One Piece: 15 years of the moment that made us all cry

Let’s admit it, we have cried a lot (but a lot) with One Piece. Of I want to live! from Robin to Ace’s trauma. But if there is a tearful moment that we have not seen in any other series, that is the death of the Going Merry. Who would have told us that we would cry over the loss of a ship. From a ship! But to call it that would be untrue. The Going Merry was for many years a nakama more of the Straw Hats.

These days are the 15th anniversary of the farewell to the Merry, the “I would have liked to take you a little furtherand the “I’ve been very happy thanks to all of you”. Because it was June 3, 2007 when One Piece episode 312 aired. Called “The snowfall in the sea of ​​farewells“That chapter ended the Enies Lobby arc and left us with a scar on our hearts that will never fully heal.

One Piece: more than 1000 chapters later, the best is yet to come

Although 15 years have passed since that moment and the series has already exceeded 1000 episodes, One Piece continues to make us vibrate like then. since it started Wano’s arcthe animation has experienced the biggest leap in quality in its historywith the 1000th episode being considered one of the prettiest in the entire series and the current rooftop battle against the yonkous earning to be considered one of the most spectacular in the series.

The anime had never been so ambitious and careful on a visual level in its more than twenty years on the air. With the help of Tatsuya Nagamine (responsible for the films one piece z Y Dragon Ball Super: Broly), Toei Animation it has revitalized the work and banished any signs of fatigue. Between the technical advances and the drawing and design of what happens in the country of Wano, a continuous tribute to Hokusai and japanese painting ukiyo-ethe animation of One Piece is shining like never before and is capable of looking from you to you to anyone.

But if visually we are enjoying it more than ever, at the plot level things are still better. We are before one of the highlights of the anime. Wano seems to be going to close plots that have been dragging on for years and presumably will lay the foundations for what will be the final stretch of One Piece. the longed for battle against Kaido and the revenge of kinemonbaited for years (Punk Hazard —2013—, dressrosa -2014-, Zou —2016—); the resolution of the pirate alliance with Law and the worst generation (in precarious balance since 2012); the last disagreement with Big Mom and the definitive incorporation of Jinbe (recurring themes from the arc of the fish-man islandfrom 2011).

wano is the conclusion of more than a decade of intriguewhat we have been dreaming of seeing from the time skip from chapter 516. Luffy vs. the New World.