One Piece: 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman (and 5 perks)

The Nobles of the World (also known as Celestial Dragons) are the descendants of the founders of the World Government. They embody corruption itself in the universe of One Piece and they help explain what exactly it is that turns the Marines into a force of evil.

Although being a World Noble means that a person can basically do whatever they want, it has a surprising number of drawbacks. Through identifying the best and scariest aspects of being born in one of the highest positions on the planet, we can better determine whether their lives are as luxurious as they seem.

9 Perk: Most laws do not apply to the world’s nobles

The laws of the World Government hardly affect the Heavenly Dragons. Although this applies to all aspects of their lives, what they like the most is getting their own way.

This was shown when Zoro crossed paths with Charloss during the Sabaody arc. After the villain shot him refusing to bow, the jeweler Bonnie helped him fake his death so he would leave. Charloss did not fear the legal repercussions of his actions despite the large number of witnesses because he knew that he was above the law.

8 The harsh reality: Most of the world’s nobles are incredibly grotesque1632334938 163 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

Most of the members of the Nobles of the World are visibly horrible (especially the men). In addition to the overly pompous features, they are almost always ridiculously out of shape despite their supposed “god” status.

Worse still, the Nobles of the World are expected to dress ridiculously. They often wear white robes laden with rugged insignia and other equally striking accessories. Their strangest trait is undoubtedly the helmets they wear, designed to keep them from breathing the same oxygen as non-royalty. Unfortunately, most of the Nobles of the World do not have the self-awareness to criticize their own fashion sense.

7 Advantage: The world’s nobles have an absurd amount of personal wealth1632334938 935 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

As expected, the enormous privileges of the Nobles of the World are complemented by a heavy allowance. This was demonstrated during the human auction, in which Charloss managed to outbid the Straw Hat pirates despite the loot they had stolen from Thriller Bark.

Even after leaving his peers, Donquixote Homing still had a huge mansion that outshined the peasants among whom he tried to settle. Considering their dominance over the World Government, the Nobles’ funds come almost inevitably from the taxes of law-abiding citizens.

6 Harsh reality: Once someone leaves the world of nobles, they can no longer return.1632334938 302 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

Dissatisfied with the immoral and hedonistic lifestyle of the Nobles of the World, Donquixote Homing announced his resignation and took his family to live with commoners. This was despite his family’s concerns, especially Doflamingo’s.

Several years later, Doflamingo killed his father and brought his head to his companions. He hoped to use it to be admitted again by the Nobles of the World, although they told him that the decision was irreversible. From that day on, he vowed to destroy the planet to annoy those who had refused to accept him.

5 Advantages: The world’s nobles control the media and the press1632334938 849 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

The Nobles of the World have absolute control over the media and the press. For example, they were able to frame Luffy’s attack on Charloss as a violent outburst by the pirates and even altered the story of Crocodile’s betrayal so that it reflected on the government more favorably.

Perhaps the most obscene manipulation of the truth occurred in the Dressrosa arc, where Doflamingo faked his own resignation from the Warlords to win back César Clown. In that moment, Law realized the dark origins of his enemy.

4 The harsh reality: The people hate the nobles of the world and will try to kill them when possible1632334938 354 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

Despite the favorable narrative woven by the World Government, the Heavenly Dragons are still viewed as a plague to most people. For example, the inhabitants of the Isle of Fishman encountered Mjosgard with loaded weapons and had no qualms about attacking him, as there were no admirals nearby.

Additionally, Doflamingo’s family was hanged and nearly burned alive under a day after discovering that he came from royalty. Typical citizens hate the Nobles of the World so much that they were even willing to kill children to annoy them.

3 Advantage: The nobles of the world are protected by powerful admirals1632334938 215 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

Although they are weak on their own merits, the Nobles of the World are protected by the Admirals, the strongest soldiers in the ranks of the Marines. Each of them is extremely capable, as demonstrated when Kizaru nearly wiped out the Worst Generation on Sabaody by himself.

The nobles’ ability to summon armies to your aid with the push of a button ensures your safety in the most treacherous environments. As a result, his security equipment was minimal when faced with such treacherous environments as human auction houses.

2 The harsh reality: World’s nobles are strongly encouraged to stay at Mary Geoise1632334939 69 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

Mary Geoise was considered the “Holy City” and remains a point of great reverence for the government. Most of the World’s Nobles (and even the Five Elders) reside there, indicating its importance to the Marines.

As splendid as it may seem, the Nobles of the World are under heavy pressure to remain there. It is not only alleged that it is for their own safety, but it is also the custom as descendants of the founders of the government. Such a limitation would be understandably stifling for people who were told that the world was theirs.

1 Advantage: the nobles of the world do not have to work for what they want1632334939 898 One Piece 4 harsh realities of being a world nobleman.webp

People must work for almost any desirable position in the universe of One Piece. Obvious examples are Luffy and Koby, fighting to be the King of the Pirates and a Navy Admiral, respectively.

Despite having political power over life and death itself, the Nobles of the World were born in their privilege. This suggests that they have very few obligations and are free to pursue the desires of their hearts. However, many meddle in world affairs anyway, as it interests them and inflates their sense of importance.