One Piece 1084: the next chapter has leaked, with a big plot

Like every week, the content of the next chapter of One Piece is revealed in advance. It will be one of the recently murdered characters who will be in the spotlight.

One Piece continues on its merry way. The end is approaching and after the long break necessary for the mangaka to prepare the final arcs of his work, he never disappoints. Eiichiro Oda is for the moment faultless in the eyes of the fans as each chapter makes new revelations or poses intrigues allowing theories to fuse. The world in which Luffy and his gang evolves and the hidden forces that govern it are revealed a little more over the months and one of the most mysterious characters of the manga will be back in chapter 1084, the main lines of which have been leaked. If you doubt it, we even give you a little regulatory warning. The following lines will therefore evoke spoilers for the next chapter of One Piece, if you clicked by mistake without reading the title, flee immediately.

Leaks for One Piece Chapter 1084

After Sabo’s revelations, make way for flashbacks. For a few chapters now, Eiichiro Oda has been putting aside the Sandcap crew to show readers what’s going on outside the Vegapunk complex. Shanks gave Kid and his crew a beating, Law got beat up by Teach, and Luffy’s brother is alive and well. His report to the revolutionaries confirmed in the previous chapter that he was not responsible for the death of this dear Cobra, King of Alabasta, and it will obviously be necessary to wait a little longer to know the circumstances of his assassination. On the other hand, it is Vivi’s father who will be at the center of Chapter 1084 of One Piece. THE leaker Redon has indeed unveiled its weekly summary in advance.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, a small clarification. One Piece will have the right to a color page this week which will feature the women of the work playing in the water. No comment, there will be more interesting things to see in this chapter. We will therefore find Cobra in the company of the Five Deans, questioning them about his wife Lily. His wife was indeed one of the 20 founders of the World Government, but had always refused to become a Celestial Dragon.

Vivi’s mother at the heart of a new plot?

However, she disappeared under mysterious conditions and the highest authority of the World Government claims not to know what happened to her. However, Im, “the King of the World”, seems to know the interested party. The most mysterious and powerful character in the One Piece universe will make an appearance at the end of Chapter 1084. He will chat with Cobra and his last words will be “Lily…”, hinting that he knows something. .

Meanwhile, Saint Charlos manages to capture the mermaid Shirahoshi, but Sai and Leo manage to free her by defeating the Celestial Dragon, while on his side Morley frees Kuma. The new pages should therefore still give rise to new theories, this time centered around Queen Lily of Alabasta and Im. What was their connection? What happened to him ? We will have to wait before discovering it. There won’t be a One Piece chapter next week, Oda will be taking a well-deserved break.