on the island: the seraphim!

Will Luffy be in a little trouble?

Indeed, chapter 1069 ended with an interesting image: Lucci knocking out Sentomaru. Thanks to this well-meaning move, the Seraphim must now return to the person below in the chain of command, which will allow CP-0 to put them on their side.

With such an armada under his elbow, each member of which is capable of facing the most powerful pirates as we saw with Seraph Mihawk against Blackbeard, Lucci will be able to compensate for part of the gap he has with Luffy. We could thus see the Mugiwara facing several extremely powerful enemies, which will force him to be a minimum serious in his imaginative madness of Gear 5!

Who will get the Seraphim?

But if the adversity will be a little more at the rendezvous, we can also wonder who will return the seraphim once the confrontation is over. Will Luffy destroy CP-0 and be able to leave with Vegapunk and the Seraphim (as well as the traitorous Sentomaru)? Or will the agents of the world government be able to take the precious Pacifista in their escape?