One Piece 1070 shows that Luffy’s power has no limits and that could be a problem

Very important things are happening in Eiichiro Oda’s manga and it seems that One Piece 1070 is just the prelude to something bigger

What is happening week after week in the manga of one piece It’s driving all the fans crazy. The previous chapter left us in the prelude to what could be one of the biggest wars ever seen in manga and this week, One Piece 1070has let us see a new attack of luffy and he has shown us in more detail his amazing powers.

In manga, especially in shonen, it is common for the protagonists to suffer the so-called “Power Up”, an increase in power or a new ability that allows them to face new rivals or new challenges. It is very normal for this phenomenon to occur in shonen, the different transformations they had Goku Y Vegeta in dragonball It is a good example of this, because each time they get stronger. In one piece we have seen all kinds of power upslike the swords of Zorothe Devil Jambe from Sanji or the different marches either Gear from luffybut the last power up of the protagonist has exceeded all expectations.

Spoilers -
Spoilers for One Piece 1070 ahead

if you are following one piece you will know that it has been discovered that the fruit Gomu Gomu of the protagonist was actually the Milestone Milestone: Nika model. Revealing that what luffy ate was a mythological zoan-type fruit that transforms the user into an incarnation of the god Nikaa deity known for having a rubber body and for being able to mold it with complete freedom, only limited by his imagination.

It is said that the consumer of this fruit is transformed into the “incarnation of freedom” and that his ability is known as “the most ridiculous power in the world”, since he can do anything he can imagine with his rubber body. luffy he named it his Gear 5, Fifth Gear.

One Piece - Luffy

The first time that luffy He “awakened” these abilities was in his final confrontation against the fallen and we already saw what he was capable of, altering his body at will, transforming any surface into rubber, even transforming parts of the body of kaido in rubber. All this with the absurd humor of the protagonist and one piece which reminded many of multiple scenes from Tommy Jerry or the movie The mask from Jim Carrey. According to Straw Hat, this awakening meant the culmination of his abilities.

We had not seen the fifth gear since his match against Kaido (with the exception of the movie one piece red), has been in One Piece 1069 when we have seen that strange form of luffy when did you start your fight against Rob Lucci. Let’s remember that lucci He was once one of the few rivals who brought the protagonist to the limit of death, but in this case, the power of Luffy, the new Yonkou, seems to be too much for the agent of the PC0. And it is that the advances of One Piece 1070 they have shown how he Straw hat, Using a new attack, destroy the Uncle of the Pigeon.

One Piece 1070 - Luffy

This attack is very striking because before shooting off its own luffy, it seems that he produces aviator glasses from his aura or his hair, without a doubt it is a comic gesture to arouse more grace, since the protagonist literally flies off. But this has generated many theories.

Does Luffy’s Fifth Gear have limits?

We will repeat it again luffy He “creates” a pair of glasses using his hair just because he has imagined it. It is an amazing power that makes us think that the protagonist can transform or generate anything, even weapons such as swords, pistols, maces… everything his imagination allows. We know that luffy not the smartest one piece (although he has shown that in combat he can be quite a genius), not even the smartest, but in terms of imagination there will not be many who can match him.

One piece Luffy gear 5

Perhaps it would be more correct to say that luffy “Takes” his hair or the aura that surrounds him to transform it into glasses, since everything is made of rubber, an absurd logic, but it works in One Piece, even so it seems that there are almost no limits. This suggests that if the protagonist is faced with a possible challenge, he only has to imagine something to remedy it and it would already be solved. With this powerup, it seems complicated that luffy find yourself facing great challenges now that you can do anything with the power of your imagination. This could cause you to miss out on the excitement of the upcoming fights, which could affect the manga quite a bit.

Even so, surely the new power of luffy is not “broken”, at this point in history we know that Ode He has things very well thought out, not in vain is he the creator of the most popular manga for more than 25 years. It is very possible that this great power is not just advantages, it is possible that using this ability makes the user consume a lot of energy, something that seems true, because the two times we have seen luffy after using the fifth gear, was exhausted. Although this event we do not know if it is due to luffy not yet fully mastered Gear 5 and using it wears him out or is a permanent effect of his new form.

One Piece Luffy Gear 5

Let us also remember that during his fight against kaidohe told him that only with the powers of the akuma no mi can not become the Pirate kingbut the key is in the Hakiso an enemy that has a high mastery of the Haki could counter the amazing abilities of one piece. Even so, seeing that the protagonist himself has been increasing his mastery of this ability in his three forms, it seems difficult for him to end up with an enemy that surpasses him so much in mastery of Haki.

But as we have said, Eiichiro Oda It’s one of those mangakas that have all these things you thought, although then they always take longer than they should. It is certain that the skills of luffy they will have some kind of limit so that the protagonist is not practically invincible. We will have to wait for the next chapters to discover more in detail the power of the Milestone Milestone: Nika model. And it is that one of the best things that the creator of One pieces it is making revelations that turn the internet upside down, but keeping a lot of things still a complete mystery.

One Piece 1077 will be available in Plus Sleeve on December 25.

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