One Piece: 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other Shonen Protagonist

Coming from one of the most famous Shonen Jump anime, Monkey D. Luffy shares many characteristics with other shonen protagonists. He is cheerful, reckless and loves good adventures. He cares a great deal about his friends and family and will do everything he can to protect them. Not to mention that he is one of the strongest characters in the series. But there are some aspects of Luffy that make him stand out.

Whether it’s because of his childhood, his personality, or his personal beliefs, some parts of Luffy make him different from ordinary shonen protagonists. The creator ofOne Piece, Eiichiro Oda, shows Luffy’s strengths and weaknesses, while also using those traits to shape the overall story. Monkey D. Luffy has inspired many fans of shonen anime, sharing many characteristics with other main shonen characters. However, some things about him make him unique.

11 It is childish and childish at the same time

Unlike most shonen protagonists, Luffy tends to take his infantilism to new levels. His love of adventure makes him act on impulse, much to the chagrin of his peers. However, there are times when he can be downright immature, such as refusing to share food with anyone.

Luffy has had a rebellious streak even as a child, but not because he is a bad person. He does not like to be commanded, but he remains firm in his beliefs. In terms of personality, Luffy is listed as “pure of heart”. He’s not bad, but he’s not all that good either, which makes him a fascinating character to watch.

10 has animal instincts1639994750 85 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

The lack of father figures is typical in shonen anime, but One Piece He took it a step further with his protagonist. Luffy doesn’t know much about his parents, but he still spent most of his childhood in less than ideal situations. His grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, frequently left him in the wild to “train” him.

Some may call him cruel, but he forced Luffy to learn to fend for himself. His struggle is much more acute from having spent so much time surrounded by animals, either to fight them or to hunt them. His two years of training with Silvers Rayleigh helped him bring out those animal instincts to have more impact during his fights.

9 doesn’t see himself as a hero1639994750 983 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Luffy has never seen himself as a hero. In fact, he does his best to distance himself from that title. There are several possible reasons why he doesn’t like to align himself with heroes, aside from his status as a pirate.

One of his reasons lies in his childishness, such as not wanting to share his meat with anyone, being generosity a heroic trait. Another reason is much deeper, with his dislike of the World Government. Even before Ace’s death, Luffy was never interested in being a Marine like his grandfather Garp, due to his restrictions and “unfair” practices. Luffy knows the difference between good and evil and acts according to his whims; You won’t hesitate to help someone in need, even if it means challenging what everyone else considers “right.”

8 He does not kill his enemies1639994751 275 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Death in One Piece it carries a lot of weight, even with the series’ violent nature and dark sociopolitical themes. The death of a character has more meaning in the anime, especially if it is close to one of the main characters. Luffy is one of the strongest characters in One Piece, but you never need to kill your enemies. This feeling has deep meaning.

According to Oda, Luffy does not kill his enemies because “men live by their beliefs and risk their lives to defend them.” He adds that Luffy proves his beliefs to be wrong by defeating his opponent, forcing him to reconsider his ideals. This defeat is much more humiliating and “worse than death.”

7 He quickly becomes attached to people1639994751 834 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Luffy becomes attached to people too easily, despite the advice of the Straw Hat members. It doesn’t take long to ask the person in question to join your crew, even if it doesn’t make much sense at the time.

With this “method”, Luffy succeeds in getting Brook and Jinbe to join his crew, although their companions initially object. You can judge character and know when you like a person, even if others seem suspicious. But it doesn’t take long to become fond of it.

6 Has neither thought bubbles nor internal monologues1639994751 18 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Throughout the more than 20 years of duration of One PieceThere have hardly been cases where Luffy had thought bubbles. The creator, Eiichiro Oda, did it on purpose.

Luffy is blunt and will speak his mind, regardless of his callousness or sheer stupidity. He doesn’t bother to think before he speaks and is brutally honest, even when he doesn’t have to. Luffy has never had an internal dialogue because Oda did not consider it necessary for his character.

5 Has the habit of singing1639994751 497 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

It is quite rare to hear a shonen protagonist sing when he is bored. Although his voice actors have released a song or two – Naruto, for example – the protagonist never sings on his own.

Even before meeting Brook, Luffy has a habit of singing to pass the time. He may be walking through the forests of Skypiea or through a traditional village, but he seems to love to sing any tune that comes to mind. It is a strange but remarkable fact about Luffy.

4 He always changes clothes1639994751 381 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Some shonen protagonists have changed their outfits throughout the seasons. But Luffy is the one who has changed his outfit the most, mostly due to the length of the anime and the places he visits.

From the deserts of Alabasta to the country of Wano, Luffy has had to adapt to the climate of each country. He has worn robes, gladiator suits, and even a tattered kimono. Regardless, Luffy’s iconic straw hat is always incorporated into his outfits, remaining tied around his neck or sitting firmly on his head.

3 He does not have a specific love interest1639994752 718 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Luffy has an unspoken charm to his personality, but One Piece He has never shown it in a relationship. He is uniquely minded, hell-bent on becoming the King of the Pirates, and has never shown a romantic interest in any of the characters he meets.

Two of the most popular fan ships are Luffy and Nami and Luffy with Boa Hancock. However, a romance between Nami and Sanji has a better chance of prospering. It might be more difficult to convince someone to support a romance between Luffy and Hancock, especially because of the vast age difference and Luffy’s lack of interest in her.

2 Has a unique “respect” for food1639994752 145 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Luffy’s love of food stems from a unique appreciation of it. As a child he was forced to survive in the wild, which included finding a constant source of food. Luffy resorted to eating various animals, so he has no problem gobbling up anything that moves.

His relationship with food also comes from fighting with mountain bandits to eat. When Luffy lived with Dadan and his gang, he had to work to eat. But everything was still “first come, first served”, which left him with nothing most of the time. So whatever food Luffy finds makes him more protective of her.

1 He is very humble1639994752 881 One Piece 11 Ways Luffy Is Different Than Any Other.webp

Despite his immense strength and combat power, Luffy is the last to show off his accomplishments. He is confident in his abilities, but doesn’t feel the need to show off to anyone.

Luffy’s humility may come from his carefree nature; you go through life with only one goal in mind. You feel the need to fight if challenged – which may seem tedious to the other party due to your distraction – or if you help someone in need.