One Piece: 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series, Ranked

One Piece it is full of fascinating abilities, such as devil fruits and haki. While the powers of the devil fruits are acquired, haki is an ability that everyone has, although only a few manage to awaken it.

This ability is classified into several main types. Observation Haki is derived from spiritual energy and primarily helps to perceive others. Armament Haki is a manifestation of a person’s spirit. There is also a third type called Conqueror Haki, but it cannot be awakened. People who display the power of a king are born with this haki. This list ranks the strongest haki users in One Piece.

Updated Aug 12, 2021 by Rich Keller: Unlike most North American cartoons, anime series feature large casts of characters. Such is the case of One Piece. Therefore, the reason for using haki varies from faction to individual. In the end, not all of them are as strong as some emperors.

15 Tashigi still hasn’t learned to use her Haki

Marine Captain Tashigi has impressive physical abilities, especially when it comes to fencing. After the timeskip of One Piece , he also learned to use his Weaponry and Observation Hakis.

However, Tashigi hasn’t reached that point yet. He admitted it directly after his loss to Trafalgar Law’s. This doesn’t mean that you can’t improve, but just being aware of your weaknesses helps you keep going.

14 Helmeppo just started using his Haki1628868299 743 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo was once a complete wimp. He relied on the services of his father, the former Marine Captain Ax-Hand Morgan, to solve his problems. However, after rigorous training sessions with Garp, he is now a formidable physical opponent.

However, his haki is still insufficient. After the timeskip, Helmeppo revealed that he had managed to control his Observation Haki. However, his strength is still well below the average of the other characters.

13 Otohime’s passion is also her weakness1628868299 485 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Otohime is an important figure in the waters of One Piece. Without her haki, she radiates power and responsibility as the wife of Neptune and queen of the Ryugu Kingdom. She is passionate about the relationships between Fish-Men, Merefolk, and humans. Unfortunately, this determination results in weak Observation Haki.

Typically, you can predict the trajectories of approaching weapons and easily avoid them. When her passion takes hold of her, the strength of her haki is greatly reduced. It is the main reason she was assassinated years ago during an aggressive petition signing campaign.

12 Marguerite doesn’t know how to hone her weaponry Haki1628868299 788 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

When viewers meet Marguerite in One Piece , she is a member of the Kuja tribe. It is this group that saves Luffy after he eats some poisonous mushrooms. While part of this group, Marguerite shows signs of using her Armament Haki. Thus, his arrows are endowed with a spiritual armor that increases damage.

After the timeskip, Marguerite is revealed to be a member of Kuja’s pirate crew. It is very likely that he has perfected his haki thanks to the training of his companions.

11 Boo’s Armament Haki is not powerful enough1628868300 576 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Boo Chinjao cannot be taken lightly. Not only is he extremely large, but he is also an expert martial artist. With his Armament Haki activated, Boo deals increased damage with his Imbued Axes.

However, it is not at full power. If Boo could control his weaponry haki, he would have pierced through Bobby Funk’s bodily aura. Needless to say, this ally of Luffy needs to improve his control.

10 Monkey D. Luffy is trained in the ways of Haki1628868300 871 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

As the protagonist of the series, it is no wonder that Luffy has the ability to use Haki. He was trained in his ways by Silvers Rayleigh during the timeskip. Luffy can use all three types of Haki. In his fight against Katakuri, he even managed to awaken the ability to see the future with his Observation Haki.

Its progression doesn’t stop there. Luffy has managed to learn an advanced form of Weapon Haki called Ryuuou. With these immense capabilities, it’s no wonder Luffy ranks 10th on this list.

9 Charlotte Katakuri can see the future1628868300 191 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Charlotte Katakuri is Big Mom’s right-hand man and her most influential Sweet Commander. Own a bounty of over a billion berries and control all three types of haki. Katakuri is feared throughout the New World for being a deadly pirate who has trained his Observation Haki to such an extent that he can faintly see the future.

Throughout his life as a pirate, he has only lost once. The defeat came at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy on the Island of the Whole Cake. Although the Straw Hat triumphed over the other individual, Katakuri’s Weaponry and Observation Hakis are stronger.

8 Kozuki Oden is a respected pirate1628868300 732 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Kozuki Oden is the daimyō of the Kuri region of Wano. A strong and venerable man, he earned the respect of Whitebeard, Roger, and even the red-haired Shanks. Oden is a tremendous swordsman, and his Armament Haki skills are top-notch.

