One Piece 1070: The Mugiwara Under Siege! Our review – The Siver Times

By sydney

– Posted on 26 Dec 2022 at 14:15

In this new One Piece Chapter 1070, the Mugiwara find themselves trapped at the top of Egg head, while below, the Marine forces are amassing.

Serious things are becoming clearer in One Piece! Ultimately, Oda won’t make the arc just a discovery of Vegapunk and a round of showcasing Luffy’s powers against Lucci. The mangaka indeed seems to want to create more adversity in this arc, since in addition of the awakened zoan (and impressive) CP-0 leader, the Mugiwara will also have to deal with four of the terrifying Seraphim. And to make matters worse, Kizaru has also now arrived, and is sending all available boats straight to Egg Head. As saying that Nika or notthe Straw Hats will have to fight a big fight against the forces of the Navy again!

The greatest of all enemies

The Straw Hat crew finds itself again in a situation where the enemy is the Navy. And unlike the meeting with Fujitora, they will have to face ruthless opponents (Lucci and Kizaru, it’s blind obedience).

Is Oda aiming to create a serious incident on Egg Head that will force the World Government to put a good deal of their forces into action to stop Luffy? And so simply launch the hostilities that will punctuate the last arc of the saga?

Egg Head, Enies Lobby’s mirror?

The question is legitimate, when we know that there is still the island of Elbaf to visit, the Teach problem to solve as well as the Shanks enigma. Why would Oda put a skirmish with the Navy in our hands when so many problematic issues remain unresolved, if not to make Egg Head the second declaration of war on the Mugiwara world government, after Enies Lobby?

One can imagine that once the latter is clearly visible, and announced everywhere in the world, the revolution will then begin to take hold in many islands. And it is then in the chaos that the last and most important confrontation will begin!