One Piece: 3 curiosities of Kizaru that surely you did not know

Taking into account that one piece It is a work that has been active for more than 25 years, it should not surprise anyone at all that it has more than a hundred characters. The pirate universe created by Eiichiro Oda is gigantic, and of all the antagonists that he has been introducing in all this time, the Admirals like Kizaru, Aokiji or Akainu are some of the most popular among the fans.

Taking into account that the manga is in its final saga and that the final battle between Luffy and the World Government is closer than ever to take place, I think it is time to review some of the most interesting curiosities of these characters. I’ll start with kizaru.

Why does Kizaru have such a cool and calm attitude?

In most scenes where Kizaru Borsalino intervenes, it can be seen that his attitude is very slow and calm. He always speaks in a mocking tone and quite slowly, and this comes from a well-known fictional character.

The reality is that the personality of this Admiral is based on that of the protagonist of the French film borsalinopremiered in 1970. How do you stay?

That he wore a hat is not a coincidence

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In several One Piece flashbacks, Oda showed us a slightly different design for Kizaru. in his younger years this character used to wear a big hat on his head, and the truth is that there is a compelling reason for it.

Some time ago the author of the work revealed that Kizaru had this complement to make reference to an Italian brand, specialized in hats, which receives the name of “Borsalino”. It seems that Eiichiro Oda really likes this word.

His face is based on that of a well-known Japanese actor.

The resemblance is simply brutal

This data is perhaps the best known by One Piece fans. When creating kizaru and thinking of a main design for him, the manga author thought of basing himself entirely on the face of the Japanese actor Kunie Tanaka.

And to make matters worse, this artist he played a character named Borsalino in the film “Tuck Yaro”where He wore glasses and a suit very similar to those of Admiral of the Marine.

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