One Piece: 3 impressive figures to know about the manga phenomenon!

One Piece is a cult manga. Find out why with three impressive figures around the work of Eiichiro Oda.

Through the ages, One Piece has become a cult work of pop culture. A real phenomenon, the manga drives the counters crazy. Here are three key figures. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

One Piece: a multi-media work

Created in 1997, the manga One Piece has since become a cult work. In addition to books, the license has been able to develop to invest in several media.

For example, the saga is also a hit anime. He counts over 1,000 episodesand delights fans every week with a new episode.

Besides, anime creation One Piece has a cost. The Toei Animation, in charge of creating the anime, is putting their hands in the wallet to please the fans.

Between the drawings, the animation, the dubbing, the editing or even the music, it takes a lot of time and competent people. Thus, an episode of One Piece costs 10 million yen, or about €80,000.

Beyond anime, One Piece will also soon become a series. Yes, Netflix wholeheartedly wants to adapt the manga in live action. Given the richness of the universe, we understand the streaming platform.

Moreover, the shooting has already taken place. The first previews have even already been unveiled by Netflix. Thus, there will be many unmissable places such as the Baratie. Great !

But One Piece, it is above all a successful manga. Moreover, it is always good to recall some figures around the work of Eiichiro Oda. MCE TV tells you more!

The manga of all records

who does not know One Piece ? A true figurehead of manga, this work stands out as one of the best known today.

To lay the foundations, One Pieceit is simply 500 million books sold across the globe. A figure that makes you dizzy. It is the second best-selling comic in history, behind Superman.

Besides, France contributes enormously to the success of One Piece. Volume 100 has been printed in more than 250,000 copies in France. Unbelievable !

And such prints, it therefore brings a nice little jackpot to its creator. Indeed, Eiichiro Oda is the richest mangaka in history. It accumulates over $200 million.

For comparison, the wealth of Akira Toriyama, creator of dragonball, amounts to 50 million dollars. Not enough to make Eiichiro Oda pale.

Finally, the last evocative figure to testify to the success of the work, the manga blows this year its 25 candles. This is indeed the sign of the longevity of this work.

Moreover, to celebrate this anniversary, many announcements have been made. Between new video games, new short films or even events, everything was there to delight fans of Luffy and others.

One thing is sure, One Piece will continue to thrill the crowds for a few more years. The manga never stops to stack the recordsand may well beat them all one day.

Besides, One Piece is already entered in the Guinness Book of Records This year. But where will the phenomenon stop? One Piece ? Case to follow!