His strength is such that, with a blast from Ryuuou through his Enma sword, he inflicted a mortal wound on the indestructible Yonko Kaido. To date, it is the only one that Kaido has received. Average haki users dream of accomplishing such a feat. Although Oden’s full power remains a mystery, it is a known fact that his Haki is stellar.

7 Admiral Sakazuki is an enemy to be reckoned with1628868300 31 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Sakazuki, also known as Akainu, is the current Admiral of the Navy Fleet. He is an absolute monster when it comes to fighting, and much of it has to do with his Haki. Even though he is not in the form of the conqueror, his mastery of the other two types is incredible.

Sakazuki’s Armament Haki made him strong enough to take hits from the strongest man in One Piece, White beard. It is also implied that he is capable of seeing the future as Katakuri. Without a doubt, Sakazuki is a skilled haki user and a tenacious foe to face.

6 Monkey D. Garp is Luffy’s grandfather1628868300 203 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Luffy’s grandfather, Monkey D. Garp, is one of the strongest figures in the entire series. Famous for cornering Gol D. Roger and taking down Rocks, Garp’s powers are immense. The most ridiculous thing is that everything is based on his haki.

Garp’s Armament Haki is of the highest caliber. Defeated the infamous pirate Don Chinjao with a single enhanced hit. Garp’s ability to use this haki is so extreme that for training he used to destroy mountains. His rank in the Marines doesn’t do his powers justice.

5 Silvers Rayleigh takes his Haki to the next level1628868300 336 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

The Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh, was the first mate of the Roger Pirates. Being the man who trained Luffy in the ways of haki, it is no wonder that his own is of the highest. In fact, Rayleigh can use all three types.

You don’t just know the basics of haki. Rather, years of battle experience have taken it to the next level. Rayleigh uses weaponry haki to its absolute limits. He is the only known person capable of using advanced Ryuuou in One Piece. To the point that it destroys things from within. It’s no wonder the Navy sees him as a threat despite his advanced age.

4 Kaido is the strongest creature in One Piece1628868301 431 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Known as the strongest creature in the world of One Piece, Kaido is an expert haki user. It has all three types. However, a beast like him specializes in Armament Haki.

He shows a sample of this ability when fighting Luffy for the first time in Wano Country. The battle ends with a single hit from Kaido’s truncheon. A monster capable of defeating a 1.5 billion berry pirate in a single hit possesses, without a doubt, first-rate haki.

3 The great mother manipulates souls1628868301 953 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

The Queen of Totland, Big Mom, is one of the four emperors of the sea, and therefore one of the strongest characters in One Piece. The main ability of the character is his devil fruit, which allows him to manipulate souls. However, his mastery of haki should not be underestimated.

Use all three types of haki. This is not a surprise, as she is an emperor. Oda made sure to emphasize this mastery of haki when confronting Luffy and pushing him away as if he were not a threat.

2 Shanks has been praised by Whitebeard1628868301 932 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

Shanks is the captain of the Redhair Pirates and one of the most renowned to sail the seas of the Grand Line. He rose to the position of Yonko (Emperor) about six years ago. Therefore, it is not a surprise that he possesses all three haki. Since he does not have any devil fruits, his great prowess in battle is due to these abilities.

Shanks’ haki has been praised by the former yonko Whitebeard, which is a testament to his abilities. He specializes in Conqueror Haki, and his corresponding abilities are displayed when he visits Whitebeard. Even when he struggles to suppress his abilities, he ends up dealing physical damage, which is an astonishing feat.

1 Whitebeard is the best pirate of all time1628868301 992 One Piece 15 Strongest Haki Users in the Series Ranked.webp

The greatest pirate of all time, and the person who held the title of “World’s Strongest Man”, Whitebeard tops this list. He started out as a member of Rocks and then went on to build his own crew. One that dominated the Grand Line for years. His achievements are the result of his extraordinary work and skill.

Of course, this includes his stellar haki as well. His prowess is evident when the three Navy admirals had to combine their haki to deflect just one of their attacks. When he’s serious, he defeats a man of Akainu’s stature with two boosted haki hits. This is a terrifying display of his powers at an advanced age. Imagine the monster that Whitebeard would have been in his prime.