One Piece: 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat (& 5 He Would Lose To)

Hody Jones was the main antagonist of the Isle of Man Fish arc and the first threat Luffy faced after the timeskip ofOne Piece. Although he embodied insidious qualities like hatred and bigotry, he was also a formidable villain who was often undervalued.

With the power of energetic steroids at his disposal, Hody was able to overthrow Neptune and would have massacred his people had it not been for the Straw Hats’ interference. By facing him against a diverse roster of characters from the series, we can better appreciate just how strong the villain really is.

10 COULD BEAT: Hody is stronger than Arlong in every observable way

Although Arlong was Hody’s inspiration, he couldn’t face him in a fight. Even in his basic form, Hody was powerful enough to sink huge pirate ships in seconds. In addition, his “Water Shot” provided him with devastating projectiles that could demolish several huge columns of coral.

Also, Hody has much more durability than its predecessor. He could withstand numerous hits from a third speed Luffy using weaponry haki. On the contrary, Arlong was rendered unconscious by Luffy’s Gum-Gum techniques without any special enhancement.

9 WOULD LOSE TO: Hody couldn’t use the sea against Zoro1631815109 594 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Zoro managed to defeat Hody in their first encounter and was only captured under the most unfavorable circumstances. Not only did their initial battle take place completely underwater, but Hody’s henchmen were also there to drag the swordsman down as he came out for air.

Even on energetic steroids, Hody wouldn’t be able to get the most out of the water, since Zoro can swim. Furthermore, since he was able to tear apart Pica (a giant the size of a mountain) with a single blow, it follows that he could pierce the body of a fish-man with even greater ease.

8 COULD BEAT: Boa Hancock’s lust-based powers are worthless against Hody1631815109 133 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Under normal circumstances, Hancock’s lust-based devil fruit can sedate and petrify his targets. This would allow him to shatter their stony bodies, effectively killing them no matter how tough they were before.

In this case, Hody’s boundless contempt for the human race would benefit him. It would allow him to ignore Hancock’s wiles and charge a direct attack. Considering that the Empress-Pirate has nothing capable of bringing Hody down on his steroid state, his defeat is bloody and inevitable.

7 WOULD LOSE TO: César Clown’s Lodge Fruit Counters Hody Perfectly1631815109 880 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Although Hody may have the advantage of experience, the clown Caesar is a perfect accountant for him. His gaseous body would be immune to Hody’s physical attacks, and without weaponry haki, mounting a strong offensive is impossible for the fish-man.

As soon as he gets close to Caesar, his lungs will fill with poisonous gas and he will not be able to breathe. Additionally, Caesar’s devil fruit’s ability to conjure swords allows him to fight aggressively and with the chance to deal significant melee damage at range. Hody may have a palpable speed advantage, but his inability to punish his opponent’s mistakes would be fatal.

6 COULD WIN: The crocodile’s weakness to water would be its death1631815109 837 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Crocodile’s lodge fruit might suggest that Hody can’t hurt him. Any physical attack would directly pierce the pirate’s body, and his ability to wither his targets with a single touch could provide a way around the fishman’s high resistance.

However, Hody was able to unleash so many Water Shots from his hands that it cost Luffy to dodge his haki. Considering that Crocodile could barely keep up with Luffy in his basic state, he wouldn’t be able to dodge all of Hody’s projectiles without being hit and killed instantly.

5 WOULD LOSE TO: Doflamingo has even more raw power than Hody1631815110 692 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Surprisingly, Doflamingo has more durability than Hody, even in its improved form. This was demonstrated through his ability to survive Law’s surgical attacks and Luffy’s Fourth Gear, a technique even stronger than that used to defeat the Fishman.

Additionally, Doflamingo threads have incredible reach and are capable of binding whatever target they attach to. They are especially deadly when created from the ground the two combatants are on. Considering his versatility and feats, Doflamingo can choose to fight Hody at any distance and win comfortably.

4 COULD HIT: Jabra lacks the physical strength to harm Hody1631815110 717 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

As one of CP9’s most powerful agents, Jabra would be expected to have a reasonable shot at Hody. However, his battles against the Straw Hats suggest that he is not as skilled as his power level suggests.

For example, Zoro was able to defend himself against him and Kaku simultaneously with Usopp chained to his arm. After the sniper was finally released, Jabra failed to kill him despite having landed dozens of successful hits. Considering his failure to destroy Usopp, Jabra’s attacks didn’t even break Hody’s skin.

3 WOULD LOSE: Aokiji could petrify Hody’s surroundings to catch him1631815110 430 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

When it can be avoided, Hody prefers to fight Devil Fruit users near the ocean. When submerged underwater, you can increase your innate strength and take advantage of devil fruit users’ natural weaknesses to drown.

However, Aokiji proved his ability to freeze entire oceans at the Battle of Marineford. The moment Hody plunged into cover, he would be trapped in ice that even Moby Dick would have a hard time breaking.

2 COULD WIN: Jesús Burgess’s simplistic attacks wouldn’t be enough against Hody1631815110 579 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Jesus Burgess’s elbow attacks were formidable enough to devastate entire stands with a single burst. He made his way to the end of the Dressrosa with ease, tenacious enough to shrug off formidable warriors from the coliseum.

However, his fight against Sabo revealed relatively unimpressive durability and abysmal speed. Since Luffy had a hard time keeping up with Hody’s final form even using his haki, Jesus would quickly find himself off guard before being ripped apart by the fishman’s sharp claws and teeth.

1 WOULD LOSE: Perona would take advantage of Hody’s darkest emotions to subdue him1631815110 899 One Piece 5 Characters Hody Jones Could Defeat 5.webp

Perona’s negative holes were capable of instilling dread in anyone who crossed them. The only exceptions to their abilities were targets with naturally self-destructive and negative personalities, such as Usopp.

Considering Hody’s aggressive disposition, his first inclination would be to attack Perona’s ghosts rather than avoid them. After they pierced his body, he would immediately be invaded by his darkest fears and insecurities. For him, it would be the fact that his dream of Fishman supremacy is doomed. This would allow Perona to escape or kill him, depending on her mood.